How To Connect Mobile To Samsung TV: Endless Entertainment

These new forms of television have a lot of features. These features are necessary to make them relevant in this age of the mobile phone. You can now even connect your mobile to your tv. That is why people wonder about how to connect mobile to Samsung tv? Samsung TVs have the option of them being connected to the mobile. This can be done through screen mirroring. Screen mirroring in most phones is an in-built feature. But some mobile phones do not have that feature.

If your device does not have a screen mirroring option then you can download an app for that. Some various third-party sources or apps can do screen mirroring for you. Get your phone and tv on the same network. Add your Samsung tv and connect it with your mobile phone.

How to connect mobile to Samsung tv via USB cable?

How to connect mobile to Samsung tv via USB cable?

To connect your mobile to Samsung TV via a USB cable you need to prepare a micro USB cable. Insert one end of the cable to your mobile phone and the other end to your Samsung tv. You will then might be asked for security permissions. You need to grant those permissions. Then on your smartphone select the USB setting to MTP mode or to the file transfers. With this, your phone and your tv get connected. Now you can explore the settings and get everything you had on your phone to your Samsung tv.

How to connect mobile to Samsung tv via Bluetooth?

To connect your phone to your Samsung tv you need to open the connection guide. You will find this connection guide on the source menu. There you can see the option for Bluetooth. Select it. then activate pairing. If you can not see your device on the list of available devices then just simply refresh it. until you see the device you want to connect. Now once you see your device then simply select it. And that is it. the rest of the procedure will be taken care of by your TV. You will get a pop-up or a notification when the pairing is completed.

How to connect mobile to Samsung tv with wifi?

The remarkable thing about such smart TVs is that they are compatible with WIFI also. This gives you a whole lot of space to explore your device. You can open the browser, install apps, watch movies, etc. Also through WIFI, you can connect your mobile phone to your Samsung tv. To do so you need to connect both your device and the TV to WIFI. Then open the SmartThings app on your mobile phone.

If your TV is in range then you will see a pop-up that will notify you that it is ready to get connected. Also, open the SmartThings app on your tv dashboard for it to work. Now your phone and tv are connected through WIFI and you can now use the phone as a remote control.

How to connect mobile to Samsung tv without WIFI?

how to connect mobile to Samsung tv?

WIFI or the internet to be precise makes everything easier. But no internet connections no worries. As you can even connect your Samsung TV to your mobile phone even without WIFI or internet as for that matter. For this, you need to go and select the screencast or the screen mirroring option on your mobile phone. Then when you see your TV’s device name on your mobile phone just simply connect the two. That is all you need to do. As your phone is now connected with your Samsung TV without even using a WIFI.


  1. How to connect mobile to Samsung tv series 4?

There are a variety of ways through which you can connect your mobile to the Samsung tv series 4. The best one is to use the SmartThings app on your mobile. With this app, you can easily set up your Samsung TV. You can select the apps and also other things you want to see.

  1. How to connect mobile to Samsung tv using a USB cable?

You can do so by inserting one end of the cable in your phone and another end in the TV. Then select the MTP option in your device. Through this sharing would get enabled and your mobile phone will get connected to your Samsung TV.

  1. How to connect mobile to Samsung tv without cable?

To connect your phone and Samsung tv without cable then you can rely on screen mirroring. It is the easiest way to do so. Enable screen mirroring on your phone and on your TV. Look for your TV’s name on your screen mirroring in your phone. Wait till it shows up. As soon as you see your TV’s name you just click on it and your mobile gets connected to your Samsung tv.


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