How to Take Screenshot in ASUS Laptop?

Want to know how to take screenshot in Asus laptop? It is simple. If you are own an Asus laptop, it’s obvious you are using Windows. It is one most popular operating systems till now, you can easily find it on any Asus laptops available. Windows tries its best to give its customers the best service and tool it can. But this is not the case when it comes to taking screenshots on PC.

Learn How to Take Screenshot in Asus Laptop

How to Take Screenshot in ASUS Laptop2

Due to the fewer amount of screenshot capture options available, we always end up having to pay for our convenience. And this is where we take help from screenshot apps available on the internet to provide us with the features that the window tools do not possess. Nonetheless, there are many options open to you to take screenshots on Asus laptops, and in this article, I am going to show you how to do it.

By Using PrtSc-

How to Take Screenshot in ASUS Laptop1

If someone ever asked you “how to take screenshots in Asus laptop”, just tell them to look down at their keyboard. There’s a PrtSc key available on the right side of the top row keys. With the help of this key, you can take a screenshot of the entire laptop screen. Thanks to some more keyboard options available, there are a couple of other caption options provided. Let us go through each one of them.

Option one is “Press PrtSc”. Just press this key/ button and your laptop will take the screenshot of the entire screen and then you can save that digital image on the clipboard, and then paste it on any editing app to save it. And also if you press Ctrl (control key) + PrtSc key, then the same thing will happen. There is a little warning, keep in mind that the image won’t directly get saved in your system, it will just be there on your clipboard. Make sure you save it before you copy something else because then you will have to take the screenshot again.

Option two is “press windows + PrtSc”. If you want your screenshot to get directly saved to the computer system, then pressing these keys together will do it.

Option three is “press Alt + PrtSc”. This is the final option available to take the screenshot on your Asus laptop. This function/feature helps you to take a quick shot of an active window. Here also, your image doesn’t get directly save to your laptop. It requires you to paste it on an editing app and save it. It is the same as pressing the PrtSc key alone. These options are not always ideal. There are editing or screenshot apps available on the internet that can help you in a better way.

These apps function quite nicely and have many different image editing features available for you to improvise your taken image.