7 Best Led TV Under 50000 In India

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Mi 80 cm HD Ready Android LED TV

Mi 80 cm HD Ready Android LED TV

Booming sound system
Wide-angle view screen
Display reachable for everyone in a room
Connectivity ports are also available
Fills the room with fulfilling sound quality
Vu 80 cm Android HD Ready LED TV

Vu 80 cm Android HD Ready LED TV

Slim fit technology
External connection facilitators
Allow the TV to engage with both your phone and your PC system
VU Ultra Android LED
Noise reduction feature
LG 108 cm (43 Inches) Smart LED TV

LG 108 cm (43 Inches) Smart LED TV

Full HD
HDR dynamic tone mapping
Works professionally
View is significant in its color and detail
Quad-core processors
Kevin 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

Kevin 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

Integrates wide view technology
HRDD technology
A+ grade Samsung Display panel
Implement picture-perfect definition
Cinematic viewing
Kodak 80 cm HD Ready LED TV

Kodak 80 cm HD Ready LED TV

Clear comprehension
Entertainment from a wide variety of platforms
Wide View facility
Effective picture quality
High-performance speaker

The entertainment industry has been flourishing as of late. With brilliant movies and eye-catching shows soaring to popularity, it only makes sense for you to want to see them in their best forms. If your mind generally answers your everyday needs like this:

Relaxation? TV                                            

 Entertainment? TV   

And Bored? TV, then you should also consider adding “TV? LED” to your routine. best led tv under 50000 in India is all the trends as they exploit full-out HD definition and vivid display capabilities to satisfy your entertainment cravings to the fullest. Smart LED TV’s are massively appreciated by public opinion due to their compatibility with external servers as well as platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Most LED TVs make it even more convenient for you by being priced low right off the go. You’ll find numerous adaptable TVs even under the bar of 50,000 that will make stylish additions to your home.

So, why watch uncomfortably on your phone or laptop when you can access anything through the larger lens of life- an LED TV, or more specifically the best led TV under 50000 in India.

Things to look for while buying a TV

Knowing you want the best led TV under 50000in India is not the same as choosing one. However, these factors will guide you through your purchase:

Size of the TV:

Purchasing a new TV means that one needs to look at the different aspects surrounding it. a major influence In your search for a TV is the size of the TV. You can determine what size you want by aligning it to your preferences. Do you want to show off your TV as a status symbol, or do you just live in a large house with a large family? In such cases, buying a larger-sized TV above 40 inches in size is recommended and vice versa. To find the best led TV under 50000 in India that is economical and cost-effective, start with ideal screen size.


The screen resolution dictates the clarity of the images on your TV. A higher resolution means more clarity in detail. There are approximately 3 kinds of resolutions prevailing over modern-day LED televisions: HD Ready (1280 x 720 or 720p), Full HD (1920 x 1080 or 1080p), and Ultra High Definition (3840 × 2160, 4K). Each of these resolutions according to screen size and provide optimum visuals and graphics.

HDMI, Connections, and more options:

Make sure that you know the number of HDMI inputs your best led tv under 50000 in India has. HDMI ports can be used to connect your TV with various gadgets including soundbars, chrome casts, gaming consoles, headphones, phone, your PC, etc. As you make these connections, you can operate different devices on your one, singular TV- convenient, isn’t it? Some TV’s also have additional USB ports. With the best led TV under 50000 in India, you can download movies and shows onto your USB, insert it into the USB port, and access them on your TV.

Smart TVs or Not:

Nowadays, the concept of Smart TV is all the rage. Smart TVs refer to those who have internet connectivity and access to a range of apps. You can access apps like Netflix and YouTube on your TV to enjoy an enhanced version of the same, downtrodden experience you would get on your phone. These best led tv under 50000 in India can connect to the Internet and fetch content and information all with one click on a remote- which is why they are favoured on a mass scale.

Find the best led TV under 50000 in India, for yourself among the following products:

Mi 80 cm HD Ready Android LED TV

The Mi Pro HD Ready LED TV provides an incredible precision in detail and color to everything you watch. It has a carefully contained yet booming sound system that fills the whole room. Its wide-angle view screen makes the display reachable for everyone in a room. You can integrate your Mi TV with Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch more of your favorite shows and music.

  • The Mi Android LED TV comes in a humongous 32 inch/80 cm screen package fully equipped with an HD Ready resolution- 1366×768- and a refresh rate of approximately 60 Hertz. 
  • The TV by itself features 3 HDMI in and out ports that you can use to connect the TV to a set-top box for access to more channels and content. Other connectivity ports are also available to forge network with your gaming console, Bly Ray player, etc. 2 Additional USB ports enable the insertion of USB devices as well.
  • You can have access to 70,000+ hours’ worth of content and spice your life up with your favorite shows!
  • The best led tv under 50000 in India has an ultra-bright screen display through which you can observe every detail on the screen with brilliant clarity. Lifelike colors and bright indexes enrich the viewing experience.
  • The Mi TV also features customized for best led tv under 50000 in India stereo speakers which provide surround sound experience to ensure a comfortable entertainment session. The speakers are completely sponsored with DTS-HD support that fills the room with fulfilling sound quality.
  • The Mi remote also comes with a dedicated voice button that offers a 360o free control. You can easily look for your favorite content online by directly speaking into the Google voice search. No need to move a muscle towards your remote!

