Best Laptop Under 55000: Top Picks for 2023

Dell Vostro 3581

Dell Vostro 3581

It comes with a fingerprint reader available upon the power button
It features 7th Generation Intel 2 core i3 processor that helps in seamless multitasking
It offers great graphics along with seismic storage capacity
It offers a high-speed data transfer process ranging from 10MBPS to 100 MBPS
It has a backlit keyboard
Acer Aspire 3

Acer Aspire 3

Basic build quality and sleek design
It offers a full HD display with a distant level of sharpness
Consists of three USB ports ( two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0)
1TB mechanical hard drive along with 4GB of DDR4 RAM
ASUS VivoBook Flip laptop

ASUS VivoBook Flip laptop

It is extremely lightweight and slim
It has a super response trackpad along with switches for the mouse clicks
It has a pen-sized stylus that is powered by a singer AAA alkaline battery
Backlit chiclet keyboard
HP Pavilion x360 laptop

HP Pavilion x360 laptop

The keyboard is full-sized and comes with a touchpad
It has inbuilt power saving features
The keyboard consists of letters that are really big and are visible from a distance
It comes with a backlit keyboard


Battery life lasts for around 10 hours
It has a backlit keyboard
It is preloaded with Windows 10 and Microsoft office
The body is made up of aluminum and offers a matte finish

With new technology coming up every time laptops are updated to provide various features to their users. There are many laptop brands in the market that offer its customers different sets of features, size specifications, design, and price. While buying the best laptop under 55000 people need to look for a feature that perfectly suits them. For example, some people choose laptops like caring about their specs whereas some care about the laptop screen. Some people want to have a laptop that looks cool and can run games that demand high graphics.

There are different categories of the best laptop under 55000 that you can choose from. For example, you can have an ultrabook laptop that is slim and has a light-weight form factor that also provides high-end performance. In contrast, notebooks offer a good mixture of portability and power. The convertible laptops (also called 2 in 1 laptop or 2 in 1 pcs) have the ability to fold or remove the keyboard area and allows the user to use the laptop in tablet mode. The traditional gaming laptops or clamshell have a boast bulkier form but have significantly beefier specs.

Best Laptop Under 55000 – Buying Guide

There are many criteria that everyone can consider before splurging on a new laptop or device. While researching it is important for you to maintain your budget and end up with a  product that absolutely suits you and your requirements. You have to work out various factors of the laptop in order to filter your search with the help of the parameters that give you the best laptop in the end. A few of the factors that you can look for in the best laptop under 55000 are:

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Laptop Under 55000

●      Size And Form Factor:

While buying laptops size does matter a lot because it helps you in determining plans and size that fits your needs. The size of the laptop is not like ROM or RAM that can be upgraded later on so you have to free determine the form factor and select a laptop wisely.  Usually, the best laptop under 55000 sizes start from 11.6 inches and ranges up to 17.3 inches. Many brands and OEMs like Asus Acer Dell and HP Rockwell have customers with three display sizes that are 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17.3 inches. Many other brands also offered sizes such as 11.6 inches 12.5 inches and 14 inches.

If you prioritize having a portable laptop then small-sized windows laptops are the best choice as they tend to be lighter and thinner when compared to the larger counterparts. You can also look for a laptop that has a screen size of 12.5 inches or 13.3 inches and weighing between 1 kg to 1.5 kgs. Mostly the 13.3 inches small size machines don’t give the same high-end Intel core CPUs or any other graphics cards that the buyer can get in a 15.6-inch counterpart as. Many times they carry a less robust selection of ports.

Other than specific sizing and forms you should also keep in mind that you need a laptop to perform well because it’s a very rare case to have a one-size laptop that has all features. Many users want to have a laptop that is lightweight and portable whereas others need a discrete graphics card that allows them for running high-end games or performs things like video editing.

●      Screen Quality:

Most people end up staring at a laptop screen for hours that sometimes becomes painful for the eyes. You should probably search for laptops that make sure to give a painless laptop usage that requires a comfortable green that gives you a natural feeling while using it. And other decisions that you have to make while buying a laptop are whether you want to touch screen or not. Touchscreen laptops are very common these days and make it easier to perform tasks when compared to normal laptops. Best laptop Under 55000 with i7 processor include this as a standard feature whereas other brands demand a modest surcharge.

The touch screen laptop consists of glossiness over the display portion. It is not a universal trait of touch-sensitive displays but the glossier screens tend to be a  little more susceptible to glare. If you want your laptop for watching content for editing images and video content for gaming purposes then the glariness might be a drawback as the user will have to keep on changing the position so that they don’t see glares of light while using the laptop.

