How To Connect TV With Phone: A Portable Remote Control

Smart TVs are the new big innovation. Mobile phones and their rapid increase in popularity. Somewhat puts every other kind of device in danger of extinction. Especially in the entertainment sector. That is why the need arose for even TVs to evolve. The result of this evolution is a smart TV. Advanced technology makes people scratch their heads. People often ask about how to connect tv with phone? By connecting your mobile phone to smart TV you can operate your TV through your phone. And moreover, you can also see things on a bigger screen. 

You can connect your mobile to TV through an easy way of screen mirroring. Or even easier way through USB cable. All you need to do is insert the USB cable into both your mobile and TV and turn on the sharing option. By just doing that your TV gets connected to your mobile.

How to connect TV with phone wireless?

how to connect tv with phone

It is easy to connect the TV with the phone without any wires or a USB. You can do so with the help of screen mirroring or screencasting options. These features are usually in-built. You can find them on your phone. If somehow your phone does not have these options then in that case you can simply download a third-party screen mirroring app. It will work fine. Select your TV in screen mirroring. That is all you need to do. In a while, your TV will get connected to your mobile phone without involving any wires.

How to connect TV with phone using USB cable?

To connect your phone with your TV you will first need to insert the end of the USB cable into both of your devices. Then through your phone, you are required to enable the MTP sharing option. With this, your phone is ready to share with your TV. In some TVs, you might require to give security permission. Give that permission if required. Now click the source or home button on your TV remote and you will able to see your shared items.

How to connect TV with phone without WIFI?

At times it is possible to screen mirror without using WIFI or any internet connection at all. Screen mirrors are usually in-built in your phone. Through screen mirroring you can easily connect your phone with the TV and also control it. You can do so without even using WIFI.

How to connect TV with phone Bluetooth?

how to connect tv with phone

Not all TVs come with a Bluetooth option. If your TV does not have a Bluetooth option then you can connect your mobile and TV through a USB cable or through screen mirroring. But if you want to do so through Bluetooth and your TV does come with a Bluetooth feature. Then turn on the Bluetooth feature on your TV and as well as on your smartphone. Look for your TV’s Bluetooth name. then search for it in the available device setting. Once you see your TV’s Bluetooth name on your phone then just simply click on it and it will get connected.

How to connect TV with phone hotspot?

So, to connect the TV with the phone hotspot you would need to turn on your mobile hotspot. Then go to the network settings of your TV. There make sure that the network type is a wireless device. Then go to the WIFI area of your TV. Look out for your mobile hotspot’s name. once you see it then click on it. enter in your password. And it is done.

How to connect TV with phone with USB cable?

To connect Tv with the phone with a USB cable. You firstly need to insert one end of the cable in your phone and the other end in your TV. Then change your device’s sharing setting to MTP. Your TV might ask for some permissions. Grant those permission. And you are done your phone and TV are now connected.


Q-1 How to connect TV with the android phone?

To do so you would need to use screen mirroring which is an in-built feature. Or you can download a third-party app. With screen mirroring your device will get connected to your TV easily.

Q-2 How to connect TV with apple phone?

To connect TV with an apple phone you need an HDMI cable. With an HDMI cable, you can connect your TV with an apple phone. Also if you have an Apple TV then you can connect your phone and TV simply through airplay.

Q-3 How to connect TV with phone?

To connect your phone and TV you need a USB cable. Insert one end of it in your phone and the other end in your TV. Give all the required permission also enable MTP sharing. With this, your mobile phone gets connected to your TV.