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Vu 80 cm Android HD Ready LED TV

This is an 80 cm/32 inch TV that stretches beyond its boundaries so that everyone can have the same immersive TV experience. Despite being large in screen size, the TV is almost negligible in width owing to its slim fit technology. It has external connection facilitators that allow the best led tv under 50000 in India to engage with both your phone and your PC system so you can enjoy all your music and movies on a larger screen.

  • The VU Ultra Android LED TV has an HD Ready resolution of 1366×768 and combined with a 60 Hertz refresh rate, it gives you instantaneous and fulfilling TV visuals.
  • You can use up to 2 HDMI ports located on the TV to connect to your set-top box, Bly ray player, Playstation, and more! Facilities are also available by which you can insert a USB device and view its contents on your TV.
  • The Vu TV integrates an adaptive contrast within its pictures. You can view every detail in a perfectly proportionate contrast with each other. This contributes to a more pleasant visual that meets the standard of a rich and quality color scheme. Dark areas are automatically darkened while the corresponding light areas are lightened.
  • The TV also has a MPEG noise reduction feature through which the TV blocks any unnecessary white noise that may disturb your session. Through the reduction of noise, the TV facilitates clearer edge transitions and picture quality. The reduction of noise is also countered with a surround sound quality that boosts sounds and dialogues for effective and enjoyable listening.
  • A Dolby Audio Multi-Stream Decoder equips the TV with a single-package solution that interprets universal audio worldwide into their corresponding local and comprehensive formats.
  • You can also access both PC and gaming modes on this TV. It utilizes an inbuilt chrome-cast and Bluetooth connections enable watching your favorite movies and shows on its 32-inch screen through headphones, soundbars, etc.
  • It has a glossy black exterior that makes the whole TV experience an aesthetic and polished one.

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LG 108 cm (43 Inches) Smart LED TV


The LG Smart LED TV channels pictures and videos on a Full HD 1920×1080 resolution program. This gives all your display an out of the world vivid definition. It also operates on a refresh rate of 50 hertz which exercises picture transitions on a fast-paced edge. HDR dynamic tone mapping ensures that color and contrasts are in order of their intensity.

  • This is a Full HD LED Smart TV that works professionally on a self-initialized image processor that sets the color of your content by each other and your surroundings so that everything you view is significant in its color and detail.
  • Perhaps the most prized feature of this LED TV set is its wide-angled screen which is a total of 108 cm (43 inches) in size. You can have full-blown out, cinematic level movie marathons with your LG TV regardless of which side of the room you’re occupying. 
  • The TV has an active HDR that optimizes every scene to its highest quality so that every minute detail in the picture is noticeable.
  • The sound quality of the best led tv under 50000 in India functions through built-in speakers and quad-core processors that eliminate any white noise while simultaneously enhancing sounds to fill your room with high-frequency sound. It works in collaboration with Dolby Audio Sound to give you a more theatrical quality.
  • Your LG HD TV is technologically smart- you can save and enjoy your movies through Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other subscription-based platforms. The Home Dashboard shows you all the smart devices connected to the TV so you can navigate through them with one swipe.
  • Storage is a great plus point of the LD TV. It has a cloud storage feature on which you can save and access pictures and videos whenever you want.

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Kevin 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

The Kevin LED TV is an 80 cm HD ready. It integrates wide view technology so that its display and sound can extend to every nook and corner of the room. Through updated HRDD technology, the visuals work on a clearer vision than never before. You can now experience a complete movie-like viewing in the comfort of your own home!

  • The HD Ready Kevin LED Television has an A+ grade Samsung Display panel that shows its pictures in terms of vibrant colors, clear motion rates, and better image quality. It uses HRDD technology to implement picture-perfect definition to you’re the TV visuals through superior clarity and contrast.
  • This TV covers a wide-angle range up to 178 degrees from its left to its right. This guarantees a superior and cinematic viewing experience from all sides of the room. So settle yourself comfortably on your favorite chair or couch or sofa and for an enigmatic viewing experience.
  • You can connect your Playstation, Xbox, your PC, or any sort of VR to your TV and enjoy compelling gaming, music, or entertainment session by accessing other devices on your TV as well. 
  • You can use the respective HDMI and USB ports to enforce connections with external devices and integrate them with your TV through which you can access and operate on their content.
  • The TV has a dynamic color scheme that highlights contrasts and colors wherever needed and brings small details into sharp focus.
  • You can also toggle between different screen sizes, i.e, you can adjust a picture or a video to fit the entire screen or set boundaries on the sides however you wish to see them.

