How To Connect 2 tv to 1 Set Top Box With Different Channels?

Many people these days have two tv sets in their house, mainly in the living room and one in the bedroom or the kid’s room. Wherever they might be placed, it can get expensive to get two different set top boxes for each tv and pay for them separately.

Many times the family doesn’t even use the second tv much and still pays the full amount for dth charges. This why one should know how to connect 2 tv to 1 set top box with different channels.

There are few ways one can do it, but one should know that one should proceed with precaution or call an expert to do it for one.

Before one starts on the process of how to connect 2 tv to 1 set top box with different channels, they should know that one will only be splitting the signals among the two TV.

One shouldn’t touch the set top box because doing fishy stuff with it or tampering with it can is illegal: one should keep that in their mind.

Now, when it comes to requirements, one should decide on which set top box one wants to use to connect their two TV. One can even connect three TV if when wants.

The only difference it will make is that wire will require more, and one will have two buy an extra splitter for that purpose.

Therefore to get started with how to connect 2 tv to 1 set top box with different channels, one needs to understand that there are three main ways one can split the signal into two TVs.


how to connect 2 tv to 1 set top box with different channels

Most of the modern tv sets use HDMI outputs for connecting with the set top box. It is modern technology and for this one has to buy an HDMI splitter.

The HDMI splitters are common in the market, and one can easily buy them in a local electronic store or even at a dth store.

The splitter is meant to split the signal and is a piece of hardware. One has to input the cable coming from the set top box to the splitter.

Once the cable connects to the splitter will have two ends, and each end should be connected with an HDMI cable.

These cables, later on, should be joined to the respective TVs and see if they are connected well and start properly. The splitters aren’t just limited to two tv.

There are HDMI splitters of different sizes ranging from two tv connections up to 16 tv connections. Therefore one can buy whichever splitter they want according to the TV they want to connect to the set top box.

 Coaxial cables

how to connect 2 tv to 1 set top box with different channels

Another way one can split the signal into two TVs is by coaxial cable. If one has those old plasma TVs, then one probably needs the coaxial cables because old TVs don’t use the HDMI cables.

The process with the coaxial cable is quite similar to that of an HDMI cable. One has to buy a splitter from the market.

Although the splitters are only available in two and six: therefore one can’t connect more than six tv to one set top box even if one wants to.

The process is the same as first: connect the cable coming from the box to the splitter and then connect two wires on the other side, which will connect to the tv.

Although, one should note that the problem with coaxial cable is that the farther the second tv is from the set top box, the less picture quality becomes.

Therefore it is advisable for people to keep the set top box right in the middle of two tv to have equal quality of the picture.

 The hybrid system

Sometimes people have tv of two different generations. One tv has an HDMI cable while the other tv has a coaxial cable.

Although, one doesn’t need to worry about splitting the signals in between these two. The process is the same as connecting the set top box sable to the splitter and the output in each of the tv.

The hybrid splitters are available in the market, and one can get them at a local store. For the best user experience in such hybrid solutions, one can put the set top box closer to the coaxial cable tv and keep the HDMI tv far because the distance doesn’t matter in the case of HDMI cable tv.

 How about the remote?

how to connect 2 tv to 1 set top box with different channels

The problem with having two tv connected to one set top box is operating the remote. Which remote to use for which tv.

The simple answer to this is to use an IR remote. It is a long-range remote one can easily get in the market or in online stores.

One can use these remotes to control the tv channels from both of the tv from any distance. Therefore one doesn’t need to worry about where the first tv is or where the second tv is, or where even the set top box is.

If one has the IR remote, they can control it from any distance and enjoying watching the tv.


  1. Can one connect two tvs on one set top box?

Yes, one can connect two tv on one set top box by any of the mentioned methods above. One can achieve this by splitting the signals from the dth and dividing them by the number of tv one wants to connect.

  1. Is it legal to split the signals?

Yes, it is legal to split the signals. Although, it is not legal to tamper with the set top box. Therefore one should be careful not to touch the set top box in any way, which will lead to legal matters.

It is better to call the experts and split the signals rather than manually doing the job.