How to Use Your Phone as Speaker for PC via Bluetooth?

We’re sure you’ll agree that we’ve already had audio issues with our windows Vista Personal computers. There are quite several instances whenever the constructed speaker has failed or perhaps the headphone jack has become damaged, and now we have felt helpless. If you’re in the identical boat, don’t feel too bad: you can simply convert your Android device into a loudspeaker for your Linux operating System computer. In this article, you will learn about how to use phone as speaker for PC via Bluetooth.

Procedure for how to use phone as speaker for pc via Bluetooth

how to use phone as speaker for pc via Bluetooth

Some steps on how to use phone as speaker for pc via Bluetooth. To utilize your Android phone as either a PC loudspeaker, follow these steps:

Method 1: Using the same wireless network

To function, both your Android handset and the Laptop must be linked to the same wireless connection. Additionally, depends entirely on your connection, you may experience some delays in playing.

  1. For this approach, you’ll want the Android software Sound Wire as well as its Windows version. So, go over to the Google Play Store or get the application, as well as the Windows operating system software.

Sound Wire was accessible for Window 10/8/7/XP, Ubuntu, and the Microcontrollers, so select the appropriate download.

  1. Download the Sound Wire operating system on Windows after the application and program have been downloaded on the relevant devices. Select “Predefined audiovisual device” from the “Insight Choose” break menu.
  2. On your Desktop Computer, play anything music from a program or Facebook, Spotify, or other sources. Examine the Centralized system meter inside the Sound Wire program, which displays the sound levels being transferred to the Android smartphone.

You may also change the volume of the sound that has already been broadcast.

  1. Finally, open your Mobile application and change the Network to “Auto locate” before pressing the pertains button. The fact that the wiring is lighting indicates that the connections have been completed. After that, your Android smartphone will begin listening to the music that is currently streaming on your Personal computer. The excellent thing is that the music continues playing even after the program is minimized.

Worth noting: If indeed the “Auto identify” option somehow doesn’t work, you may manually verify the server name inside the Windows Operating system application and enter it into the Mobile application to join.

The program records the server location you input, and then you can locate this in the connection history.

Method 2: Tethering over USB, Wireless, or Wi-Fi

how to use phone as speaker for pc via Bluetooth

This is the second method on how to use phone as speaker for pc via Bluetooth It additionally allows you to utilize your Smartphone handset as a Computer speaker without cabling the machines via USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi. The steps are the same across three methods, so that’s how to accomplish it:

  1. Connect your Mobile handset to the Desktop Computer using Bluetooth, Wan, or USB connecting by navigating to Android Settings then click on more, and then on tethering & way to prioritize. You’ll need a functional connection to the internet to use Tethering, so make sure it’s working before you start. Stream any audio on your Desktop computer after it’s been set up.
  2. If the Wi-Fi is operating properly, type the following command window and use the “Ipconfig” function to confirm your connected’ IP addresses, as the “auto-identify” functionality does not operate in this manner.

Tethering is now not operating correctly if indeed the Internet protocol starts using 169.254. The Cellular modem should be disconnected and then reconnected.

  1. In the Mobile application, touch the mounted on a wall button after entering the mail server. The song should begin playing after the wire begins to light. Please remember that the performance of the musical output is greatly dependent on the wireless network, so expect some delays.

Sound Wire is just an acoustic mirroring program with a slew of amazing extra features such as audio compressing for improved quality, location awareness, audio capturing, and much more. Furthermore, the software could be used with any Smartphone remotely controlled app.


Q1: Is it possible to utilize your smartphone also as a Bluetooth headset?

ANS1: Android smartphone owners may use an application called Sound Wire that turns their phones into Bluetooth headphones for their laptops. The web account allows users to share audio from their PC (Microsoft or UNIX) to the smartphone.

Q2: Is it possible to connect a smartphone to a computer through Bluetooth?

ANS2: It can, and only with dynamic host programs that allow you to operate your Computers through wireless from your cellphone, allowing you access to everything you connected via Bluetooth.

Q3: What is the AUX function and how can I utilize it?

ANS3: The energy indicator light becomes white when the procurement planning switch (placed on the rear of the loudspeaker) is slid towards AUX.

By using provided cable, connecting your loudspeaker to the teammate’s headphone socket.

Start playing music on the smartphone.

Q4: How can I get started with Sound Wire?


  • Setup of the Sound Wire Server
  • Sound Wire Service is available for download from a web browser.
  • Download your preferred music player or webpage on the Desktop computer, such as YouTube, Sound cloud, or iTunes.
  • Specify the music source in the Sound Wire Application server.
  • Examine the Sound Wire Centralized system meter while music plays.


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