Comparing the Boat 220 vs 225: Which Boat is Right for You?

Music is such an integral a part of our lives, isn’t it? We forget our sorrows, are transported into a world of melodies and imaginations. As if, we are a part of the musical scenario! But when does that happen? When the listening experience is of the highest quality. Do boat 220 vs 225 provide such an experience? Read on to decode the mystery.

Boat is an Indian startup company based primarily in Delhi. From minnows of the game to leaders of TWS market share in India, their success story is one to watch out for! Their onpoint marketing strategies have contributed to their wide fanbase and now, most youngsters prefer one or the other Boat products.

Not to mention, their brand’s youth faces help to strike a chord with the masses, including the likes of Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani, Hardik Pandya, and Diljit Dosanjh. Their phenomenal rise within 7 years shows how high tech coupled with affordable products pleases and attracts the average Indian.

Ardent Boatheads, let’s bend down to business and find out whether boat 220 and boat 225 live up to the expectations and would it make it to Boatheads accessories?

Let’s debate-

boat 220 vs 225 which is better?

boat 220 vs 225

Cheap-looking earphones with flashy smartphones? Such a devastating combination! Indian youths are slowly making a shift from the wired earphones to neckbands, Bassheads, and Bluetooth earphones.

Boat ensures the style is intact and alongside provides an affordable range of products that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Boat 220 has a lightweight and hawk-inspiring outline. The metallic sharp view gives the earphone a polished look.

On the other hand, Boat basshead 225 has a metallic design, with a metal-plastic combo. Earbuds are made of polished metal. Also, both offer tangle-free cables.

Next, Boat 220 is a treat for bass lovers. The sound quality is crystal clear. The built-in microphones are also really good. The 1 Omm drivers help to accomplish the brand’s motive of providing a clear sound with thumping bass. Aided with a canceling mic, Boat 220 ensures that one doesn’t miss any important calls.

Boat 225 too, has a built-in mic that serves quality sound. The lows and highs are equally discernable. It comes with background noise cancelation. The super extra bass factor is prevalent in Boat 225, as well.


boat 220 vs boat 225 comparison

Boat 220 feels heavy in the ears. They are comfortable for short time experience. The Boat Rockerz 220 are well suited for workouts and morning walks. In the case of Boat 225, the bass and sound quality provides a huge boost.

The in-line microphone and in-built noise cancelation technology offered by Boat rockerz 225 is best for work from home and meetings. The audio output is stereo. Also, the wire of boat rockerz 225 is not fragile and is made up of a mixture of plastic and metal.

Let’s find out boat 220 and 225 difference-

So, what is the difference between the two? Not much actually. 225 is a special edition earphone adorned with all the features of Boat basshead 220. On Flipkart, when one searches for 225 the results show Boat 220. Follow this Amazon link for buying the desired earphone.

Are boAt BassHeads 225 and 220 the same?

boat 220 vs 225

Yes. Their features are overlapping. Follow the link to buy these amazingly affordable earphones and enrich your music experience.

Finally, boat bassheads 220 vs 225 review-

Both have a multi-functional button for changing tracks and calls. Passive noise cancelation and bulky metallic cups can be the only minor downsides to these otherwise value for money earphones. The vibrant color variations in both cases are black, blue, forest green, frosty white, molten orange, neon lime, and red.

The earphones are compatible with all devices supported with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Boat provides a packet of extra earbuds with these sets of earphones. As always, Boat offers a 1-year warranty for all its products.

In this below 1 k range, no other earphone provides such longevity than Boat earphones. Either one of the above-mentioned earphones works fantastic. Be it improved sound quality or thumping bass, Boat delivers on all levels.

The customer reviews and ratings on Amazon further substantiate the claims of the brand. Consumers are heavily satisfied with the sound quality in this price range. Also, the variable colors offer such a chic and stylish look.


Which is better boat 220 or 225?

Both have similar features. Boat basshead 225 is a special edition earphone which is available on Amazon as Boat 220. Boat 225 is a treat for bass lovers, which is the forte of Boat.