How to Connect Set Top Box to Laptop?

Connecting a set-top box to a laptop isn’t a very hard process. It might take a little time but it’s not that complicated. If you want to know how to connect set top box to laptop, there are just a few simple steps you need to follow, and then you are good to go. A piece of hardware called an HDMI capture device is what you require. You can’t directly connect a set-top box to a laptop as the HDMI port is an output only. You require an intermediary device to do this. You can find an HDMI capture device in the market easily.

Information On How to Connect Set Top Box to Laptop-

how to connect set top box to laptop

The first thing you need to make sure of is that whether your laptop can support a capture device or not. These HDMI capture devices require a data connection of high speed. If there is USB 3.0/.1 or a thunderbolt in your laptop, then it should be fine. A Firewire can also be a possibility. But how to connect set top box to laptop with firewire do not usually support HDMI input. After this, the next step is to find an HDMI capture device. You can go with the brand Elgato or Hauppauge. The HDMI devices of Elgato are called game capture devices.

The main use of these devices is to stream content from PS4 or Xbox One, they only support HDMI output. They may be called game capture devices, but they also support Bluray videos and any other thing that has an HDMI output. The only thing you need to check is whether they support HDCP. A device that may work fine for you is the Elgato game capture HD60 S. It has a USB C and USB A cable that helps you to use it with a standard USB 3.0 port.

how to connect set top box to laptop

You can also purchase TV tuners for your laptops. These kinds of devices easily help you to connect a set-top box to your laptop. There are two types of TV tuners available, internal and external tuners. The external tuners are much easier to use and also easy to install. You don’t require any kind of special tool.

Step 1- First thing you need to do is attach a TV tuner to a USB port. Insert the CD that came with your TV tuner and follow the instructions.

Step 2- Connect one end of the cable to the jack and the other end to the video on your satellite box.

Step 3- Next launch the windows media center. Look at the screen for the TV signal and then set up the provider.

Step 4- You need to allow the software to check for available channels.

Step 5- the last step is to download the electronic program guide.

These are some things and steps that need to be done to connect a set-top box to a laptop. Just follow these and you are good to go.

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