How to Increase the Speed Of a Laptop?

Your laptop and computer will gradually become slower and eventually becomes very hard to use. You might be thinking of buying a new laptop because your old one is too slow. But what if we say that you can speed up your laptop and make it work faster with easy steps? Let us see the best ways to speed up your laptop instantly.

How to increase the speed of a laptop?

  1. Remove Unnecessary Softwares And Applications

Usually, there will be a couple of dozens of software that are pre-installed on your device when you are buying it. The manufacturers of these laptops have installed this software and applications because they thought they might help you.

How to increase the speed of a laptop?

However, in most cases, we barely use the software that is pre-installed on our laptops. They consume precious space which would’ve been used to store temporary data. When there is no space to store temporary data in your disk, the CPU has to run them again to create the desired output.

If there was space in your disk to store temporary files, the system would use them for future operations rather than making new operations. This will boost the performance of your laptop significantly.

You can also remove unnecessary applications and software that you have installed after buying your laptop. You might have needed them before, but not anymore. Uninstall and delete those applications to increase your laptop’s performance.

  1. Increase The RAM

The RAM is one of the most volatile components in the laptop and can be considered the short-term memory of your system. They store the data created by the CPU temporarily to make the apps and software run smoothly.

When the capacity of the RAM is lower, there is additional stress put on the CPU to process the information and make a new operation. This significantly slows down the speed of your laptop. Increasing the capacity of your RAM might solve this issue.

However, adding new RAM or changing your old one with a new one is not as easy as it is in computers. Several gaming and high-end laptops offer their users to change their RAMs easily. However, most laptops’ RAM can’t be changed, at least not at home.

If you are hesitant and not sure whether you can change the RAM or not, approach a professional to help you with their service. Don’t do the change yourself as it may cause potential problems with your laptop.

  1. Limit The Running Programs

Your laptop requires you to run a few programs in the background to make the system function properly. However, some programs take advantage of the background program running process and run their own programs in the background, which reduces the speed of your laptop.

You can stop these programs from running in the background, which takes the precious space of the ram and your CPU’s processing power which slows down your laptop.

You can make these programs stop running their operations by using the Windows task manager. Task manager allows you to see and edit the task of software that is taking place on your system. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the task manager.

You can see a list of programs running. Find the ones that are irrelevant to your current task and aren’t essential for your laptop. Right-click on it and select End Task. This will stop the program abruptly, giving free space for your laptop to run efficiently.

  1. Use Disk Cleanup And Free Up Your Laptop

Disk Cleanup is an amazing feature available in all Windows laptops, which allows you to delete files from unused software for a long time. It automatically picks the files that are dormant for a while and other broken and spam files that are no use to you.

To use the feature, type Disk Cleanup on the search box. Then, you can make a quick scan that will detect temporary, broken, and spam files, which will be of no use to you. It only picks files that are not used for a very long period of time and are of no use to you.

You can delete these files and visualize a significant increase in the speed of your laptop. However, if your RAM is too low, there won’t be any significant enhancement in your laptop’s speed. If this is the case, you have to check out the second method to increase RAM in your laptop.

How to increase the speed of a laptop?

  1. Install An SSD

Installing an SSD in your laptop relieves most of the stress on your laptop’s processor. You may see visible changes in your laptop if you install the SSD. Your laptop might take up to a minute to boot up if you use a normal Hard disk. However, it will take only ten to twenty seconds if you have installed an SSD on your laptop.

Make sure that the Operating System you have installed for your laptop is installed on the SSD. If not, there will be no use for having an SSD on your laptop. Using this, you can perform multiple tasks without putting additional strain on your processor. However, SSDs are an expensive option.

  1. Look At Your Browser

Many don’t know that the browser you are using can put your laptop under immense pressure at it eats up the RAM. Having several tabs open on the Chrome browser can take up to 50% of the RAM usage. The data of your visiting website will store as cache and cookies to customize your experience in the browser.

Removing the browser’s history, cache, and cookies might prove to be an effective way to speed up your laptop. However, deleting cache and cookies might also log you out from other websites you have logged in to previously.

If you don’t want to get logged out from the websites by deleting your cache and cookies, simply close the browser while you are working on other applications. This will prove to be quite effective.