The Best Home Security Cameras of 2023 – Get Peace of Mind Now

What is a home security camera?

Home security cameras are devices that are capable of capturing and recording the footage of a home and its premises which can be viewed by a connected smart device from any part of the world. The footage will be recorded in the associated parts of the camera itself which can later be procured to view the visuals also. Home security cameras can either be working round the clock 24×7 or be equipped with motion detectors which enable the camera to shoot and capture images only when a motion or movement is detected.

There are mainly two types of home security cameras available: wired and wireless. Both of them have their share of pros and cons and both of them do well in terms of market share also. A wired home security camera is wired to an external device to store the visuals. It transfers the captured images to the connected storage device immediately as they are captured. A DVR or a Digital Video Recorder is what was initially used to record the visuals from a wired camera. Later the use of NVR or Network Video Recorder happened to gain more popularity. The most celebrated advantage of a wired home security camera is the reliability and speed that it offers. As it is wired and does not involve the use of a network, the visuals cannot get tampered with or manipulated at any stage of the recording, and thus, the visuals are highly reliable. Also, in the absence of a network connection and involvement of signals in transferring the content, no kind of delay occurs in the transfer and thus, the wired cameras offer three times fast recording than a wireless security camera.

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On the other side, a wireless home security camera makes use of an internet connection to transfer and store the collected visuals. It is mostly connected to the wi-fi connection or router of the home or else to a separate internet connection provided to the home base of the security camera. Wireless cameras can be installed in such a way that the visuals are parallelly sent to any smart gadget of the homeowner. Numerous smart features are being added to the wireless home camera daily. The biggest advantage of a wireless home security camera is the sheer convenience that it offers. The owner can check the visuals from any part of the world conveniently. Also, being wireless, they can be placed anywhere and everywhere in the home without having to worry about any connections. Also, there are numerous models available in the market that are weather-proof, making them one of the best options to be installed outdoors. There are several subcategories of best home security cameras also like the doorbell camera and the floodlight cameras which were recently introduced to the market.

How does a home security camera work?

The functioning of a security camera, although similar mostly, may differ according to the type of camera, the power source used, etc. Having said that, the most commonly found components of a home security camera are the camera, home monitoring base, routers or cables, video recorder, and storage device.


Cameras are a crucial component of a home security system. There are two types of cameras: analog and IP or Internet Protocol. IP is compatible with most smart devices whereas analog is ideal for a basic security system.

Home base

The home base is where the monitoring of the visuals happens. The home base usually consists of monitors and a control panel. An average home security system consists of a maximum of four to five monitors.

Routers or Cables

Depending on whether the camera is wired or wireless, either router or cables will be present as part of the security system. Wired systems use cables whereas wireless ones use routers.

Video Recorders

Video recorders of a security system can be of two types: Digital Video Recorders or DVRs and Network Video Recorders or NVRs. Video recorders are the part that supports the processing of the visuals to make them ideal to be stored in the storage unit.

Storage system

The storage system can either be a cloud one where the user can have access anytime he or she wants or be a traditional one that uses hard Drives and other storage devices to store video files.

What are the benefits of a home security camera and what you can expect?

Many individuals are resorting to home security cameras in recent years in hope of adding an extra layer of security to their homes and premises. But a security camera system has more to offer than keeping a watch at night and every potential buyer needs to know more about the benefits of owning a home security camera system to make the most out of it. The following section provides ample details on the numerous advantages that a security camera got to offer the owners.


The most obvious advantage offered by a security camera system is the protection of the valuables at home. Most home security cameras are equipped with an alarm that goes off as soon as a security breach is detected. This enables the user to get rid of any potential thieves, burglars, or attackers. Several models of security cameras are also equipped to send alert messages to the nearby law enforcement agency, enabling the homeowner to avail help on time.

Can be accessed remotely

The security cameras make it possible for the owner to watch and attend the home even from a different country. It works best for persons who are constantly traveling or are staying in a different place than their home. Home security cameras let them feel safe in their home even if they are left unattended. Most security cameras now offer the smartphone alert feature which sends an emergency message to the user whenever a security breach occurs. Also, the doorbell cameras available come with a two-way audio system, which even let the user speak through the camera from another place.

Can have a positive impact on the insurance

As long as home insurances are concerned, homes equipped with security cameras are only expected to pay a comparatively lesser premium to the service provider. The security video files will also be of assistance whenever an issue happens and the insurance provider expects proof from the user. the resale value of the home also goes up if the home is equipped with home security cameras.

