How To Boot Hp Laptop?

Hp has conquered the domain associated with computers, laptops, and all types of accessories that can be paired with them. They promote a better user experience. People who have HP laptops are often found looking for ways on how to boot hp laptop. Everyone who uses a laptop is well aware of the basic processes for operating on it. This article explains booting and how to do it.

There are multiple reasons why booting is important:

  • It enhances the processing speed of the laptop.
  • The files get loaded within no time.
  • The user can immediately start working as they do not have to wait.

What does it mean to boot a laptop 

A large number of people think that booting is a very complicated process. In realthe, it is a very simple and organized process. The basic operations are more or less the same for all devices.

Booting refers to the process taking place when a computer or a laptop is turned on. It is not related directly to the device. It is rather associated with the operating system and helps it to function smoothly. 

In a nutshell, booting is the time taken by the operating system of a computer device for loading the data files into its RAM. It is important because it turns on a device’s functions. It can be understood with a simple example. You have to possess a pen to write in a notebook. Similarly, booting must be done to work with a laptop without facing any problems.

What are the types of booting in a computer or laptop 

how to boot hp laptop

Two types of booting take place on a laptop. They are categorized based on the mechanism which is used during the process.

  • Soft booting

This is more commonly used as compared to the other method. It uses software and applications to boot the laptop.

  • Hard booting

As the name suggests, it makes use of hardware devices for booting a laptop. These devices include:

  • USB
  • Floppy disk
  • Hard drive
  • Data cable

The choice between the two types is made based on the software and processor of the laptop. Both methods are equally significant and give good results. Soft booting is used more because it does not require additional devices. The software can be easily downloaded from the Internet. Make sure to use safe sources. Unauthorized sources may be a threat to data security.

What is the way to boot a laptop 

There is one prerequisite required for booting a laptop. You have to be familiar with the existing booting settings of your laptop. This is necessary so that you can restore them if something goes wrong. The F10 key will take you to the booting settings. The F9 and Esc keys can also be used as an alternative approach.

The existing settings are displayed on the window. Make the necessary changes and see whether you get the desired results. You can also try looking up the BIOS system to get a rough idea on how to make these changes. BIOS stands for the basic input-output system. It is closely related to booting.

The steps are given below as points for easy understanding.

  • Open the boot settings by pressing F10 key.
  • Check the existing settings.
  • Save them first before modifications.
  • Make the necessary changes.
  • Click on save.
  • Set the new settings as default.
  • Switch off the laptop.
  • Now turn it on to observe the changes that occur.


1. Can the boot approach be changed on a laptop?

Answer: Yes, the booting approach can be the changed by modifying the settings of your laptop. But, you must keep in mind that the original settings need to be saved somewhere. If you are not able to modify the settings, then you can restore them to the original.

2. What are the different hardware devices that can be used for loading the operating system?

Answer: The hardware devices that can be used are USB, floppy disk, hard drive, data cable, so on and so forth. The device choice is based on the following factors:

  • File size
  • Number of files to be loaded
  • Processing speed of device
  • The processing speed of laptops
  • Connectivity between the laptop and hardware device

3. Which keys are associated with booting and basic input and output system?

Answer: The F9, F10, and Esc keys come in handy for booting operations. There is an underlying reason why not one but three keys are essentially mentioned here. This is so because all three of them are directly or indirectly associated with the booting process. Here, one is responsible for maintaining the basic input and output system. The remaining two help in the modification of settings and load the OS onto the device.


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