Is 8GB RAM Enough for a Laptop? – Get the Answer Here

How to answer this simple question “is 8GB ram enough for laptop?” There is no one-word answer to this since it may vary from person to person as per their daily usage. Some people use laptops solely for working purposes. For them, Installing Microsoft Word and Excel on their laptops suffice their needs while for others, the requirements are way more in number. For gaming or video editing purposes, one needs to have more storage on his laptop otherwise it will tend to lag frequently.

Is 8GB RAM Enough For Laptop Gaming?

is 8gb ram enough for laptop

As and when you level up in any digital games, the game offers you various features which you download to reach the next level. Gradually the need for more RAM increases as the game starts consuming more storage on your PC. Even though you install games on the hard drive, when you play them, your laptop automatically redeems the required data from the RAM as it does the work way faster than the hard drive. If your PC runs out of the requisite RAM, it will be incompatible to accumulate all the data needed for a particular game. Consequently, your PC will start to lag. Nowadays we don’t consider 4GB to be ideal for any gaming experience due to the multiple upgrades our games go through regularly.

Hence the solution is 8GB ram installation. 8GB RAM is now thought of as the perfect range that your PC must have to cope up with the majority of the popular games without slowing down your laptop speed. But for the optimum gaming experience, you may upgrade your PC to 16GB since few games already started requiring 16GB RAM at the initial stage.

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Is 8GB RAM Enough For Windows 10 Laptop?

is 8gb ram enough for laptop

The performance speed of any laptop dwells on the top of the priority list for any user. Everyone craves a smooth-running laptop experience nowadays. The demand for efficient HD video editors is skyrocketing day by day as the number of independent social media content creators is increasing. For editing purposes, 8GB RAM is the basic requirement to steer clear of any sort of lagging. On the other hand, 8GB RAM will ensure a fast performance when you run Word and other apps simultaneously on Windows 10. It will also prevent your PC from lagging when multiple tabs remain open on chrome or any other browsers.

How Much RAM Is Enough For Laptop?

That solely depends on the number of applications you want to install and run simultaneously on your PC. For a student who needs the only Word for editing study materials and a chrome browser for online research purposes, a little RAM will do. But if you are looking for the ideal capacity of RAM that would allow you to edit high-definition video clips or design your dream website, you need to upgrade the RAM of your PC to 8GB. It will help you master your graphic designing skills making your processor run smooth and steady like never before.

Is 8GB of RAM Good For A Laptop?

is 8gb ram enough for laptop

8GB RAM is the ideal capacity storage for a laptop. It allows a user to open multiple taps on Chrome ensuring a smooth surfing experience. 8GB RAM lets you binge-watch your favorite series without any disruption by putting a stop to all the unwanted lagging issues. It serves your video editing and gaming purposes as well. It can amp up your ordinary gaming experience by increasing the working speed of the processor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will 8GB RAM Last?

If heavy tasking on a PC is not your cup of tea, then 8GB RAM will satiate all your needs such as flawless online streaming, fast browsing, a smooth-running Word experience. But if you are a multi-tasker who spends a lot of time on PC compressing numerous large excel projects, editing video content, then your PC might need a little more capacity. For gaming purposes, 8GB RAM is now considered as the minimum capacity your PC needs to have to process any game smoothly on PC.

Should I Get 8GB Or 16GB RAM?

If you’re a new-age web content creator, an aspiring web designer, or a passionate gamer and your requirement is multitasking, you should keep an eye on 16GB RAM. Modern games such as PUBG, Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Battlefield V demand a wide range of storage capacity. The gamer keeps hopping from one game to another while also working on Word and other apps. The same thing goes for a professional web developer or video editor as well. 16GB RAM will enable them to multitask. But if your need only includes running Word, a few less storage-consuming games, and other necessities, then 8GB will be the sweet spot for you.

Is Upgrading To 16GB RAM Worth It?

When it comes to gaming, many consider 16GB to be overkill.

If you are content with older games that only consume storage of 4-6GB on your PC then stick to 8GB, there is no need for a 16GB RAM upgrade. But if you’re fond of newer games and wish to update your games regularly, 16GB is the way out for you. 16GB is required by any multitasking professional, gamer, or video editor who looks forward to multitasking on their PCs.

How Much Faster Is 16GB RAM Than 8GB?

Accommodating more data on SSD tends to slow down your laptop. Any laptop with 16GB storage will be effective in generating 9290 MIPS. In this case, the format of 8GB RAM will start lagging 3 times more than 16GB RAM. But again it’s up to your usage and requirements. If you look for the basics, 8GB RAM will allow you to get the best working experience on your PC.

Should I Get 8GB Or 16GB RAM?

For the time being, 8GB RAM will help you cope up with games, multitasking, and surfing on multiple websites at a time. But considering the kind of development our gadgets are going through, it won’t be very astonishing if your PC will demand a 16GB upgrade after 3-4 years. But it can be easily said that 8GB RAM is the sweet spot for most laptops nowadays as it offers you a smooth-running PC experience.

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