Top 5 Best DSLR Under 35000 in 2023

Best DSLR camera under 35000


Lightweight and durable camera
15X larger image sensor
Easy to use and available with two travel lenses
Best DSLR below 35000


Consists of an image processor with 9 autofocus points
Can be connected easily via wi-fi or Bluetooth wireless connection
In-built monoaural microphone and sound recording level
Best DSLR under 35000 in India


Accurate 39 –point autofocus
In-built wi-fi connection for easy transfer of images
THE in-built GPS function records location points
Best DSLR under 35000 in India


Consists of a 3.0 inches LCD
14.2 mp DX-format CMOS sensor
Easy to use with an ISO 100-3200 sensitivity range
Best DSLR under 35000 in India


Eye AF feature captures the subject accurately
The flipping screen is helpful for self-portraits
Lightweight and compact.
4D focus shoots the subject with more clarity

A photographer creates magic with his camera. They capture stunning real-life images. The power of photography is beyond comparison. Millions of photos are uploaded every day on thousands of different websites and journals. If you are passionate about photography but not sure of where to start. All you need to do at first is to buy the best DSLR under 35000 to click amazing pictures with some practice.

A picturesque moment capturing the dazzling beauty of nature,  smiling faces, sunset, etc get captured in our hearts along with the digital frames. Have you ever wondered, what would have happened if there was no camera? It would not have been possible to shoot these spectacular vision which would have otherwise faded with time. But through photographs and videos, these precious memories bring a wide smile to the faces of our loved ones and one can cherish and relive those moments.

Best DSLR Under 35000 – Buying Guide

Factors to look for –

  • Sensor size- This is one of the most important and fundamental factors to be considered for a newbie photographer or if you are planning to upgrade your DSLR. Digital sensors or image sensor is the part of the hardware system where the image is formed. It consists of millions of photosites where information is recorded and thus the image is formed.  When buying the best DSLR under 35000, full-frame sensors are advised by professionals. The large sensors will give you better image quality as more information gets recorded. In the best DSLR, sensors that have an effective area of 8.6 cm2 is used. These sensors absorb more light which results in stronger signals. It also performs better in the low-light area and offers a better depth of field compared to smaller sized sensors.
  • Megapixel Resolution- A pixel absorbs light and produces an electric signal which is therefore converted into a digital image signal. Thus, it has a vital function in describing the image quality. The larger the sensor size, the larger will be pixel size, and a better image will be formed. Larger pixel size is most beneficial at night when the camera requires more light. Along with the size of megapixels, the number of megapixels is equally important as more number of megapixels to produce sharp images.
  • Video Recording – If you are planning to buy the best DSLR under 35000 for video recording, a couple of things needs to be considered like the resolution and frame rate speeds it offers. Higher frame rate speeds result in videos that are a lot more sharp and smooth. Another feature is the sensor size as it offers clarity and exactly captures what you see through the viewfinder. Also, DSLR with a larger sensor size offers more frame rate speeds and video resolution.
  • The Body – One might think, that almost all DSLR looks the same from the outside. So, what is the point of checking the body? Some specifications like a microphone, an HDMI port, several custom buttons, and an LCD touchscreen display as it makes settings and adjustments more easily.
  • Lenses- Selecting a good lens is of utmost importance because it is a deciding factor in controlling light and image sharpness. All of these camera brands offer a kit lens of around 18 to 55 mm zoom lens. However, if you wish to buy an affordable yet good camera you should look for a DSLR that has both the zoom and prime lens.
  • Camera modes and editing features- The selection of modes and editing features depends solely on the usage. If you are scouting for a DSLR for photography, then various modes like HDR, portray or night mode should be checked. Along with these built-in flash and different images, editing features like special effects should always be completely checked.

Before proceeding further to the product description, to know about some of the best DSLR under 35000, you should be aware of the key components of a DSLR. This in turn will make it easier for you to select your preferred one. Some important parts are:

