The Best Headphones Under 500: A Comprehensive Guide

 Wings Glide Neckband Headphones

Wings Glide Neckband Headphones

Wireless bluetooth headphone
At a great price of under 500
Super light weight and flexible cables
Loss-less connectivity through bluetooth 5.0 version
 BoAtBassHeads 100

BoAtBassHeads 100

4 EQ modes
Wired earphones
Hawk inspired design
Super extra bass technology
Tangle resistant cables
 Sketchfab Extra Bass Headphones

Sketchfab Extra Bass Headphones

Super comfortable design
Stylish color combination of black and blue
XB-450 size available
Build quality sound through extra bass technology
 Mi Earphone Basic

Mi Earphone Basic

Most versatile earphones
Under 500 price range
6 months warranty period
Aluminium alloy sound chamber
 MobiQwick Extra Bass Headphones

MobiQwick Extra Bass Headphones

Wired headphones that come along with a mic
One of the best headphones in the price range of below 500
Tangle free flat serration cord
In-line mic for hands free talking

While binge watching a drama or a movie, the sole heart of it lies in the quality of the sound being delivered. Excellent sound intonation can be produced through the best headphones under 500. When you hear the dialogues right, you understand the true essence of the movie. Emotions are often conveyed through background music to portray the exact intensity of the ongoing situation. Each background music is associated with an emotion. No two emotions are displayed through the same background music. 

When listening to music, you tend to fall in love with either the lyrics or the music itself. All this occurs only when perfect sound quality is delivered. These days people tend to adore their solitude and don’t like an intruder to evade their privacy while binge watching a drama or movie. We prefer viewing movies through either our smartphones or desktops. a headphone is all that we need to experience the perfect voice intonation every time we view a video. 

When the audio isn’t clear, the emotion behind the scene is conveniently left untouched and not felt by the audience. One needs the perfect balance between the audio as well as the video being generated to relish their leisure time to the fullest. When viewing online lecture videos, it is recommended to use a headphone for an effortless hearing experience. Your online studies shall be utilized correctly and clearly. While attending a webinar or when on a conference call with your colleagues, often people don’t understand the exact level of volume required to deliver the speech correctly, thus curating dilemma among the listeners. But, headphones will always aid in delivering the message right. What one hears, is exactly what one perceives, so listen correctly through our recommended best under 500 headphones, to presume correctly. 

Why Headphones Are Better Than Earplugs?

Headphones are meant to be worn above the ears in a fashion that the ear openings get perfectly covered with the round heads of the headphone. They are not meant to with inserted within the ear openings. Whereas, on the other hand, earplugs are manufactured to be inserted within the ears that can cause hearing problems if used for a long duration. Due to the long usage of earplugs, one can get an aching sensation in the ears along with wax generation. Hence, headphones are better alternatives as they remain above the surface level of the ear openings. They are more hygienic than earplugs with a minimal amount of bacteria being produced. Headphones don’t damage the eardrums as they maintain an appropriate distance between the device and the ears. 

Types of Headphones Accessible

There is are a variety of headphones accessible in the market both online as well as offline. A few prominent types are listed below:

  • Wired headphones
  • Bluetooth headphones 
  • Headphones along with a mic
  • Headphones over the head 
  • Neckband headphones 

Choosing the best headphone for yourself can be a task, especially when the choices are infinite. Thus, we have a few factors listed to bear in mind before purchasing a headphone.

Best Headphones Under 500 – Buying Guide

It is always advisable to do thorough research before getting your hands over an electronic device. You deserve the best quality headphones only. Hence, get the best headphones under 500 through the key features mentioned below:

Factors to Look For

  • Go for A Trusted Brand: While purchasing a headphone do not compromise on the brand. The brand name is the assurance of the authenticity and quality of the product. Branded products may initially seem a little over-budget to invest in, but a branded product provides total value for money.
  • Check the Weight: Go for a light weighted product so that it can sit on your head for long periods without causing trouble for your head and neck. Heavily weighted headphones may create pressure on the cerebrum, thus causing a headache. 
  • Do Not Splurge: Opt for an affordable piece from the entire range. One does not need to spend a ton to find the best headphone for themselves. Let the product you avail be light on your pocket. Brands also come with various ranges from low range to high end, so select according to your budget.
  • Easy to Use: Headphones should come with a simple mechanism with no complex tasks to be accomplished before using the product. The headphone should adjust according to the shape and size of your head to fit firmly and remain steady. 
  • The Universal Jack: One should be able to connect the same headphone to various devices like the smartphone, laptop, computer, and television sets. The jack of the headphone should be such that it can be connected to any device. 
  • Comfort is Important: Opt for a product that comes with a soft cushion padding around the headband. This will ensure that less pressure is exerted on the ears and the skull. When headphones come with a non-padded base, they tend to be quite heavy on the head and may cause a headache due to point stress exerted for a long time.

