Top 10 Best Earphones Under 200 in 2023

	pTron HBE5 Raptor in-Ear Stereo Sound Wired Headphones

pTron HBE5 Raptor in-Ear Stereo Sound Wired Headphones

It is a wired rphones with a mic for and stereo sound. It gives you a hands-free experience
Ergonomic Design and Passive Noise Cancellation
Durable Material & Lightweight
Audio Jack has Universal 3.5mm
Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones

Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones

Comfortable fit
Conveniently built
Single button operations
High bass audio quality
LUZWE® HiFi Deep Baas 3.5mm Jack Earphone

LUZWE® HiFi Deep Baas 3.5mm Jack Earphone

High-Quality Audio
Clear Phone Calls
Any and All Time Use
Resistant cable
Excellent Bass Sound
	DELIBE Arena D400 Wired Headset

DELIBE Arena D400 Wired Headset

In line controls
User friendly earphones with extreme compatibility
Features a HD microphone
FLiX (Beetal) Tone 130 in Ear-wired earphone

FLiX (Beetal) Tone 130 in Ear-wired earphone

Deep Bass
Available in black color
One touch SIRI & GVA
Compatible with iOS as well as Android
Built-in microphone
Kaira COSMATICS & Fabrics 2021 Half in-Ear Earphones

Kaira COSMATICS & Fabrics 2021 Half in-Ear Earphones

Moving Sound
Three-button control
Great acoustics
Quality test done
InOne High Bass Earphones

InOne High Bass Earphones

Comfortable Design
Switch Freely
Universal Compatibility
Optimal gift choice

Get the best earphone experience with these 7 best earphones under 200. There’s more to an earphone than just its physical appearance and buying earphones online is literally one of the many tasks that require thorough research. Many times people have purchased earphones online hoping and waiting to listen to music non-stop only to get disappointed upon its arrival. That’s because most people don’t research well about the features of earphones before selecting one and buying. This is why we are bringing you the few best earphones under 200 with a mic for your personal use.

Most people use earphones in their daily lives. Some use it for listening to music, some for watching videos while most use it for talking to people overcall when walking down or doing chores. Surprisingly, a number of people wear earphones just to let others know that they do not want to be disturbed.

The everyday use of earphones is the only reason why you should purchase a pair of earphones that is durable and yet friendly for the pockets. But how does really one decide which features should be a must and which can be overlooked while buying earphones? Let’s find out 7 of the best earphones under 200 that could make your everyday life a little less quiet.

Now, let’s be honest here who wouldn’t want to buy an earphone that is both affordable yet has the best features. We are bringing you the best earphones under 200 for pubs, to make your gaming experience more thrilling. Sometimes, finding the best fit for you can be quite a challenging task to fulfill.

7 Best Earphones Under 200: Buying Guide

Things to consider before purchasing earphones

  1. Wired VS Wireless Earphones

Earphones now are available in both wired and wireless versions. The purchase of wireless earphones is proof of the popularity of the same but wired earphones are evergreen. Many traditional brands have released their version of the wireless earphones and most people have something or other things to say about it.

Wired or Wireless? And why?

While wireless earphones are more flexible and give freedom of movement, they require regular charging.  On the other hand, wired earphones are extremely compatible and durable.  If you want to listen to music or your work compels you to use earphones throughout, then wired earphones should be your pick.

2. Sound effect

Most people have little to no knowledge about earphone’s sound quality, but if you happen to be an audiophile then you should buy earphones after you have listened to the sound quality of the group of earphones that you have shortlisted.  This way you can understand the sound quality through your own experience. There are a few best earphones under 200 with mic which have a great sound quality and gives you the advantage of a microphone too.

3. Styles to wear

Like apparel and smartphones, there are a variety of earphones to choose from. You have the option to choose from earbuds, earpods, earphones and if you are someone into traditional stuff, then wired earphones are always available at your rescue.

4. Budget

Most people think that a pair of earphones would only be effective if you invest a lot of money into it. But that’s not true at all. There are a few best quality earphones under 200 that would give an impeccable sound experience.

5. Bass and Treble

People don’t think it through, but even earphones have bass and treble balance. Earphones have the power to give you optimized performances along with the power to change the balance according to your wishes.

7 Best earphones under 200 rs: Review

1.  pTron HBE5 Raptor in-Ear Stereo Sound Wired Headphones

 best earphones under 200

One of the best earphones under 200 with a mic, these earphones would surely make your musical experiences quite smooth and dynamic.

