How to Cast Phone to Laptop?

If you want to know how to cast phone to laptop for your iOS or Android devices, you are at the right place! Here you will get to learn everything from screen to Netflix casting along with how to cast phone to laptop.

how to cast phone to laptop

How to cast android screen on laptop?

Users can cast their Android devices on laptop screens by using this screen casting feature. They are thus allowed to exactly mirror the mobile phone’s screen on the bigger display to enjoy the contents perfectly as they see it on the smartphone.

Most of the gadgets nowadays are made compatible with other devices that allow users to make their lives easy by connecting them. People use multiple devices everyday. But unfortunately, every device is unique in their own way and there are some extra efforts that need to be put for making them compatible with others. There are a few alternative ways to mirror Android devices to a laptop if the device does not have an inbuilt feature of that. So let us find out the best possible ways to cast your Android phone on your laptop.

A new connect app was introduced by Microsoft on the 10th anniversary of Windows. Users are allowed to cast their Android smartphone on Windows 10 laptop by this app without any third party application or other difficulties. Follow the mentioned steps below to cast your smartphone screen on your laptop.

Firstly, on the Windows laptop, head to the settings option. Tap on system from there. By scrolling down, press “projecting this to PC”. There will be three options before you. Make the first one as “available everywhere”. In the second option, tap on “first time only”. If you do not want to put any privacy pins, you can leave the last option as it is. You will be unable to cast your screen on your laptop if the device and your smartphone is not on the same WiFi network. Take care of that and then pull down the notification bar on your phone. Enable the screen casting option from there. A pop up search for the new device can be seen then. It will find the laptop after taking some time. Lastly, you need to give permission to cast your phone by selecting the laptop model. The process is done and now you are all set to go.

How to cast Netflix from phone to laptop?

You can also enjoy your favourite Netflix shows on your laptop by casting your phone to it. Firstly, you need to go to the settings option on your smartphone and then choose display there. Next tap on cast and this process is applicable for the Android versions 7,5 and 6. For Android 8 users, the process is settings first and then access connected devices and cast. Tap on the three dots to find it easily. Select the option of enable wireless display if you want so. For the setup, wait for a few moments. To access it, tap on the device.

how to cast phone to laptop

How to screen cast from phone to laptop?

Apple is famous for its super-secure ecosystem and iOS operating system that is next to impossible to breach. The best way to cast your iOS mobile screen to your laptop is mentioned in details below in a few simple steps.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your laptop and iPhone is on the same WiFi network. Next you need to install an app named Air Server. Open the application on your laptop once it is installed. You will get 31 days of a free trial as you tap on the try button. Next, pull down the notification bar on your iPhone. Click on the screen mirroring icon there. The laptop model number or the name of the device will be found there. You will be ready to go once you click on it.

Along with these, you can also connect your smartphone with the TV at your home by following another set of easy steps. We hope you find this article useful to watch your favourite content from your favourite apps like Amazon, hotstar and numerous others on laptop by casting your phone on it. Give all of them a try and also inform your acquaintances about the process if you deem fit.