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Kodak 80 cm HD Ready LED TV

The Kodak TV is zoomed out into a full 80 cm/32 inch furnish. Every image is precisely detail and vividly colored with HD ready definition that makes of interesting contrast and clear comprehension You can connect with various devices through given HDMI and USB ports, and access entertainment from a wide variety of platforms. 

  • The TV is provided with HDMI and USB ports that you can connect to the other devices in your life. This provides access, not only to their content but also an all-in-one viewing experience where you can navigate through different apps, pictures, videos, games, etc through just your TV.
  • The TV has a Wide View facility. It is angled in a way that the screen is visible to all corners of the room. The picture quality, sound quality, brightness, and vividness are equally effective in all sides of the room, so you don’t have to worry about missing out!
  • The TV combines its mind-blowing display with surreal sound effects. High-performance speaker systems facilitate the onset of quality audio to bring your viewing experience alive.
  • The TV uses a 64-bit Motion Estimation and Motion compensation chip that highlights a clearer and edgier transition between images so that you can watch even action-packed content in a regular and seamless flow of pictures.
  • The brightness of every displayed image extends up to 350 NITS in this television, so you can watch your favorite shows in their best visual forms.
  • The television is designed to fit into your minimalistic life with its ultra-thin bezels. View an abundance of content on a slim-fit screen that takes up the least amount of space despite its monumental and theatrical picture and sound.

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Micromax 109 cm LED TV

The Micromax LED TV functions on a completely HD resolution that revolutionizes your average motion picture into its full cinematic extent. Its sleep design is complementary to your stylish preferences and has a better understanding of your special commitment that most TV’s in the market. The Micromax TV furbishes every movie, and show with superior acoustics.

  • Crystal clear sound and optimal sound quality are the highlights within highlights when it comes to the Micromax HD LED TV. Through its 24w sound speakers and its DAC sound technology, you can experience bass boosted audio with the feel of being the life and in concert.
  • Sensational audio can be experienced through precise treble control that sponsors efficient and undisturbed listening
  • The visual display is enhanced based on an IPS display system and CLCP, both of which work together and establish consistency in visuals and colors. HD defined pictures can be viewed from all angles owing to its 178 degrees rotatory function.
  • You can access all kinds of entertainment ranging from movies and music to games on your television. An OSD feature lets you enjoy games on your television, making it an ideal fit for gamers all around the world.
  • You can conserve power by turning on its Auto Only mode. This disables video functionality and propagates listen-only audio.
  • You can connect your USB to your television and give it access to downloaded and installed movies on your USB. You can also transfer content from one USB to another with the TV as a medium.

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Sanyo 32 inches Smart LED TV (Kaizen Series)

The Sanyo 80 cm LED TV is certified for replenishing your passion for movies with a stunning visual system. The LED panel advocates for a super bright display, and combines it with surround quality audio that can elicit goosebumps (we challenge you to watch horror movies on this TV, we do). You can also connect your TV to your gaming console or a streaming device and play for hours together.

  • The Sanyo LED TV accommodates stunning visuals through more than one channel of features. It employs the use of IPS technology by which every detail is compensated with better color reproduction, greater color accuracy, wider viewing angles, better sunlight visibility, and a longer lifespan.
  • The TV acoustics go hand in hand with the high definition, brilliant TV display. Enjoy surround sound technology through the TV built-in speakers and the Dolby Digital sound system which establishes theatrical audio quality to everything you watch.
  • The Sanyo Kaizen series uses a reliable yet innovative design concept to suit all your aesthetic needs. A Dull View Bezel Less screen covers a wider viewing area, by which viewers can access the same high-quality sound and display regardless of their positions.
  • The TV’s quad-core processor enables multitasking. You can switch between web-browsing or watching, and even go as far as doing both at the same time!
  • 2 dedicated HDMI and USB ports and a seamless Bluetooth 5.0 network can be used to connect your TV to external devices: speakers, gaming consoles, PC, phone, headphones, controllers, mice, etc.
  • Through the TV, you can invest your time in a world of immersive apps including the likes of Netflix and YouTube to fulfill your entertainment needs. You can download these apps through a convenient Android TV Play Store.

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An LED TV is superior in ways your everyday TV is not. The best led TV under 50000 in India is both Smart in nature and sponsors HD graphics that can blow its viewer’s mind. These TV’s are led with the agenda of making entertainment high quality as well as reasonable in price, as most of the best led tv under 50000 in India.


  1. What LED TV to buy?

You can find a best led tv under 50000 in India to buy based on the list above, where we have provided highly rated and popular LED TV products in the market.

  1. Will an LED TV freeze in cold weather?

While cold temperatures can negatively affect the performance of an LED TV, however, it is not likely that you will experience this. Most LED TVs have semi-solid liquid crystals that remain intact during cold weather.

  1. Can I use my LED TV for gaming?

Yes, a Smart LED TV can easily make a connection with your gaming console and let you play on it.

  1. How does LED TV work?

LED TV’s essentially copy the working of an LCD TV. However, best led tv under 50000 in India uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to use light from behind the screen to display images on it. By simply using a sheet of backlights, they offer a much cleaner television model with a thinner screen.