How to Turn On Keyboard Light in HP Laptop?

Nowadays, keyboard lights are very popular among gamers. If you are a new gamer, you may want to know how to on keyboard light in hp laptop. This article showcases every detail about back lit keyboards and of course how to on keyboard light in hp laptop.

How to turn on keyboard light on hp laptop?

The latest keyboard lighting feature on laptops has changed the gaming on PCs and has made an ample amount of space for people, who stay up at night, to power on in the darkness. When you have still got too much work to complete, you will surely want to get accustomed with the ways of turning on keyboard lighting to soldier on in the night.

how to on keyboard light in hp laptop

A keyboard has from the very start been a somewhat tricky hardware for users in the case of laptops. The laptops from the HP company are not an exception to it. Being portable and thin, these laptops provide very little space in offering quality keyboards that has fancy features.

The company is doing justice to the community of keyboard by offering functional and reliable keyboards with the laptops. This includes the HP pavilion laptops as well as HP omen laptop. With the rising popularity of these types of keyboards among gamers and regular users, no wonder HP easily jumped on this trend.

You can follow a shortcut method on your keyboard if you want to turn on the light on your HP laptop. First you will need to tap on the back light key on the keyboard. It typically is in the row that has the F keys. On some models, you may need to press the Fn (Function) key first.

In a pavilion model, it is usually the F5 function key that needs to be pressed to turn on the light on the keyboard. In some cases, the light on your laptop’s keyboard may refuse to turn on if the device is low on battery. It should be charged past a specific point when it is off the charger. Just simply plug your device into the charger to solve this problem.

How to turn on back lit keyboard hp?

It may be a bit tricky to new users of HP to find the back lit key on the keyboard. The HP models are pretty good in this as they offer an icon of back lit light on the light key. You can easily find the key along the rows of function of the keyboard in most cases.

To make it more specific, that icon is generally printed along with F6 or F5 keys. The icon looks as if three lights are flashing out of same number of square boxes. You need to take a good look if you can’t find it right away.

Once you find out the key, it is now time to turn the keyboard back light on. For that, you need to locate the function key. Then you simply have to tap on the Fn key and back lit key simultaneously. It is done and you will see an incredible shining through all the keys on your keyboard.

Now that you know how to turn the light on, you should also be informed about how to turn it off. You may love the lights turned on always as it looks beautiful, but it is absolutely unwise to so. Specifically, if you have a HP laptop, the lights consume more power and the battery of your laptop may get drained very quickly.

So for better performance of your battery, you should completely keep it off during daytime and limit the usage during the night. In case you got a power source that is plugged to your laptop, you do not have to be rigid about the lights.

how to on keyboard light in hp laptop

The process is very simple just like turning them on. You again need to press both the back lit key and the function key at once and the lights are going to be turned off. For many models, tapping only the back lit key is enough for illuminating the keyboard light or switching it off.

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