How to Convert LED TV to Smart TV – A Step-by-Step Guide

With the changing needs of the world, it’s vital to have a smart TV to stay connected to the digital culture of how to convert LED TV to smart TV. If you have an old TV, it might not be a smart TV. You need not trade your LED TV for a smart TV; we will tell you how to convert LED TV to smart TV and make the world around you smart.

How to convert LED TV to smart TV in India?

How to convert LED TV to smart TV in India

TVs in Indian households are perhaps the only gadget that does not see an upgrade like our smartphones. So if your old LED TV is in perfect working condition you don’t have to think about buying a smart TV to keep up with the changing technology. This up-gradation is possible when you connect your TV to a device or smart set-top box that’s available in the market to make the transition easy. Voila, your TV is now a smart TV when connected to the internet and you can watch any online content on your big screen.

How to convert LED TV to smart TV using raspberry pi?

Raspberry pi is another easy way to convert your conventional LED TV to a smart TV. Raspberry pi comes with an HDMI port that can be connected to the TV with an HDMI cable. Most of the modern TVs and monitors have HDMI ports in them. Make sure that the raspberry pi you are using is a good-quality micro HDMI cable that makes the visuals appealing.

How to change LED TV to smart TV?


How to change LED TV to smart TV

It’s an economical option to change LED TV to a smart TV than purchasing a brand new smart TV. The device will cost a couple of thousands depending on the device you choose and give you a smart TV experience. You can indulge in your new world by streaming all content available on the internet.

How to convert LED TV to smart TV India?

When you convert your LED TV to smart TV, you can watch any movie, shows, music, and games on your TVs. Your WiFi connection will instantly transform your TV into a smart TV. The only required appliances to convert your TV are a stable WiFi connection and an intermediary device that does the job of making your TV smart.


Is it expensive to make your TV smart?

Not at all. It costs way less than spending on a new smart TV. Even if you exchange with your old TV you’ll have to shed more notes but when you buy a device it’ll cost only a few thousand that’ll suit your budget.

How do I know if my TV can be made into a smart TV?

You can check if your TV is compatible with the device you are planning to purchase. Choose a device that’s compatible with your TV. If you own a very conventional TV, it might not work with your device.

Should I call an expert for the conversion?

The purchased device will have the process steps that need to be followed. This can be done at home by you as the steps are very basic and elemental.

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