Home automation

Security cameras can serve a great role in the home automation process. The camera can be equipped to identify smoke or fire alarms, which initiates an immediate alert to the user. Also, the gas leak detector, smart lock, etc. can all be connected with the security cameras to have an automated home. The smart lock system which can be locked or unlocked by the user remotely, combined with security cameras offers immense possibilities when children or elderlies are alone in the home.

Safe neighborhood

If security cameras are installed by all the residents of a neighborhood, the entire community will be under the safety blanket of the cameras and there are instances where communities install security cameras in common places like walkways, play areas, etc. to ensure maximum safety of the neighborhood.

How to choose a home security camera?

Home security systems are ideal choices to keep the home under surveillance and to keep it safe from any intruders. Having the right security camera could empower the homeowner in a significant way and will increase the confidence of the inhabitants of the home. So, it is extremely important for the buyer to look for the most minute details and to pick the best security cameras that suit the home concerned. Some of the major features that have to be considered while purchasing a home security camera are mentioned and detailed below.

Type of camera

The options are abundant in the home camera market and the first and foremost step in finding the best security camera is to choose the type of camera that suits the concerned home and premises. There are both wireless and wired cameras and it solely depends on the requirement of the buyer. If the concerned home requires only indoor cameras, the buyer can opt for wired cameras. But if there is a need for a camera to be placed outside to watch the premises of the property, then a wireless camera would be ideal. Also, when buying a wireless camera for outdoor, it is important to make it weather-proof. If the buyer only wants to have a watch on the entry part of the home, a novel doorbell camera would be more than enough. It can be connected to the doorbell wiring itself and thus, offers no challenge in installation too. If the home has a flood light intact, it can be replaced with a floodlight camera which serves two purposes at the cost of one.

Power source

Just like in the type of cameras, several options are available in terms of the power source also. Customers can choose between a wired power source or a battery. When it comes to the electrical camera, the camera will be connected to a wall outlet all the time and the required power will be extracted from the outlet as and when required. When it comes to battery cameras, the cameras are only required to be charged whenever the machine runs out of charge. The camera indicates that the battery is low and the owner is expected to put it to charge. While considering the power source options, the user should be reminded of the fact that not all types of cameras come with multiple power sources. For example, a doorbell security camera requires to be connected to a power outlet and does not usually come in a battery-powered version.


The way the storage options of a security camera works is that the manufacturer provides the facility to store the captured visuals on cloud storage, from where the user can access the video files as and when required. But the catch is that the amount of free storage space in the cloud storage is different for different manufacturers and once the free space is utilized the users are expected to pay for additional storage space. Being video files, the footage takes up more space and thus, always try to opt for manufacturers who offer a high amount of free storage space and reasonable deals on additional storage space. Also, the provision to download the required video files may or may not be available with the security camera providers, and thus, clarity should be made on that aspect also.


One of the less-discussed yet highly relevant aspects is the privacy offered by a security home camera. There were incidents reported in which the manufacturers themselves breached the security camera of the customers and violated the privacy of the user. So, it is important to pay close attention to the privacy features of the home camera despite the market claims and feedback provided. The first thing to ensure is that the camera system has got a password-protected locking system, to which the password created by the user can only have access. Always try not to stick to the default password credentials, but create a strong password and never share it with anyone, not even the manufacturers under any circumstances. Also, there are several models available in the market which make use of a two-step verification system every time access to the cameras is requested. Try to buy such camera systems which will send a one-time password to the user’s registered contact to verify access. This would enable the user to know whether someone else is trying to access the system.

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Smart features

Numerous models of security cameras are available in the market which come with sophisticated and smart features. Smartphone alerts are one such smart feature available in some models. It enables the camera to send emergency alerts to the registered contact whenever a security breach or uncommon movement occurs. Another smart feature is the enabling of monitoring zones. These are ideal for cameras that are installed in comparatively busy places and work in such a way that the user can choose a particular zone in the camera frame as a monitoring zone, which provides a focus on the activities of that particular zone and alerts the user in case a dubious movement occur in the specific monitoring zone. Two-way audio, alerts to the law enforcement in the occurrence of major breaching, etc. are other smart features available in the market, and choosing such camera systems is ideal as they offer maximum convenience and better protection to the home concerned.