How to Make Ragi Mudde in Pressure Cooker?

If one is interested in south Indian food, ragi mudde is one of the dishes that everyone must at least try once in their lifetime.

Many people love to eat it daily, and south Indian people enjoy it every time. So why not try it and make it at home? Here is a guide on how to make ragi mudde in pressure cooker.

how to make ragi mudde in pressure cooker

The recipe is simple and straightforward. One won’t require much effort or ingredients, which makes it more interesting: as the efforts are minimal in how to make ragi mudde in pressure cooker, yet the taste is so delicious.

How to make ragi mudde in pressure cooker?

The ingredients:

Let’s get started with the ingredients.

The primary ingredient one needs: is ragi or finger millet powder. One can take this according to how many people are going to eat. Half a cup of powder is enough for two people.

Half cup rice which is broken. Again, enough for two people.

Water, basically as per requirement.

Three cups or spoons of salt. Although, one can use salt as one requires.

how to make ragi mudde in pressure cooker

The process:

Follow the steps given below and learn how to make ragi mudde in pressure cooker:

  • Take the half cup of rice and place it in a bowl and rinse it two to three times under the water. Change the water for the fourth time and keep the rice aside for 15-20 minutes.
  • Take a pressure cooker and put rice inside after 20 minutes of settling. Add the salt as per requirement, and start to a gas stove and let the pressure cooker be over it till four whistles.
  • While the rice is in the pressure cooker, take a bowl and pour the ragi powder in it, along with some water. Mix it well and ensure that it doesn’t leave any lumps behind.
  • Once the four whistles are over, check the rice in the cooker and smash it slowly within the cooker itself. Don’t leave any grain of rice behind.
  • Once the rice is smashed, one can use the ragi dough made from a mixture of water and ragi and put it in the cooker and mix with rice.
  • Turn the gas stove on again on low heat and keep on stirring to mix everything together in the cooker. Keep on stirring for at least 10 minutes.
  • Check the mixture after ten minutes: if it sticks to the fingers, keeps on stirring till it is smooth and doesn’t stick.
  • Once the ragi mixture is done, turn the gas stove off and let the mixture cool down for some time.
  • Once the batter is ready, take it inside a bowl and wet the hands. Use the hand to make round-shaped balls of the desired size.
  • One can place these balls in the dish and eat them with many side dishes. It depends on the individual which side dish one prefers and wants to eat with ragi balls.