How to Type In Hindi In Laptop?

Be it something professional or whether it is school-related. Most people in India to be precise at some point in time need to type in Hindi on their laptops. Now people who know how to type in Hindi. Or to be more specific do most of the work in Hindi typing. It is not complex for them. But normal people like us who hardly ever type in Hindi.

Could be in trouble when we get an assignment of typing in Hindi. And at that time we wonder about how to type in Hindi in laptop? It might seem like something very complex to do or something very hard to master. But with little tutorials and moreover, with practice nothing is tough. Hindi typing can be learned by anyone.

It can be done manually or even at times through third-party sites automatically. In reality, there are various ways of typing in Hindi on a laptop. You can download fonts to do so. There are so many Hindi fonts available on the internet. They could be paid but most are not. So if you do not wish to spend any money on it.

Then also you are covered with these fonts. Just download them from the internet. Then install them on your laptop. And go change the font while typing. Now the tricky part is to understand different keys and what they represent. As Hindi keyboard can be complex. That you can understand only through practice. It is not that complex really. Give it a try.

How to type in Hindi in laptop windows 10?

how to type in Hindi in laptop

Windows 10 is the most recent version of Microsoft’s operating system. The majority of consumers have purchased Windows 10 laptops or have just updated their existing laptops. If you have Windows 10, knowing how to type in Hindi on a laptop is essential. The tutorial and method are simple.

In Windows 10, you can text in Hindi. To begin, go to the settings menu. Then, on the time and language settings, click. In the settings area, you could easily see it. After that, select your area and language. The option to add language will appear after that. You’ll be presented with several possibilities. However, you require Hindi at this time. So go with Hindi. After that, select Add Keyboard and then Hindi India Devnagri script.

That is all you need. Now you can type in Hindi on your Windows 10 laptop. But remember one thing when you open MS word. Then you will be needed to press shift + Alt. Only then your applied settings of language change will get changed. Follow the whole procedure word to word. And that is it. You are all sorted. Type in Hindi according to your will now. Just memorize the preset Hindi keyboard keywords.

How to type in Hindi In laptop in ms word?

People usually think that it is complex to type in Hindi in ms word. But in reality, it is not even that tough. For real you can with few steps easily type in Hindi. For it, all you need to do is first go on time and language. You will see it in the settings bar.

Then select language once you get there. There you will see a + icon. You need to further click on that. There you can see a search bar. Type the language name. which is Hindi of course as you want to type in Hindi. Click on the Next button now. Then click on install.

On clicking it your indic language will start downloading. And you will be returned to the language page. Select your language, click on the options button. Then again click on the + icon and choose your font or language so to say. Now the language is added. If while typing it is still writing in Hindi. Then just change the font and select the Hindi font there

How to type in Hindi In laptop Windows 7?

how to type in Hindi in laptop

Apart from changing the language from the language and setting bar. There is another way through which you can change your language in windows 7. For it just downloads the Hindi font like kruti dev. Upon downloading make sure you have WinRAR. Then open the downloaded file. You will see all the fonts there. Just click on the Hindi font Kruti Dev. On top of the bar, you will see the install button. Simply click on it. and it is done. You have successfully downloaded Hindi font and now you can type in Hindi on a laptop.

How to type in Hindi In laptop Windows 8?

To type in Hindi in windows 8. You must select regional and language options. Then, when you get there, click on the change keyboard and then on add button. After that, look for Hindi India. Select the devnagri in the script keyboard from the drop-down menu. Then, when you’re ready, click OK and apply. Now, open your program, such as Microsoft Word, and hit alt+shift. In Windows 8, new settings have been applied, and you can now use and type in Hindi


  1. How to type in Hindi In laptop in chrome?

You’ll be needing to install Google input tools for this. Then select extension options by clicking on the extension icon. Then choose an input tool. The input tool will be added after a double-click on the left to add. Double-click on the right to remove a selection. Now, open your browser, go to the input box, and begin typing. That’s all there is to it.

  1. How to type in Hindi In laptop offline?

You must go to the time and language section to type offline. It will be visible in the settings bar. Make a language choice. Select the plus sign (+). There is a search bar there. Simply type Hindi in the box. and incorporate it into your preferred Indic language Next should be selected. Install the language of India. Go to the language section. Click on the choices button, then on + once more. Finally, simply press alt+shift. Then you’re done.

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