Now that you have a fair idea of what exactly to look out for while purchasing a headphone, let’s brush through some of the highly recommended headphones of all times.

Best Headphones Under 500 Reviews

1. Wings Glide Neckband Headphones

Neckband Headphones

Wings Glide Neckband Headphones are super lightweight and flexible headphones with no huge humps to surround your ears. Its key features include the following listed below:

  • They are wireless Bluetooth headphones under 500
  • Comes with an inbuilt control for Siri and Google Assistance 
  • It is super lightweight and has a flexible wire as a connecting link between the two terminals
  • Loss-less connectivity is achievable through Bluetooth 5.0 version
  • Comprises of playtime of up to 10 long hours
  • There are tolerant to sweat 
  • They devise extra bass through built-in subwoofers
  • HD mic for impeccable voice quality generation 
  • It is compatible with all Bluetooth supporting devices
  • Comes in a classic and every green olive green hue

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2. BoAtBassHeads 100


BoAtBassHeads 100 is an amazing product for listening and grooving to your favorite music. It is super affordable and the best headphone with a mic under 500. Its prominent features include the following:

  • It is a wired earphone which is meant to be inserted into the ears 
  • Consists of a hawk inspired design that appears quite appealing to the eyes
  • Comes with super extra bass for excellent sound quality 
  • Manufactured with an in-line microphone as well
  • The perfect cable length that does not tangle
  • Available in 4 vibrant colors like pink, red, white, and black to choose from
  • The best earphones under 500 
  • Comes with a 6 months warranty period 

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3. Sketchfab Extra Bass Headphones

Extra Bass Headphones

Sketchfab Extra Bass Headphones are the most stylish headphones in the world. They are lightweight and very comfortable wired headphones to let your ears rest while listening. It amazing factors are mentioned below:

  • Super comfortable design so can be worn for longer periods
  • They come in a super stylish color combination of matte black and metallic blue
  • These are over the ear headsets which are convenient to wear and remove 
  • They come in a size of XB-450
  • Enhanced sound quality delivered through extra bass technology
  • You can avail quality sound through 30 mm drivers 
  • Available in 5 vibrant shades to match your vibe viz. white, red, blue, and yellow
  • Comes with an ergonomic design with soft padded headbands for long-lasting comfort 
  • Convenient hands-free calling with mic inserted into the system

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4. Mi Earphone Basic

Mi Earphone

Mi Earphone Basic are wired ear headphones that build quality sound through excellent super extra bass technology. They are the best earphones to choose from the price range of the best earphones under 500. The list of their fantastic features is provided below:

  • These are the most versatile earphones under 500 price range
  • You can avail of the product both online as well as offline
  • It comes with a 6 months warranty period 
  • it has an aluminium alloy sound chamber to produce great quality sound instantly and effectively
  • They are budget-friendly wired earphones 
  • It has ultra-deep bass which is specially designed for India
  • Well balanced sound quality with clear intonation is obtained with a maximum frequency
  • Gentle silicone earbuds to provide comfort while in usage 
  • Comes with a tangle free cable

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5. MobiQwick Extra Bass Headphones

MobiQwick Extra Bass

MobiQwick Extra Bass Headphones are the best over the head headphones with a mic as well. These come in an exciting price range and deliver excellent sound quality every time. The list of their superb features is mentioned below:

  • It is a wired headphone that comes along with a mic to provide the best sound quality
  • It comes with a tangle-free flat serration cord for convenient usage 
  • Comes with an in-line mic for hands-free talking 
  • It is the head earphones under 500 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty 
  • Consists of impeccable hues like white, black, red, yellow, and red
  • There is the presence of soft padding around the headset for unhindered comfort

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6. Philips SHK1030/00 Headphone

Philips Headphone

Philips On-Ear Headphones are the most comfortable and portable ear headphones under the price range of 500. They come in an ultra-stylish and modern appearance and can be used while jogging as well. The list of its quality-oriented features is as follows:

