How to Cast Hotstar on TV!

With online streaming channels and platforms outweighing regular ones, trendsetters including Hotstar are on the rise. One of the best online platforms for streaming, Hotstar is known for its biggest collection of free movies and TV shows for individuals of all age groups.

Now, you can not only watch Hotstar on your smartphones but also on other devices too. Want to know how to cast Hotstar on TV? Or, do you want to cast Hotstar from your laptop?

To make streaming easier for you, users can now log in and cast Hotstar from any device they like to other smart devices. Read further to know how the casting process is done!

How to cast Hotstar on TV from the laptop?

how to cast Hotstar on TV

Watching Hotstar on your television, rather than on the small smartphone screen is a great experience. Therefore, to get started easily, you must cast the Hotstar application on television. If you are using a laptop, you can quickly get it done.

Follow the steps for casting Hotstar on TV from your laptop:

  1. Download the Hotstar application on your laptop.
  2. Open the application and visit the cast section.
  3. Choose the device that you want to cast. Here, in this case, it will be your television.
  4. Choose the television brand and click on okay.
  5. You will instantly receive a casting code.
  6. Once you accept, you can easily open Hotstar on your television.

You can change the casting settings anytime you like from your laptop itself.

How to cast Hotstar on TV from iPhone?

Similar to the laptop, it is very easy to cast Hotstar on your television from an iPhone. However, the Apple settings are a little different and you must accept the changes before casting.

Follow the steps for casting Hotstar on TV from your iPhone:

  1. Install the Hotstar app on your iPhone. In case you already have it downloaded, update it to the latest version.
  2. Now, visit the settings and choose the cast.
  3. Opt for the device you want to connect to. For example, your home TV.
  4. Choose and click Okay.
  5. You will immediately find the Hotstar application cast on your television.

Now, you can watch your favorite shows on Hotstar anytime!

How to cast Hotstar on TV using Chromecast?

how to cast Hotstar on TV

Chromecast is the latest device where you can get the Hotstar application cast from. If you wish to cast Hotstar on the TV using your Chromecast, this is what you need to do.

  1. First, download the application.
  2. You must create your account and log in, in case you do not have one.
  3. Choose the Device option from the application.
  4. In this case, you have to choose Chromecast.
  5. Now, connect and cast it on the television.

It just takes a few minutes to complete the whole casting process. Once done, you receive a ‘’success message’’ on your device.

How to cast Hotstar on TV without root?

To do so, visit settings on your device and choose the Hotstar application. Now, select the smartphone you are using and opt for casting. Choose your television model, accept the conditions box and click okay. Wait for some time for the configuration procedure of the television, before you finally stream your dearest shows on Hotstar!

How to cast Hotstar on Smart TV?

The smart TV experience is one of its kind! You can stream all online apps and channels here at unbelievable rates. Plus, do not forget the bonus big screen experience. If you wish to cast Hotstar on your smart TV, you must follow the steps written down below:

  1. After downloading and installing the application on your device, tap on the Hotstar icon.
  2. Open the settings and visit the casting option.
  3. You will find various devices listed for you.
  4. Choose smart TV and opt for the specific model.
  5. Click on the okay option.
  6. Once the app is cast on the television, you can log back in and stream your favorite shows for free.

How to cast Hotstar on Sony TV?

how to cast Hotstar on TV?

The Sony TV offers an incredible experience concerning online streaming. The HD quality and crisp sound technology are bound to provide a first-hand understanding of OTT platforms. Sony TV offers all the applications in one place. For casting specific applications like Hotstar, simply connect the application via a smartphone. Choose your Sony TV model and accept the terms and conditions. Finally, click on Okay and you are all set to stream the latest shows and movies on Hotstar, just on your Sony TV!

How to cast Hotstar on Samsung TV?

Similar to the Sony TV, the Samsung TV comes with an array of smart features. For casting OTT apps like Netflix and Hotstar, you must have the application pre-installed first. IF you already have it, choose the device you want to cast the app on. Opt for the specific Samsung TV model and wait for the casting to finish. Once it is done, you will be re-directed to the login. Sign in and watch all your favorite shows on TV!


Are you still confused or not clear on how to cast Hotstar on TV? Here are some concerns and questions answered for you.

  1. How to cast Hotstar on VU TV?

Much like the manner, you cast Hotstar on Samsung and Sony TV; you need to follow the same procedure for VU TV as well. Check the settings of VU TV beforehand.

  1. How to cast Hotstar on TV from Android?

Download the app on your Android device and choose your TV model. Hotstar will be cast on the television.

  1. How to cast Hotstar on Sony Bravia TV?

For Sony Bravia TV, download the Hotstar application and connect the TV to the phone. After the resolution is adjusted, you can play Hotstar on your Sony Bravia.


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