Most of the modern touchscreen is considered to be better when compared to their predecessors some laptops purchased the above details. So if you are a natural typist it is better for you to consider a laptop that does not have a touch screen.  You should also keep another parameter of resolution on any laptop while buying it. If you have plenty of space for lining up windows and keeping the things in view, then the minimum resolution that you should consider is 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution ( full HD). You can also select from the modern range of laptops that offer 4K resolution. This offers the user a higher and display panel that is generally costly that also adds on the price to the already expensive product. But this is worth buying for the people who are content with creating professionals.

●      Color Accuracy:

If the user is a videographer or photographer then they require the best laptop Under 55000 with an i7 processor that gives better color accuracy and also supports a wider color gamut along with HDR standards. The main thing that the customer looks for in such types of laptops is the delta E < 1 color accuracy that covers 100 percent of the DCI P3 color gamut. Or else if the user is a gamer then a faster refresh rate provides them with a competitive advantage in the online gaming platform. It enables a more responsive and smoother playing experience.  Most gamers want to have a laptop with a  refresh rate that is greater than 144 Hz or a response time less than 5 ms.

In the end, viewing angles of the laptop are also extremely important as you might not always use your laptop in its natural habitat. It is important to have a laptop with an IPS i.e in-plane switching technology that offers the user with widest viewing angles along with better user comfort and is preferred over the opposite. You can find the best laptop Under 55000 in India that offers great color accuracy and a display that doesn’t harm your eyes.

●      Keyboard Quality:

If you are a typist and experience long typing sessions then you need to choose a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard and does not have every key squished together as they tend to give a poor overall user experience. The user will have to hunt for the various keys such as the number keys, delete key, and arrow keys.  So it is important to have a laptop that consists of keys that have a good distance between them and also provide backlit. The backlit keyboard helps the user to work in dimmed lights or darkness.

Best Laptop Under 55000 Reviews

Dell Vostro 3581

The Dell Vostro 3581 is one of the Best laptops Under 55000 for programming that is part of the Dell Vostro 3000 series. It comes with great security and amazing connectivity features that are absolutely suitable for small businesses or people who mainly focus on programming. This model is absolutely simple, secured, and easy to operate for all age groups of people. It has Intel core i3 processor along with 4GB DDR4 RAM, Windows 10, and Intel UMA graphics. Another security feature offered by this model is the TPM that is trusted platform module 2.0 i.e hardware-based security that creates and manages computer-generated encryption query please that secures and encrypts your fingerprints passwords and keys outside the drive.

  • It features a fingerprint reader on the power button that makes it easy to sign on.
  • It has a capable processor that is 7th generation Intel 2 core i3 processor that delivers incredible responsiveness along with seamless multitasking.
  • It offers great graphics that help in running graphics-rich applications along with optional discrete graphics up to Intel UHD graphics 600 along with shared graphics memory
  • It has a seismic storage capacity that is 1TB of storage that helps you to keep the files and documents in an ordered manner.
  • The big shift is an optional feature available on his model that helps in reducing power consumption by switching the system to battery power automatically during a certain time of the day even when the system is locked into a direct power source.
  • You can do calculations within a snap with the dedicated numeric keypad making it easier for programmers to type faster and with ease.
  • You can connect your Android smartphone or ios with the help of the DMC pair (Dell Mobile Connect) option available on the laptop. You can also channel notifications from phone calls IMS SMS for other apps right into your laptop so that you can focus on the single screen.
  • You can enjoy the data transfer speed 10 MBPS 100 MBPS and thousand MBPS by the gigabit Ethernet available with the computer that also allows you to download files in a flash.
  • It is one of the Best laptops Under 55000 for programming that consists of an array of ports that helps the user to connect the laptop to a monitor or TV with the help of VGA port. It can also easily play DVDs with the help of an optical disk drive.
  • It features the latest Intel processes and security e along with connectivity so that you can connect species or smartphones with the help of DMC and a numeric pad too.
  • It features a backlit keyboard that allows you to type easily in the low light zone of darkness.

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Best laptop Under 55000

The Acer Aspire 3 is a mainstream model that is considered as the Best laptop Under 55000 in India. It has amazing features such as plenty of storage, decent processing power, and high-resolution display. It offers a good collection of ports and consists of a non-removable battery and comes with a 45W charger.

