How to Transfer Files From Laptop to Laptop?

Switching devices has become very common nowadays. It leads us to the question that how to transfer files from laptop to laptop. There are various reasons associated with changing a laptop. It may be due to more features in new models. Some people also change them because the processing speed decreases with time and use.

New features are being added to devices every day. Some of these may be in form of software updates. But major advancements are only in new devices. From laptops to mobile phones, almost everything has been now revolutionized.

It has become a lot more convenient for users to access their data and share files across different devices. It can be done using innumerable ways. The users can choose the method which is easy and convenient for them.

We have brought together some of the best ways in which a user can transfer their files from one laptop to another. The methods do not require additional accessories and are economic.

How to transfer files from laptop to laptop using wifi?

how to transfer files from laptop to laptop

The Internet has become an inevitable thing with the advancement in technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has added fuel to this fire, by causing a shift from everything being offline to online.

This has lead to a large rise in the number of users having access to Wi-Fi. This is because it gives a better Internet speed and is very convenient to use. And if you have access to a good Wi-Fi connection, the process is easy. You just need to follow some simple steps for transferring files.

Both the laptops have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi. A single folder needs to be created for all the files that need to be shared. This way, they are shared at once rather than sharing each one of them individually. The IP address of the first laptop is to be entered into the second one along with login credentials.

This helps to establish a connection between both of them after which a user can easily share the files. The IP addresses are called static because they are created for data transfers.

How to transfer files from laptop to laptop using wifi in windows 10?

Windows 10 was one of the most talked-about updates by Microsoft.  A lot of new features were introduced like nearby share. A lot of users often get confused about how they can transfer their files between two laptops when they’re working with Windows 10.

They can go with the conventional method of using wifi to do so. The steps remain the same as mentioned above and nothing is changed. A nearby share is a good option that users can consider other than Wi-Fi. It is compatible with Windows 10 PCs and helps send sharing files within a short period. The devices are displayed by their name and the correct one needs to be selected.

How to transfer files from laptop to laptop using a LAN cable?

how to transfer files from laptop to laptop

Using a LAN cable to transfer files between devices including laptops can prove to be very convenient. It only requires the devices to be connected with the cable and no modification of settings.

There are mainly three prerequisites for the process to be successful. These include a LAN cable, network sharing enabled on both laptops, and static IP addresses which can easily be found on the Internet.

  • Both the laptops have to be connected with the help of a LAN cable.
  • Enable network sharing on both devices with the help of a static IP address.
  • Select the files or folders to be shared.
  • Tap on the share option.
  • The process will be completed in no time.

Therefore, a user does not need to worry if they wish to transfer the files from their old laptop to a new one.


  1. How to transfer files from laptop to laptop using a type c cable?

Answer: Currently, not a lot of laptop devices support fire transfer over type C cables. This makes it a doubtful option in the process of sharing files. It is better to opt for other methods like Wi-Fi and sharing applications.

  1. How to transfer files from laptop to laptop using HDMI cable?

Answer: An HDMI cable can be used for projecting data from one PC to another. But,  it cannot be used for file transfer. This is so because it is not so high-tech and efficient to facilitate the transfer of data between two laptops.

  1. How to transfer files from laptop to laptop wirelessly?

Answer: There are a variety of options that can be considered by a user to transfer files between two laptops. One can do so with the help of connecting the devices over Wi-Fi. It can be done using the nearby share option available in Windows 10 and above.


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