  • Lens- A lens is the most fundamental part through which light enters and the further process begins. Lens are categorized into different types. Each of it has its unique traits:
  1. Standard kit lens- Ranging between 20mm – 70mm, a kit lens captures images in the same manner as the human eye sees. It is good for natural shots
  2. Telephoto lens- (>66 mm) in range it is used to shoot distant objects with greater details compared to the kit lens.
  3. Macro lens- This is beneficial in shooting images at a closer range enhancing every detail.
  4. Wide Angle lens- This is perfect for shooting wide focus area like landscapes or distorted images.
  5. Prime lens- It consists of a larger aperture.
  • Pentaprism- It is a complex piece of glass mirrors which helps the photographer to see the exact image of the object through the viewfinder.
  • Reflex Mirror- This mirror is fitted inside the camera body, below the pentaprism. It reflects the light and sends it upwards towards pentaprism, which in turn further reflects the eyepiece.
  • Viewfinder- It can be located at the top backside of the camera. It allows the photographer to see the exact image of the object.
  • Shutter- Similar to a door, a shutter is a device that decides how much light can enter the sensor. Shutter speed is the measure of the number of times the shutter is opened. The faster the shutter speed, the better is the picture quality. It is measured in fractions of a second.
  • Image sensor- An image sensor is the part of the camera’s hardware where the image is formed.  Two types of image sensors CCD and CMOS are used. The main difference between CCD ( Charge Coupled Device) and CMOS ( Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) is that in CMOS many peripheral circuits are integrated inside the single chip. This makes the CMOS processing speed much higher.  Whereas, CCD sensors were used in old cameras in which most of the peripheral components were not integrated inside the chip. For this, an additional peripheral circuit was required.
  • Aperture- An aperture is the opening in the camera which allows the light to enter. It is expressed in terms of ‘f’ numbers. The smaller the number, the wider will be aperture and vice-versa. Generally, when you want to capture an image in landscape mode, a larger aperture is preferred.
  • Mode dial- A mode dial is used to select your shooting mode- automatic or manual. In auto mode, the camera itself adjusts the shutter speed and aperture.  However, P, S, A, and M modes are exposures modes in which you have the choice to which part you wish to control.
  • ISO – In a camera, the ISO function includes to brighten the photos. It is measured using numbers. A lower ISO number indicates darker images. However, with increasing ISO number noise in your image also increases.

How does a DSLR camera work?

The working mechanism of a camera is very interesting which uses a standard light reflection phenomenon to create picturesque moments and relive it.

  • The process starts when light enters the camera. A lens is attached to the front body of the camera. This allows the light to enter to be focussed by the lens to produce a sharp image.
  • The lens also houses the aperture which is made of blades that can open wider or smaller letting more or less light to enter. It can be adjusted manually or automatically.
  • As the light enters the camera and passes through the aperture, it is reflected by a mirror, which is fit diagonally in fro t of shutter and sensor. From there the light ray enters pentaprism. It finally reaches the viewfinder from where the photographer takes a look at the object.
  • While shooting, the mirror lifts and the shutter opens. This lets the light containing the image information to get recorded in the sensor, which is then stored in the memory card.
  • Inside the sensor, the photosites or pixels absorb light which converts it into charge. As the charge gets collected in these pixels, it is converted into voltage. After the voltage conversion process, a digital image is formed.

This process continues every time a picture is clicked.

Best DSLR Under 35000 Reviews


best dslr under 35000

Nikon D3500 is a sturdy, compact, durable, and versatile camera. It is a great choice for beginners. Its durability and amazing features make it work seamlessly with compatible smartphones.

  • It is a lightweight and durable camera.
  • It is available for two outstanding travel lenses and is easy to use.
  • The image sensor is 15 times larger than usual smartphones, thus shoots high-resolution images.
  • Along with photos, one can record videos best videos just by flipping one view lever and pressing the record button.
  • The two lenses include Dx Nikkor 18-55 mm f/3.5- 5.6 G VR lens which is perfect for portrait, landscapes, and videos. The other one includes AF-P Dx Nikkor 70-300 mm f/4.5-6.3 G ED lens which is a telephoto zoom lens perfect for sports, concerts, etc.

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Best DSLR below 35000



This is one of the bestsellers with many additional features, which distinguishes it from other digital cameras. The combination of APS- C size CMOS sensor records every single detail forming high-quality images. Its blur feature automatically focusses on the subject and blurs the background enhancing its details.

  • This camera has an image processor with 9 autofocus which adjusts its speed accurately for a high-definition image.
  • It can be connected easily via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for an easy transfer of images to smartphones or PC.
  • Its 100-6400 sensitivity range captures high-resolution images even in dim light.
  • It consists of a built-in monaural microphone, adjustable sound recording level.

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Best DSLR under 35000 in India


best dslr under 35000Nikon D5300 is manufactured without an optical low pass filter(OLPF). The sensitivity range of ISO 100-12800 is remarkable which can be expanded to 25600 when the lights are dim.

  • The accurate 39- point autofocus feature swiftly and speedily tracks the subject.
  • The tracking mode effortlessly focuses on the subject even when the subject is at a far distance from the camera.
  • The in-built Wi-Fi makes it easy for everyone to share and transfer images without any external connection.
  • The built-in GPS function makes it easy to record location points for the convenience to remember and relive memories.
  • This camera has built-in additional effects features.

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best dslr under 35000

This is a durable and lightweight D3100 DSLR camera. It captures 14 megapixels CMOS DX sensor high-definition images. The 3X optical zoom clicks some stunning and high-quality images. It is one of the best DSLR under 35000.