  • It has a basic build quality along with a sleek design.
  • It looks sturdy and light weighted as the entire outer chassis is made out of plastic.
  • It has slightly curved sides ensuring that the user does not feel the sharp edges while holding it.
  • It consists of a single hinge that provides good torsion for the laptop lid and also minimizes the wobble when we use the laptop in a moving vehicle. The lead of the laptop has the ability to tilt up to 180 degrees backward making it easy for you to use in any position.
  • It features 1080 X 1920 resolution that gives the full HD display along with a distant level of sharpness. The brightness and colors undergo a noticeable change while the user views the display off-axis.
  • It consists of three USB ports in total i.e. Two USB 2.0 along with a USB 3.0. It also consists of gigabit Ethernet, a 3.5 mm headphone and microphone combo socket, a full-sized SD card slot, and HDMI.
  • It has many air intake vents on the bottom side with two quick-access panels for the hard drive and RAM.
  • It consists of 2 LED lights that glow up for the hard disc activity and left for power.
  • It has a spacious keyboard area along with ample room on either side that allows your palms to rest. Chiclet keys are well spaced, the keyboard is full-sized along with a number pad and soft tactical feedback that ensures fewer noise creations. It has an absolutely smooth texture along with left and right buttons that do not require much effort while using.
  • The Acer Aspire 3 model is powered by the Intel Core i3 8130U that consists of a dual-core CPU along with a base clock speed of around 2.2 GHz and hyperthreading.
  • This laptop has a 1TB mechanical hard drive along with 4GB of DDR4 RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11 AC VGA webcam, and Bluetooth connectivity. The panel on the bottom of the laptop allows you to access a free RAM slot.

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Best laptop Under 55000The Asus Vivobook flip 14 is a convertible touch screen laptop that offers its user many features that makes it one of the best laptops under 55000 for gaming.  It consists of features such as the extremely narrow Asus Nano edge bezel, that allows its 14 inches full HD display. Powered by Intel core i3 10110U 10th generation processor.

  • The laptop is extremely lightweight and slim at a specially designed to suit any occasion or help the user to travel without having problems with the size of the laptop.
  • It is a stylish laptop and is also a handy tablet depending upon the user’s needs.
  • It comes with 4GB DDR4 RAM along with 512 GB SSD that lets you perform your everyday task with ease.
  • This laptop has a redesigned chassis that makes it lighter and looks amazing. It is constructed with aluminum alloy and features an ultra-smooth chassis body with Abhi spoke black finish. It has an amazing lid and is styled with a diamond-cut Asus vivobook logo etched on to the surface.
  • That is a great response and contents decent key travel. It also comes with a super response trackpad along with switches for the mouse clicks that give tactile feedback. It has got a touchscreen that is extremely responsive.
  • It also has a pen-sized stylus that is powered by a singer AAA alkaline battery that features two programmable buttons and sharing of a well-working stylus without causing any lags used for input purposes.
  • The Hinges help in turning the laptop 360 degrees to convert it into a tablet and can be rated for up to 20,000 open or closed cycles. When it is stamped for other then the keyboard slightly tells toward the user making it easier while typing.
  • It offers the user with a good number of ports that also includes a USB C 3.2.
  • It runs on the familiar secure Microsoft Windows 10 that allows the user to create, share, and collaborate from anywhere. It consists of all the features i.e modern standby, file center, action center, and start taskbar along with new features like windows hello, windows continuum, Cortana, and windows ink.
  • Backlit chiclet keyboard along with a distance of 1.4 mm between the keys.

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Best laptop Under 55000

The HP Pavilion x360 laptop is a premium convertible laptop that is one of the best laptops Under 55000. It has an amazingly solid build along with a test full design. Pavilion machines are usually cost-effective and reliable and this model of HP pavilion gives convertible advantages with a clean premium look and a matte metal finish.

  • The base is designed with plastic and is almost light but it consists of 4 rubber feet with some tiny holes for heat dissipation ensuring that your system doesn’t get heated up.
  • It has a matte metal finish that gives the laptop a premium, clean look along with a big Chrome finish HP logo.
  • It consists of shiny Hinges that run aesthetic functions. You can simply fold it back to convert the laptop into a tablet mode which has been tested for 25000 times opening and closing and around 7000 times 360-degree fold. The display doesn’t get flipped when the system is shaken gently.
  • The space available above the keyboard consists of the speaker holes that are larger than the specter x360. The holes of the speaker have a more funky look to the texture and shape of the laptop.
  • The keyboard is full-sized and comes with a touchpad that is shorter in height but is user friendly.
  • It consists of an HP pen stylus that is well designed and helps in erasing or selecting things while using the laptop. All these components are easy to press and are also placed well around the system.
  • This touch screen laptop supports styluses like the HP pen and multiple finger tapping.
  • The colors appear to be vivid with this 40-inch convertible laptop display. It is tested and provides a bright screen for most of the indoor as well as other areas such as conference rooms etc.
  • The stylus gives pleasant experience while walking and appears accurately on the screen without any noticeable latency.
  • It has inbuilt power-saving features and allows smooth scrolling up and down of webpages with regular touches.
  • The keyboard consists of letters that are really big and are visible from a distance. It comes with a backlight that helps you to work in a team environment or darkness.
  • Like the other best laptop under 55,000, it comes with Intel Core i5 8250U CPU along with an integrated Intel UHD graphics 620 USD GPU and 8GB of RAM. The storage capacity is handled by Toshiba 1TB hard drive.