(1) It provides you with a stereo sound experience along with the earphones being in-ear wired.

(2) It is one of the best earphones under 200.

(3) The mic is in-lined t give you a hands-free experience.

(4) It is created to cancel out passive noise along and has an ergonomic design.

(5) The 10mm dynamic drivers provide you with a pair of lightweight and durable earphones.

2. Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones

 best earphones under 200

This earphone is one of the most affordable earphones with a comfortable design that is ear-friendly. One of the best earphones under 200 for pubg, you can purchase this if you happen to be a mobile gaming enthusiast.

(1) The ergo-fit design is ear-friendly and doesn’t hurt your ear canal.

(2) The 3.5mm long wire makes your earphone experience quite pleasant. The 3.5mm jack is compatible with most devices.

(3) The entire operation is function-able with one single button, this allows seamless accessibility of your phone through your earphones.

(4) Provides you with top-notch high bass audio quality.

3. LUZWE® HiFi Deep Baas 3.5mm Jack Earphone

LUZWE® HiFi Deep Baas 3.5mm Jack Earphone

These in-ear earphones provide you with high-end sound quality and great flexibility. These wired earbuds are optimized for every kind of professional listening.  It is one of the best earphones under 200. The features are quite distinct and very affordable.

(1) Superior ear transmission allows crystal clear phone conversations. The high-end noise cancellation software cancels ambient noise.

(2) Installed with multi-button functions for play/ pause, next/ previous, accept or end.

(3) Sport-wired earphones are designed in a way that allows you to use them at all times.

(4)  Amazing bass sound and perfect bass and treble balance make the entire earphone experience extremely worthy yet affordable.

4. DELIBES Arena D400 Wired Headset

best earphones under 200

Available in grey color, this in-ear earphone has a metal housing created to make your PUBG experience more thrilling. Most wired earphones are not friendly for playing mobile games like PUBG, that problem is solved by DELIBES. Probably, one of the best earphones under 200 for pubg, the features of this earphone are worth mentioning.

(1) The earphones are embedded with in-line controls that allow easy functioning without touching your phone.

(2) The earphones are extremely compatible with all sorts of devices.

(3) This wired earphone is  1.2metre long and is extremely comfortable and friendly to use.

(4) The high-definition microphone allows transparent and clear phone calls.

5. FLiX (Beetal) Tone 130 in Ear-wired earphone

best earphones under 200

Hear me out, this is one of the best earphones under 200 rs, and here’s why. It has voice Assistant, Siri, and Google. The earphones are flexible yet quite pocket-friendly. Better earphones are known for their prime quality and this is no different. Here’s why

(1) This black earphone is slick and in-ear design.

(2) The microphone allows HD quality and makes phone conversations extremely clear.

(3) The bass and treble balance is also worth a mention, the perfect balance created is great for your music experience.

(4) The one-touch SIRI and GVA make this earphone a blessing available for under 200 rs.

6. Kaira COSMETICS & Fabrics 2021 Half in-Ear Earphones 

best earphones under 200

Available only in white color, this wired earphone would give you top-notch sound quality. It is one of the best earphones under 200. The passive noise cancellation is also quite impressive.  There’s more to these earphones than just noise cancellation.

(1) It is provided with three-button functionality.

(2) This wired earphone has great acoustics. It has good frequency and balance.

(3) The product has gone through an extensive test to test its durability and power.

7. InOne High Bass Earphones

InOne High Bass Earphones

Last but not the least, InOne high bass earphones provide you with a mic stereo sound experience. Available in white, the earphones are comfortable and an easy fit for the ears. It is designed uniquely so that it doesn’t hurt your ears. It is one of the best earphones under 200.

(1) Provided with single-button functionality along with a hands-free calling experience through the mic.

(2) The earphones provide you with universal compatibility and the 3.5mm vocal part that gives easy access to phones, tablets, and laptops.

(3) This earphone is a typical gift choice for everybody.


1. What to consider before you buy an earphone?

Before you decide to buy earphones, consider what kind of earphones do you want to purchase. What kind of sound quality would be a good fit for you? Look through different kinds of earphones to inspect the features.

2. What should be the perfect length of a wired earphone?

Most wired earphones have a length of 1.2 meters. This is the optimum size for most wired earphones. Although the length of earphones might differ from one another. You can see to it that you purchase an earphone with the desired length.

3. Why should you buy wired earphones?

Wired earphones don’t require regular charging to say the least. They are easy to maintain and are comfortable to wear. While they are available in various sizes, wired earphones are convenient for daily use.