  • It has an ISO 100-3200 sensitivity range which can be expanded to 12800 ISO.
  • The size of the LCD screen is 3.0 inches with 230,000 dots.
  • It has a 14.2 mm DX-format CMOS sensor.
  • It consists of an internal storage capacity is 1 GB with an included memory card of 2 GB in size.
  • The maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 second produces sharp images.check price

best dslr under 35000Sony Alpha 5100 is a small but powerful pro camera. Its small size makes it travel friendly and easy to use. It captures high-resolution images even without a flash. Because of its durability and compact features, it is the best option for daily use.

  • 4D focus captures moving subjects with amazing clarity.
  • Eye AF features help to shoot the subject accurately even when it is not directly facing the camera.
  • With the use of Wi-Fi and NFC, one can share photos instantly and effortlessly.
  • Unlike, other DSLR which can be heavy, Sony Alpha is half the weight of other DSLR equipped with the latest features.
  • best DSLR under 35000

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best dslr under 35000

The Powershot SX540HS incorporates a 50X optical zoom range from 24 to 1200mm. The 20.3-megapixel sensor reduces noise when shooting in dim light.

  • The in-built Wi-Fi and NFC feature easy transfer of images on both IOS and Android smartphones.
  • It ensures HD – view quality videos and images.
  • EF-S mount is compatible with all EF and EF-S lenses.
  • APS-C CMOS sensors ensure optimized high-definition images.
  • It consists of a 16 GB memory card.
  • Best DSLR under 35000

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best dslr under 35000

Fujifilm  X-T100 is an excellent digital camera manufactured with the latest and advanced features. It ensures some special elements like beautiful color reproduction, low noise, and high-definition images.

  • Full frame APS-C CMOS sensor which is 14 times larger than a smartphone sensor absorbs more light for better image quality.
  • The high-performance EVF ( Electronic Viewfinder) lets one see exactly the final result before taking the picture.
  • The 3-inch touchscreen LCD can be flipped horizontally and vertically. The horizontal flip is beneficial while taking self-portraits.
  • It is available in dark silver, black, and champagne color.
  • The advanced SR auto mode optimizes camera settings and subjects allowing one to capture the best photographers.
  • Best DSLR  under 35000

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best DSLR under 35000?

Canon 1500D is the best DSLR under 35000. It captures high-definition images and is available at an affordable price range.

  1. Which is the best DSLR under 35000 with a lens?

Nikon D3500 is the best DSLR under 35000 which includes two lenses. A G-VR lens perfect for portraits, landscapes, and an adjustable telephoto zoom lens.

  1. What is a DSLR?

A DSLR ( Digital Single Lens-Reflex) camera incorporates mechanisms of a single-lens reflex with a digital image sensor.

  1. Why should one choose the best DSLR under 35000?

One should choose the best DSLR under 35000 as it ensures high-resolution images. Most of the latest DSLR’s has an in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection for easy transfer of images and special effects for more advanced editing.

Beginner photography mistakes to avoid

  • Camera handling- The most common mistake made by beginner photographers is when it comes to handling the camera. Most of them hold the lens from the side of the ring. This method of carrying the camera while clicking pictures creates an error. The right way is to hold it from the below so that it stays stable and you can click the perfect picture.
  • Lens Handling- Along with this lens handling is important. Sometimes lenses are heavier than the camera body. So, holding just the camera body at that time can create the lens load on the body. It may damage the ring through which the lens is attached making it lose and prone to damages.
  • Ignoring lens hood- Many photographers does not perceive the lens hood to be necessary.  A lens hood comes in handy with lenses that protect it from sun rays which may create flare and affect the image quality. It also protects the lens from any external damage. Ignoring a lens hood can sometimes prove to be detrimental for your camera’s working efficiency.
  • Deleting files in-camera- Most photographers prefer to delete files while capturing in the camera itself, especially wedding photographers. In this way, you can miss out on some special moments and it even depreciates the quality of the memory card. Manually deleting one file after another makes a small deteriorating impact. The editing and deleting process should always be done on a laptop/PC because it becomes much easier and it reduces the chances of making an error.
  • Avoiding camera strap- Photography is a very creative but difficult job. A photographer needs to understand every small technicalities and economics of a camera to capture a stunning photograph. Some minor errors get unnoticed in this process. One of them is avoiding the camera strap. A strap improves the stability of the camera as it creates grip and reduces it from getting damaged when mistakenly slipped from hands.
  • Choosing the wrong lenses- Before purchasing the best DSLR under 35000, you must have detailed knowledge about the lenses. This in turn helps you in selecting the preferred lenses according to your shoot mode. Some may think, that lenses are changed for professional photography. Amateur photographers even change lenses depending on their shoot mode, whether it is for self-portraits or a travel shoot. So, it is necessary to research well before buying a DSLR to avoid unnecessary expenses and click the perfect photograph.

