How to Make Chapati in Roti Maker?

Some people are naturally born with the talent of cooking. Everyone has that one friend that makes perfect chapatis over the pan and serves it hot and warm.

how to make chapati in roti maker


While others are not that good at making them: there is nothing to be ashamed of if one can’t make good chapatis. It is a guide on how to make chapati in roti maker and help oneself from embarrassment.


How to make chapati in roti maker?

Roti makers are a great tool for people who aren’t able to make chapatis over the pan or don’t have much time on their hands to use pans. Let’s get started with the process of how to make chapati in roti maker.

The process:

There are a few things one needs to do differently to make chapatis in roti makers. Those things have been pointed out in the process itself:

how to make chapati in roti maker


  • Make the fresh dough. One thing about roti makers is that one can’t use dough that is prepared for more than 60 minutes. Always use the dough which is freshly made, or else the texture of the chapatis made from roti makers will come rough.
  • Turn the roti maker on. Keep it turned on until it reaches its maximum hotness. Then open the lead and be ready with dough balls. Ensure that the dough balls are much softer than the regular balls. That’s just the requirement of roti makers.
  • Now, place the dough balls right in the middle of the roti maker surface. Once the ball is placed, close the lid tight for two seconds and open it to see the dough ball has spread out.
  • Since the roti maker is hot, the dough ball will start to cook, and one should flip it every 20 seconds to make it ready. Although when to flip it: depends on how hard or smooth one likes the chapati.
  • After one is finished with the chapatis, lightly place the lid on the chapati till it rises and opens the lid itself slowly.
  • Once the chapati is made, one has to wrap it in foil. Another thing about the chapatis made from roti maker is that it will be hard if: exposed to air after cooking.
  • Therefore the best course of action is to make chapatis from the roti makers right before one is going to eat them or wrap them immediately after one is over with cooking.


1. Are roti makers worth buying?

The short answer is yes! It is worth the money for people who have a difficult time making chapatis on pans. It can be also used by people who are busy and want instant chapatis.

2. Does chapati from roti makers taste the same as pan chapatis?

No, the chapati still has the same taste made from roti maker or from pan. Although, the texture might vary from different roti makers and pans. Therefore be sure to get a roti maker if one is alright with a different texture of chapatis.