How to Clean Gas Stove Burner?

Using a gas stove is one of the daily tasks everyone does in their household. Gas stoves can be used for anything related to cooking and have their own importance.

Therefore to prolong the life of gas stoves, one needs to maintain them and have, if not daily weekly cleaning sessions, especially the burner.

Many people have a difficult time cleaning the gas burners or simply don’t know how to clean the gas stove burner. Therefore this guide will help them clean the gas burners, which are usually sticky and difficult to clean.

How to prepare the burners to be cleaned?

how to clean gas stove burner

Before one gets in the guide of how to clean gas stove burner at home, one has to prepare the burners to be cleaned.

First, one has to remove the grates and burners and detach them from the gas stove. If one has fixed burners or doesn’t know how to remove them, search through the gas stove manual.

Once the grates and burners are removed one can take half a bucket full of water and add to tablespoons of dishwashing powder or liquid soap in it to make it soapy.

Dip the grates and burners inside the solution and leave them be for some hours, preferably overnight. Now the burners are ready to be cleaned.

How to clean gas stove burner at home?

After one has kept the burners in the soapy water solution for few hours, one can remove the burners outside and grab a brush.

A toothbrush might do the job here as it is small and clean the burners to precision. After one is ready to clean the burners, use the brush to rub all the corners of the burners and clean the dirt off.

After one has clean the micro dirt with the brush, it’s time to use a spray bottle to spray water on the burner. If one doesn’t have a spray bottle, one can simply use water to damp the burner.

how to clean gas stove burner

Use a sponge to clean the burner and dry it with a dry cloth to finish the cleaning. After the cleaning is over, one can fix the burners back on the gas stove and use them again.


1. What are the other solutions one can use to clean burners?

If one wants to don’t take any chances and clean the burners thoroughly, one can use baking soda and lemon juice to clean the burner before dumping it in the water. Baking soda is a great cleaning agent, while lemon will prevent the burners from rusting.

2. Can the soapy water be used to clean the gas stove too?

Yes, soapy water can be used to clean the gas stove. Although one shouldn’t dip the gas stove in the water and be careful that the water doesn’t enter the fuel ports, else the gas stove won’t ignite quickly.