What’s the Difference Between LCD and LED Displays?

Lcd and Led are modern display technologies. Though we know that they are different, we don’t exactly know the difference between LCD and led displays. In this article, you will find the difference between them and the differences in their performances.

The first thing you have to know is that not all Lcd displays or monitors are Led displays, but all Led displays are Lcd monitors. Just like that, all lions are animals, and not all animals are lions. Most people come up with these terms when they are looking for a specific spec or specific type of monitor. Once you understand their differences, it will be much easier to pick the right monitor or display for you.

Difference Between Lcd And Led Display

difference between lcd and led

Both Lcd and Led displays use liquid crystals to emit light which creates an image, text, or anything that appears on the computer. But the difference occurs in the backlights. The difference between LCD and led monitors is that Lcd monitors use fluorescent lights to emit light to create images. At the same time, Led monitors use a light-emitting diode (led) to emit light which forms the display.

So the real difference occurs in the light-emitting technology that is employed. So, is there any significant difference in their display properties?

Yes, there is a significant difference in the display quality between an LCD and a led display. Led monitors can produce better images than an LCD monitor.

Basically, LCD monitors are made up of liquid crystals. These light crystals don’t emit light on their own. Instead, the liquid crystals will be aligned when electricity passes. These aligned liquid crystals will block some colors and let a specific set of colors pass through them. Thus, we can see the displayed image.

Whereas in a led monitor or display, they emit their own light. In fact, they are microlights that emit light in a perfect combination to produce an image or series of images on display.

Viewing Angle

Do you know that Lcd and Led have different viewing angles? We are going to find out the difference between LCD and led viewing angle.

Technically, it is hard to determine whether Lcd or led monitor has the best viewing angle. Although, Led screens have a wide view range compared to an LCD monitor. Led monitors to provide up to 160o view angle. Due to their wide viewing angle, they are considered the best option for watching movies and playing games.

Difference Between Lcd And Led Backlit Monitor

difference between lcd and led

Apart from the lighting technology they use, there are much more differences between an Lcd and a Led monitor. One of the major differences is efficiency. Led monitors utilize most of the energy, whereas Lcd monitors are not much efficient while utilizing the energy. This also makes led monitors cost-efficient. Since they don’t waste much of the electricity, it makes them consume lesser energy than Lcd monitors.

Led monitors are advanced versions of Lcd monitors, which makes them more lightweight and thinner. They are easy to carry because of their lightweight and easy to carry around because of their slim structure.

Also, Lcd monitors generate heat while used for a long time, whereas Led monitors or displays don’t generate any heat energy. Since led monitors don’t produce heat, they are much more likely to last longer than Lcd monitors.

The images of the Led monitor are much brighter, more vibrant, and contrasting than Lcd monitors. Also, unlike Lcd monitors, Led monitors can keep the brightness level for a long time.

The only advantage of Lcd monitors is that they are much cheaper than Led monitors. Although they are cheap, if you look in the long run, led monitors to require less maintenance than Lcd monitors making Led monitors the better option.

These are the common difference between LCD and led display. If you are looking for high spec digital monitors, it is better to go for an Led monitor rather than an Lcd monitor, as Led monitors to outperform Lcd monitors in every aspect.


  1. How to differentiate between LCD and led tv?

If the tv is much larger and has a fat body, more likely, it is an Lcd Tv. If the tv or monitor is thinner, it is an led tv. Also, most led TVs have a sticker on their front indicating it is a led tv.