How to Buy a DSLR Camera?

It is very tough to choose a good DSLR camera from the ocean of cameras that are available on the internet and in the shops. All the cameras that are available in the market have different and unique features and the user must know basic information. The article below will guide the user on how to buy a DSLR camera and also share some information about the same.

What is a DLSR camera?

how to buy a dslr camera 

The full form of DSLR is the digital single-lens reflex camera. It is also called a digital SLR which means a single-lens camera. The DSLR is one of the most popular cameras and is commonly used by everyone to get defined pictures.

DSLR is known for combining the mechanisms of SLR with optical techniques. The cameras have digital imaging sensors which are useful for clicking well-defined images and pictures.

The DSLR can be used by beginners as well as professionals because the camera enables the user to see the replica of what they are shooting. The user can see the image through the viewfinder. Because of this feature, the photographer can visualize the images thoroughly and clearly.

How does a DLSR work?

DSLR uses SLR mechanisms for its functioning. The mechanism of DLSR is an amalgamation of SLR and imaging sensors that are able to give a high-end picture and sound quality. The DSLR uses a reflex mirror which is also called a prism for its working. This reflex mirror reflects the light into the viewfinder. The optical viewfinder enables the user or the photographer to click the image that is right in front of them. Because of this feature, they are able to capture the object that is right in front of them without changing anything. Once the light is reflected, the light goes through the lens and is then reflected into the prism which is located inside the camera.

Every time, the shutter is released the mirror moves which then creates a path that leads to the imaging sensor which is inside the camera’s body. This particular action results in a photograph.

What are some parts of a DSLR and what are their functions?

how to buy a dslr camera 

  • Lens

The lens is one of the most important parts of a camera and they are important for clicking good pictures. The DSLR also has a good lens and therefore is able to deliver the picture the camera does. Every DSLR camera’s lens has different specialties and specifications. The function of the lens is that the light which is mandatory for clicking the picture enters the camera’s anatomy through the lens. The lens begins the process of clicking a picture. These lenses can be changed over some time. The lenses are different in focal lengths and aperture. If the user finds a particular pair of lenses that suit the camera, then they can be fixed permanently in the body of the camera.

  • Viewfinder

The viewfinder can be found in every old and new camera. The viewfinder is used by the photographer look through to compose and set the shot that is to be taken. Some cameras have wide viewfinders while others have small. The viewfinder is an eyepiece. For using the viewfinder, the photographer has to hold it close to his one eye. There are some cameras that use the LCD display as a viewfinder. While there are some cameras that give the user an option to either choose the viewfinder or the LCD display. The DSLR uses an optical eyepiece. The photographer may not see the exact image as he saw in the viewfinder. There are some factors that determine the quality of the image taken and they are lenses, camera settings.

  • Dial

The dial is also known as the mode dial. Because of the development in technology, cameras these days are equipped with modern technologies and features. The mode dial is used to control and choose these features. The photographer can switch from one feature to another, select options, and much more. The few options a camera can have are automatic mode, sport mode, and automatic mode. There are some cameras that also have a macro mode. Some cameras give the option to choose the functions through the touch screen or selecting the functions manually instead of using the mode dial.

  • Body

The body is the most important part of a camera. The body can differ from camera to camera and can come in various shapes and sizes. Normal cameras have small to medium-sized bodies while DSLRs have slightly bigger bodies and therefore are heavier than normal cameras. There are consumer cameras that have small bodies and can also fit into the pocket.

  • LCD screen

The LCD screen is available for all cameras but is mostly seen on DSLRs. The digitally small cameras use the LCD screen as a viewfinder. Therefore, the viewfinders are slowly disappearing from the picture. The DSLRs use the LCD screen for viewing the images after shooting.

How to buy a DSLR camera?

  • Online

One of the easiest ways to buy a DSLR camera is through e-commerce websites. There are a lot of websites that are available for buying a camera. The user has a lot of options to choose from. All the user has to do is choose a website that has affordable cameras that can give quality images and pictures. The user can then choose a camera he likes and then make a payment. Ideally, there are a lot of options that are made available by the website.

  • Shops

The user can go to a shop or showroom that is near his house. The advantage of shopping offline over online is that the user would be able to see the camera personally. There would also be a lot more options available for the user to choose from.


  • Can DSLRs shoot professional videos?

       Ans: DSLRs are able to give professional videos which have better quality than most camcorders. The photographer has to switch from camera to video mode for shooting videos.

  • Which kind of lenses are used by DSLRs?

    Ans:  DSLRs are known for the optical lenses they use for shooting videos and images. The optical lenses are able to give quality photos and videos.