  • Great quality cable connection provided to ensure durability 
  • Formulated using ultra-light materials
  • It provides long-lasting comfort and appropriate fit
  • Comes with a 6 months warranty 
  • These are the best earphones under 500 that deliver excellent sound quality always
  • Comes in an amazing space grey color
  • It is a wired headphone that can be connected to any device
  • The better sound quality produced through the deep rich bass technology 

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7. JBL In-Ear Headphones

In-Ear Headphones

JBL In-Ear Headphones are extra light and comfortable species of headphones. They come with a powerful bass system to produce the finest quality of sound. The list of their prominent factors is typed below:

  • Provides True JBL level sound
  • It is super lightweight and extremely comfortable
  • Comes with a super powerful deep bass technology
  • It is a wired headphone that comes with a cable of high endurance
  • Has a mic present on the cable with noise-canceling capabilities
  • Can be used along with any device
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty 
  • These are the best earphones under 500

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8. Quantum Headphones with Mic

Headphones with Mic

Quantum Headphones with Mic are the best earphones under 500. You can listen to your favorite music for hours with this amazing product. It delivers excellent sound quality at an affordable price. Its exotic features include:

  • Comes with the most reinforced bass technology
  • It is a wired headphone with a jack of 3.5 mm
  • Can be connected to any compatible device
  • Ear cushions are present to reduce the pressure exerted on the ears and boosts comfort
  • Designed with a single push control button to adjust the headphone length as per your preference
  • The padding around the headphones is soft as a feather which provides you an irresistible experience
  • The build quality of the sound is impeccable and can be adjusted 
  • Comes in a classic black hue with a 1-year warranty 

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Now that you have browsed through the top recommendations, availing of your best headphones under 500 won’t be a task. Headphones can be used while travelling as well so that you don’t end up disturbing your co-passenger while listening to music or watching a movie. It also aids you, as you can listen to the sound very clearly. At times, you may not be able to get the message that the producers are trying to portray through their movie if you don’t listen to it correctly. When the sound quality isn’t right, one tends to lose focus and can get easily distracted. Several people can conveniently stay in a single room and watch their respective shows without disturbing one another. 

A headphone is a great equipment to attain the ideal level of privacy while maintaining a social connection. The best way to maintain the perfect balance between you and society. Headphones pave a way for the sound to enter your ears correctly with an accurate level of intensity. Feel the emotions of the stories being depicted with proper voice intonation. Word stress is heard perfectly well because of headphones being in action. Let emotions be expressed and felt. 

Don’t let poor audio quality devastate the link between you and your hearing abilities. Feel and remember every bit of what you listen to. Eyes may not always be able to depict the exact story, hence we all are born with ears as well. Develop listening skills through the ideal headphones. As it is always believed that music is the best escape, you can find a kind of music for yourself through the best earphones under 500 listed above. Each genre of music has a story to tell, can you extract the moral out of them?


Which headphone is the best for PUBG under 500?

You can use any of the listed headphones that are mentioned above. All of them are under 500 with impeccable sound quality. One of the headphones that can be used is the MobiQwick Extra Bass Headphones. They are designed to deliver excellent sound quality to create a stereophonic effect, while you play PUBG. As PUBG is a game that can never be played with the media being on mute, as all the major effects are through the background music, a headphone is a must. 

Which is the best headphone under 500?

The best headphone under 500 is the boat Bass Heads 100. Coming from a brand that has been into business for years, it is the most trusted product that you can purchase. As they have been into the accessory market for electronic gadgets especially for smartphones, laptops, and tablets, they have understood the needs of their customers and hence deliver accordingly. One can trust the headphones coming from the boat as they are reliable, affordable, and durable. 

Which are the best headphones for sound quality?

Headphones that come with bass technology are the best for sound quality. They are specially formulated headphones which generate each wavelength of sound correctly. You may be able to hear every sound for the best experience in the world. Bass technology aids in cutting off the noise of the surroundings of the listener by creating a vacuum around the ear openings of the user, so that he only listens to what he intends to. 

Are headphones waterproof?

Most headphones are water-resistant, but they don’t come with a waterproof mechanism. At a price range of under 500 most headphones available will only be water-resistant and not completely waterproof. You can pay a hefty price in case you be interested in buying a high-end one.