Comparing DSLR with a Point-and-Shoot camera, mirrorless and bridge camera 

  • Point -and-shoot camera- This is a still camera used mainly by amateurs and people who only need a camera to take a snapshot when going on vacations, family trips, or partying with friends. It has a fixed lens attached to the camera body. It is also called a compact camera. In this camera, light enters through the lens and directly hits the image sensor creating a digital image.
  • Mirrorless Camera- As the name suggests, a mirrorless camera does not have the mirror which is used to reflect light to the viewfinder. Unlike DSLR, it offers limited access to a range of lenses. Since the mirror is not found in a mirrorless camera. The sensor is directly exposed to sunlight and dirt when changing the lens. No matter, how much popularity mirrorless camera gains, but they can never beat DSLR based on the wide control range it offers. Access to different flexible controls like depth of field, special editing effects, aperture, ISO, and focal length can be adjusted automatically or manually. This clearly states why a DSLR is the best.
  • Bridge camera- A bridge camera is almost similar to a DSLR. It consists of the body of a DSLR and the usability of a Point-and-Shoot camera.  It has a fixed lens. One benefit of using this camera is that it offers a better optical zoom. But several times, the image quality is not good. It happens because of the ultra-long zoom capabilities which form a blurry image with more noise. Unlike, the DSLR which allows using various photoshop and image editing software techniques, the bridge camera usually processes those images which ate in the jpeg format or a compressed format. The image clicked is not in a raw format.

Best DSLR under 35000 for beginners

  • Nikon D5300 is one of the best DSLR under 35000 for beginners which clicks incredible pictures on a budget. It consists of an APS-CMOS sensor that ensures exceptional details &life like sharpness. Thus the camera consists of a high-quality monitor which can be easily flipped for selfie or videos. The most amazing feature is its 39 autofocus points which track the moving objects to capture a clear image. Also, the ISO range varies from 100- 25600, a great feature to be used in a dim light area. When it comes to video recording it shoots full HD videos up to 50/60 p.
  • The next entry-level popular camera is Canon EOS 1500d. Its attractive and special features ensure the best quality image with excellent special editing features. It can withstand the rugged climate and the camera is strongly built making it more durable and compact. After, shooting photos one can easily transfer files via Wi-Fi or NFC without the need for any external connection. The ISO ranges start from 100 and are expandable up to 6400 creating exceptional digital images even in the dim light region. in the dim light region.

Advantages of using a DSLR camera

  • Enhanced image quality- A DSLR has a much larger sensor size compared to other digital cameras or smartphones. Larger sensor size absorbs more light which ensures a high-definition image without cropping the background.
  • Great focus speed and shutter speed- Unlike the point-and-shoot camera DSLR is considered to be a great option as it can focus on the subject even when the subject is in a state of mobility or it is directly not facing the camera capturing image with perfect clarity.
  • You click what you see- Most of the time in the smartphone and point-and-shoot camera, the image clicked is different from what you see. But in a DSLR, you look through the lens and nit directly from the camera hole, which captures the exact image of what you see through the viewfinder.
  • Adjustable controls- A DSLR offers many options to the photographer, unlike the other digital camera which gives access to a limited range of options. It has several buttons using which a photographer can click an amazing picture. At first, it appears to be quite complicated but it becomes easy once you understand the purposes and benefits of each button.
  • Full control over depth of field- Depth of field refers to the area in focus in the background which can be adjusted manually. There are generally two types of depth of field- Deep depth of field and shallow depth of field.  When the area of focus in the back and front of the subject is too much it is called deep depth of field. Shallow depth of field is the reverse of it. Photographers can control it according to their shoot mode.
  • Availability of a wide range of lenses – DSLR’s is preferred by professional photographers because of its interchangeable lens or availability of wide range lenses. For example- if you are doing a lot of scenic shots then you should use wide-angle lenses. For portraits, one can use a prime lens to create that blurry background and change it to a nice telephoto zoom lens for safari or animal shoot.
  • The efficiency of image sensors- As we mentioned earlier, DSLR uses a mirror that is fitted in front of the image sensor and shutter speed. It protects the sensor from direct exposure to sunlight or any dirt. As the sensor is sensitive and delicate, unlike the mirrorless camera in which the sensor is directly exposed to sunlight in the absence of a mirror.


Capturing the essence of nature namely a beautiful sunset silhouetting under the most vibrant combinations or the variety of flora and fauna showing its diversity at different moments. These moments that do get captured by our heart and under the frame of a photograph is probably the reason why we need photography. It freezes time at a particular point and helps us relish the joy, every time our mind can reminisce those scenes that we had once lost in the stress of everyday life, to bring a smile every time we can build the scene again by using that one picture captured by your camera.