How to Remove Earphone Mode?

There are many ways through which you can know how to remove earphone mode. One of the most annoying things that happen when someone is using their laptop or phone is when it gets stuck on earphone mode. This can happen due to many reasons like, wrong device settings, earphone plug breaking and getting stuck inside port or some operation system problems. And when the earphones are disconnected but the device is still stuck on earphone mode. Nothing worse can happen than this.

How to Remove Earphone Mode

That’s why here I have written an in-depth article about how to remove earphone mode from your laptop and other smart devices so that you can play music or audio through some other means like Bluetooth. There are many reasons why someone would like to remove the earphone mode from their device.

  • When the earphone breaks and gets stuck inside the laptop port.
  • When the earphone plug gets broken physically.
  • When you want to listen to audio on speaker even when the earphones are connected.
  • When this problem arises due to operating system issues.

Steps On How to Remove Earphone Mode-

How to Remove Earphone Mode2

It is necessary for people to know that there are several ways through which you learn and know how to remove earphone mode. Remove Earphones from laptop or mobile phone some methods might require you to just make some changes to the device settings. While others might require some in-depth administrative access to the device. It is all up to you to use whichever method you want or what’s best for your device.

  • Using audio output device settings- just click on the windows icon on the screen and go to the settings. Click on the sound section and look for the disable box. Choose it and that’s it.
  • Manage the Audio devices- go to the windows settings and click on the sound tab. Then look for Realtek digital output and click on the disable option.
  • Use the device manager of the laptop- press on windows key + S and then search for device manager by typing it in the search box. Expand the audio inputs and outputs section and right-click on the sound output device, and click on disable the device.
  • Use Realtek HD audio manager- open the system tray located at the lower right side of the taskbar and then click on Realtek HD audio manager. Then click on the connecter settings. On the connecter setting section, click the slider on the disable front panel jack detection.
  • By simply following these steps, you can easily learn and know how to remove earphone mode from your smart devices. It isn’t very complicated and takes just a little time of yours. Keep these steps in your mind and make your work simple. There are some other ways too, but these are the most simple ones that do not involve much hassle.