How to Connect JioFi to Laptop?

The JioFi router has now become a great substitute for wired internet connection and WIFI all across the country. How to Connect Jiofi to Laptop? It can be carried conveniently while traveling.

The amazing reach of the Jio signal all across the Country is one of the major reasons for its success. It can be used across various mobile devices, laptops, tablets, PCs, etc.

Through this article, let us understand the different ways as to how to connect Jiofi to laptop and more about it. The JIOFI dongle can even be used in places where the landline WIFI connection is not available. All one needs to do is turn on the dongle, connect to the internet and easily access the internet. Anytime anywhere.

How to connect Jiofi to laptop using WPS?

How to connect Jiofi to laptop using WPS

first things first. When you get a JIOFI dongle out of its box, you first need to insert the JIO sim into it and activate it. Once activated, the router is ready to be used for connecting to devices. Pressing the power key on the router for three seconds turns the router on. Once it has been activated, the user can check the signal strength of the internet connection.

How to connect Jiofi to laptop using USB?

The JIOFI dongle allows users to connect up to 31 devices through a wireless connection. Along with these devices. One device can also be connected through a USB port. To connect via the USB port, all the user needs to do is plug in the desired device to the dongle using a double-pin USB connector.

How to connect Jiofi to laptop without password?

How to connect Jiofi to laptop without password

Once the login credentials of the router have been entered into the laptop. The device is ready to be paired. Once paired, the internet connection provided will be identical to any WIFI connection. It works just as fine. For anyone who needs to travel a lot for work. The JIOFI router can be a great way to access the internet whenever needed.

How to connect Jiofi to laptop with USB?

For optimum speed, make the best use of the router. The best-suggested way is to connect the router by a USB cable to the laptop. The increase in speed difference is significant as the device is now directly connected to it. All the user needs to do is turn on the router and connect it to the laptop via the cable whenever it calls for speed.


1. How to connect Jiofi to laptop Windows 10?

The JIOFI router is adapted for being used with all kinds of devices. It works with mobiles, laptops, tablets, and even on PCs. It works with all operating systems including Windows 10 as well.

2. How to connect Jiofi to PC? 

Just like connecting to the laptop or another device. Even when it comes to PCs, the JIOFI router can be connected in both wireless and via USB format.