How to Find Your HP Laptop Battery Model Number?

It is gen observed, that different models of laptops usually go with different models of batteries. And therefore, it is of extreme importance to buy the appropriate battery model that suits the specific device. The customer should know How to find HP Laptop battery Model Number

The new battery purchased for replacement perfectly must fit the laptop. The first and most significant factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the model of the device. The battery type varies with the brand and model of the laptop.

It is always recommended, to the customer, that they keep in mind and provide the correct laptop model number. This makes sure that the right battery can be identified and replaced whenever necessary. This way any customer can avoid running the risk of spending significant money. And purchasing the wrong battery model that is not compatible with the laptop model in question. As it is rightly said, prevention is always better than cure.

How to find hp laptop battery model number? 

How to find hp laptop battery part number

One of the first things a customer will consider is the battery model number or the model number of a specific battery part. It can be a little confusing for a person who doesn’t have any idea as to how it is done or lacks basic technical knowledge. But easy steps can be understood and followed. Identify the model number of a specific battery or battery part correctly.

Identifying the battery part model number by referring to the HSTN number of the battery. Or by typing the number on the battery spare can be a comparatively easy way. It doesn’t involve opening the laptop and accessing the battery directly. These numbers are easily available on the model manual that comes with the laptop itself. This method is fairly common when it comes to HP, MacBooks, and Dell laptops.

How to check the hp laptop battery model?

How to find hp laptop battery part number

it is always recommended, to try and locate the battery model number directly on the laptop battery. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways in how to find hp laptop battery model number. The battery model number is always printed in big and bold characters on the battery in most HP laptops. This makes it easy to spot and is also the most accurate way to recognize the model number of the batteries.


How do I find my hp laptop battery model number?

The model number of the batteries is printed in different locations. It is printed on the reference manual that comes with the laptop as well. The model number of the battery is often printed on the underbelly of the laptop. But that is not always a certainty. It is also printed in bold on the battery of the laptop.

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