How To Fix Exhaust Fan?

An exhaust fan can be found in almost every household in the rooms like kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other humid places.

It is necessary to keep that particular room fresh and pull out all the toxins with the help of exhaust fans. But many times, it stops working, and one wonders if one can fix it by oneself or how to fix exhaust fan.

The time when the exhaust fan stops working: is because the electric supply is not reaching the motor or the motor is burned out and needs to be replaced.

how to fix exhaust fan

Change the motor

Can one fix the motor at home itself or how to fix exhaust fan? It depends on the person and if the person has some practical knowledge about working on electrical appliances.

If one is ready to change the burnt-out motor at home: first, one needs an open the exhaust fan up, pull the blades and grill out, and clean it with a cloth.

After the grill is removed, one can see the fan’s model number carved in the exhaust fan’s body. Note it down and go to the shop and show it to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper will provide the motor for that particular model.

Once one has bought a motor from the market: simply remove all the screws and joints which are holding the motor and the joints which are connecting the motor to the fan.

Ensure that the electric supply is cut off beforehand and then start the installation. Once the old motor is removed, replace it with a new motor and screw it back the same way the old motor was.

Start the electric supply once again and see if the fan starts to work. If it doesn’t work, ensure that the screws and motor wires are fixed correctly or not.

See if the electricity is supplied or not

how to fix exhaust fan

Another reason why the fans stop working is because of electricity supply is cut off. One can check if all the electric plugs are working.

See if the wires which are connected to the blades of the fan are intact and not broken or scratched off. One can even check if the motor is rusted and is blocking the electric supply. In such a case, one might need to change it.

If all the things are fine, then one might need to call an expert and let him have a look at the exhaust fan.


Can exhaust fans be repaired by someone who doesn’t have any experience in electrical appliances?

The process of how to fix exhaust fan at home itself: should be performed by people who have at least operated screwdrivers and electronic appliances before.

Therefore if it’s the first time one will be opening an electric appliance, it shouldn’t be an exhaust fan.