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Best laptop Under 55000

The AVITA LIBER V14 NS14A8INF562-MB one of the best laptops under 55000 that easily cuts through noise poppet lightweight and ultra-slim notebook build style.

  • It has a long-lasting battery life support that lasts for around 10 hours. It gives the user the possibility to experience the immersive feature of battery power. The users are no longer obstructed by the low power supply. You can charge it once and then use it for 10 hours anywhere you like to work without the need of connecting it to a charger every now and then. It thus ensures that the user does not have to compromise with their productivity.
  • This series comes in 14 by brand color options that are encased with an ultra-slim aluminum build. It is equipped with an easy to open the clip that helps the user to achieve the trifecta of design function and durability offered by the laptop.
  • It consists of an extra-large trackpad that makes the computing experience easier for the user as it contains LIBER V’s and also features extra-large ultra-responsive touchpads. These touchpads are extremely efficient and support for finger gesture control making it easier for the user to move from one place to another while doing some video or photo editing.
  • It features password-free login as it has a fingerprint lock that is powered by the windows hello. This makes the laptop perfectly handy and makes it ready to be unleashed within a blink of an eye.
  • It has a backlit keyboard that helps to achieve smooth workflow if the user is in challenging surroundings such as dimmed light or darkness.
  • It is preloaded with Windows 10 along with lifetime validity and Microsoft office. It also consists of user guide manuals and ac adaptor.
  • The memory and storage capacity of the laptop is amazing and comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM with an Intel integrated UHD graphics. It offers the user the storage capacity of 512gb SSD.
  • The laptop is absolutely portable due to its thin and light design. The body is made up of aluminum and offers a matte finish that further adds a sturdy look to the laptop. It has a full HD bright display with good day to day performance.

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Best laptop Under 55000

The Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i is an affordable laptop with subtle changes and a sleek design that makes it the best laptop under 55000 available online. It is powered by the tenth generation Intel core i3 processor and sports a memory front of 15.6 inches.

  • It has 1 TB hard drive and a DDR4 RAM of 8GB allows the laptop to store an ample amount of files and other kinds of data.
  • With the updated design and new nomenclature along with various changes, this Intel-powered Lenovo Ideapad has become one of the best laptops under 55000 for gaming along with subtle features.
  • It is absolutely portable due to its slim design. It is very much light weighted and can be carried anywhere anytime making it easier for the user to perform tasks whenever needed.
  • It supports the lifetime validity of the operating system. It comes with preloaded windows 10.
  • The display is really great with the anti-glare feature and has integrated Intel UHD graphics. The display is fully HD i.e 1920 X 1080 and the size is 15.6 inches.
  • It has a base speed of 1.2 GHz and a maximum speed of 3.4 GHz. It comes with two cores 4 threads and 4 MB cache and 10th generation Intel core i3 processor.

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Best laptop Under 55000

The MI notebook 14 is the make a big happen compact set that is the best laptop under 55000 available online that gives amazing features for creative people, students entrepreneurs, and someone who needs to get things done at the workplace. The laptop has an amazing design with better processing power and keyboards as compared to other windows laptops in the same price is ideal for those who love to code programs or design.

  • It is a light-weighted, easily portable set ensuring that your work does not get held up anywhere.
  • It is beautifully designed with an FHD anti-glare display that measures up to 35.56 cm (14) along with thin bezels that give the user an immersive viewing experience that prevents any kind of harm caused to the eyes.
  • The laptop is equipped with a 10th generation Intel core i5 processor that is considered to be the productivity powerhouse of the system that allows the user to do multitasking with ease.
  • It offers high speed and great performance that makes it ideal for programming designing and binge-watching.
  • It also has a faster transfer speed that is 7 to 8 times more than the normal HDD that further enhances the game loads and consists of faster boot-ups. It comes with a 256 GB SSD.
  • It is designed in such a way that helps you in an effortless typing experience due to the scissor-switch keys that have a travel distance of 1.3 mm that makes the typing mode resize and easy.
  • Features a 46 WH battery that gives 10-hour backup covering you for a whole day of work and making sure that you can use the laptop anywhere anytime.
  • This laptop comes with a convenient USB plug as well as 720 Ph.D. The webcam that slides seamlessly over the bezel available on the screen that helps you to receive the work from home or learn from home easily. The camera is easily movable making it easier to show up your presentation of home or any place.
  • It is extremely portable and is super easy to detach so as to carry it in your bag anywhere.check price