Canon 77D vs 80D: Which Camera is Right for You?

Photography is one such medium through which we can capture the world around us and project it with our vision. It is like seeing the world with double lenses: one through our eyes and the other through camera lenses. And if the lenses are catching the smallest nuances with finesse, wouldn’t you get hold of them? Go through this article and choose your lenses judiciously- canon 77d vs 80d?

Let’s see:

canon 77d vs 80d which is better?

canon 77d vs 80d

Canon 77d was launched in 2017 and just a year after Canon 80d graced the markets. As there is just a year’s gap in between, certain qualities are unchanged. 24MP -APS-C CMOS Sensor, EF/ EF-S Mount, 3″ Fully Articulated Touch Screen, Vlogger friendly, Wireless built-in, FULL HD 1 920><1080 video resolution are some of the similar characteristics.

77d is lightweight and comes with Bluetooth connectivity compared to 80d. On the other hand, 80d has a higher battery life (960 shots vs 600 shots) and continuous shooting capacity (7.0fps vs 6.0fps).


canon 77d vs 80d image quality

Canon 80d has very good image quality. It has a better RAW high ISO performance than Canon 77d. It also has an improved buffer depth. Dual Pixel CMOS AF is hands down superb and is better in low-light.

Canon 77d does very fast autofocus. Dual Pixel CMOS AF works best in Live View. It has a quick control dial and a top-panel LCD screen. It lacks though 4k resolution. The image sensors are identical in both the cameras

Which is better- canon 77d vs 80d for video?

80d comes with a Dual Pixel AF system.

However, it can shoot either with intraframe or interframe. 77d can shoot video with IPB MP4 and most videographers prefer the IPB MP4 files because they are smaller than All-I. The 77d can additionally shoot 720p at 30fps, which the 80d cannot. 77d doesn’t come with a headphone jack though.

The better bet:

canon 77d vs 80d camera decision?

Being the jack of all trades, at first glance, both look peas of the same pod. However, 77d shares a lot of features with 80d at a lower price. Due to the sensor, 80d might just capture more details than 77d. 80d Is optical viewfinder provides 100% frame coverage.

77d is powered by an LP-E17 rechargeable lithium-Ion battery and can take up to a maximum of 600 shots in the viewfinder. 80d is backed by an LP-E6N rechargeable lithium-Ion battery capable of standard 960 shots.

So, if you are looking for an upgrade, add some thousands to your budget and go for 80d.

Which is better-canon 77d vs 80d low light


77d has a higher ISO range and with a proper lens, it can be used for everything from Astrophotography to nightlife photography. However, noise can be a problem. 80d has a weather-sealed and better body than 77d. The cameras have the same sensors thus, low light pictures would be identical when shooting RAW. Digic 7 seems to produce slightly cleaner JPEG’s compared to Digic 6.

Next, canon 77d vs 80d dxomark –

It is well known that a camera with a higher effective ISO will be a naturally better choice for indoor photography or night shooting, especially if you want to make larger prints.

80d adopts a new viewfinder-based AF system for stills and another for live view and video. Dxomark sensor’s overall score of Canon 80d is 79. The portrait is 23.6 bits, the landscape is 13.2 Evs and Sports score stands 1 135 ISO. 77d scores an overall one percent low with portrait score being the same. However, the landscape is up by 0.1 Evs and low light ISO is down to 971 ISO.


canon 77d vs 80d astrophotography?

canon 77d vs 80d

In this category, 80d helps capture some splendid shots. With features like weather sealing, larger viewfinder, higher shutter speed, better battery, and low light performance, it takes away the muffin for nighttime photography.

Finally, canon eos 77d vs 80d review-

As mentioned earlier, 80d is best suited for production quality video. It offers stabilized lenses, a brighter viewfinder with better coverage. But if you want hand-held videos, long bursts of pictures, and an avid trekker, its lightweight attribute can come in handy.

Is Canon 77D a professional camera?

Yes. 77d has an improved ISO range and the lens feel sturdy. With great battery life and low light performance, it does come under the bracket of a semi-professional kit.


Is 77D better than 80D?

If you have a tight budget and your aim is traveling with lightweight cameras, then yes, it is better and comes at a lower price.

Is Canon 77D waterproof?

No. It doesn’t come with weather sealing.

Although it is dustproof and water-resistant, but not fit for underwater photography.

When was Canon 77D released?

Canon 77d was launched in India in April 2017.