The Best Yoga Mat for Every Practice | 2023 Reviews

Yoga is an exercise of body and mind, which was originated in ancient India. Stressful situations surround us; hence, yoga has become a need, which could keep us calm and anxiety-free.

 VIFITKIT Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Shoulder Strap and Carrying Bag

VIFITKIT Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Shoulder Strap and Carrying Bag

Intense grip and anti-slip technology
Best storage and care
Comfortable and easy to carry around
Eco-friendly material
Free from PVC, silicone, phthalates, and other toxic materials
 Boldfit yoga mat for women and men 

Boldfit yoga mat for women and men 

6mm thickness
TPE material
Anti-tear material
Anti-slip material
Comes with yoga carry bag
Durable and eco friendly
Sweat-resistant and washable mat
 Qatalyze 8mm TPE Yoga mat

Qatalyze 8mm TPE Yoga mat

Made of high-quality TPE material
Dual-layer yoga mat
Non-slippery texture
Highly durable
Premium quality
Easy to carry
Sweat and water-resistant
 YOZO 10mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat 

YOZO 10mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat

Extra thick mat to easily carry out yoga sessions
Provides padding with support
Excellent grip
Easy washing
Free of toxic material
 MevoFit all-purpose yoga mat for man and woman

MevoFit all-purpose yoga mat for man and woman

It is made of natural, vegan, and organic jute TPE material
It is highly durable and super easy to roll
Lightweight and easy to carry around
It is the best yoga mat for beginners
You can easily wash the mat

Yoga includes physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Ancient India introduced yoga and asana. In contemporary times, yoga is evolving. The aim of yoga remains constant – That is, living a happy and healthy life. Great gurus of yoga-like Swami Vivekananda introduced yoga to the western world. Hence, yoga became popular all around the world. According to a yoga journal, there is a rise of 50% of Americans doing yoga in 2016. Stressful situations continuously surround us, and it has become crucial to keep ourselves calm and stabilize. Hence, yoga is the best option. In this article, we will present you with the best yoga mats in India.

There are multiple benefits of keeping the habit of yoga. If you practice yoga regularly, it will keep the ailments away from your body and mind. It strengthens our bodies and contributes to our health and well-being. You require a level of concentration while doing yoga. It is a practice of several body postures and breathing. All of these contribute to sharpening your mind. It also connects us with nature and contributes to our social well-being.

You can practice yoga in a different environment; you can do yoga in-door and outdoors. However, you require a best yoga mat for carrying out your yoga sessions efficiently. The yoga mats are made of rubber, PVC, or cotton. While doing yoga, you perform several positions. Some positions (if not a proper grip) results in slipping and facing minor accidents.

You can avoid that by purchasing a yoga mat that provides the best grip while practicing different yoga positions. Yoga mats help in giving stronghold to the surface, which helps to avoid slipping. It also acts as insulation between the ground and the human body, which is an essential aspect while doing yoga. Hence, it is essential to buy a perfect and durable yoga mat.

Best Yoga Mats – Buying Guide

If you are a beginner and you don’t know which yoga mat is best for you, then you are in the right place. We present you with the factors to consider before buying the best yoga mat.

Factors to consider

1. How thick you want your mat to be?

You can buy the best yoga mat in India according to your preference and requirement. However, buying a thicker yoga mat is advisable, especially when you are facing the problem of sore muscles. A thicker mat or mat has extra padding is the best option for you. Besides, a thicker mat will help you in protecting your legs, knees, arms, and other body parts in case you slip and hit the ground. However, many yoga gurus also suggest not buying a mat, which is too thick. The ideal thickness of the yoga mat is 1/8 inch. The thickest yoga mat can reach up to 1/4 inch.

Yoga mats with a thickness of 1/16 are also available; they are called paper-thin yoga mats. These mats are not ideal for daily use. However, you can use it as a travel yoga mat. You need to buy the best yoga mat according to your preference. If you shortage of storage, then you can pick a thin yoga mat. You also have to keep in mind that one thickness is not ideal for everyone; you have to buy according to your preference.

2. The material of the yoga mat

It is crucial to determine the type of material you want your best yoga mats to be. Material is a valuable factor to consider. The texture, durability, and stickiness of your yoga mat depending on the material of your yoga mat. Try to choose a material, which is soft and durable. Try to avoid PVC material, as it is not eco-friendly. Even though it is a widely used material, it has a bad reputation in the yoga community. It is also difficult to recycle.

Instead of PVC, you can try a rubber mat. They are known for providing an excellent grip on the ground. It also has a better reputation among yoga enthusiastic. Rubber mats are also inexpensive and durable. You can also opt for a cotton pad. They are soft and ideal if your yoga involves lots of sitting and laying. However, it does not provide a strong grip.

3. The texture of the yoga mat

The texture of the best yoga mats is an essential factor to consider. It determines how much slipping the practiser might face while doing yoga. The texture also determines how the material feels against your body. It contributes to your overall comfort. If you opt for jute yoga mats, they have a kind of rough texture. Whereas materials like PVC, rubber, and cotton are softer.

You can choose the texture of your mat according to your preference. Keep your comfort at the top of your mind. Also, keep in mind the stickiness of the yoga mat, which will help you maintain your alignment. It helps you in carrying out your yoga sessions without losing control and avoiding accidents.

4. The durability of the yoga mat

It is the last and most crucial factor to keep in mind while purchasing a yoga mat. You don’t have to buy the mat every month, once you buy a premium quality durable yoga mat. You can get high-quality yoga mats at affordable prices. You can use them for years, even if you are using the yoga mat daily.  You find durable and best yoga mats online.

Best Yoga Mats Reviews

1. MevoFit all-purpose yoga mat for man and woman

MevoFit all-purpose yoga mat for man and woman

MevoFit yoga mats are natural, vegan, recyclable, and made out of organic jute TPE material. It is a popular yoga mat brand. They provide durable mats at a very affordable price. A thick mat comes with a durable carrier. You can enjoy a peaceful yoga session anywhere you want. This mat is not only limited to use it for yoga; one can use it for other exercises as well. It provides excellent texture, which will prevent your knees from hurting. Be the yoga mate with this Best yoga mat. Let us discuss some of its prominent features:

  • Made of premium quality organic material, which will provide you with great texture. You can enjoy your yoga sessions without worrying about the toxins entering your body.
  • It is a non-slippery mat, which will prevent you from falling while doing yoga. It provides you with excellent control for long yoga sessions.
  • It is a highly durable mat, which can last for years. You just have to disinfect it by wiping down water daily.
  • It is made of natural, vegan, and recyclable material.
  • It is large and features a dual-layer that contributes to the comfort factor of the mat.
  • The size of yoga mat is ideal for every body type.

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2. Boldfit yoga mat for women and men

Boldfit yoga mat for women and men 

Yoga with Boldfit yoga mat will provide harmonizing your mind, body, and spirits. This yoga mat will help you in carrying out your yoga sessions without stress. It has 6mm thickness with a soft texture, which provides you with extra cushioning in carrying out your daily sessions. Perform all your yoga moves with confidence. Let us discuss some of its best features. It comes in an ideal size of a yoga mat.

  • It provides you with a thickness of 6mm. The people of all sizes can perform great yoga moves on this 6-feet yoga mat.
  • It provides you with extra cushioning for your knees and other joints protection
  • It helps in keeping a great grip on balancing your body properly.
  • It is made from high-quality TPE material, which is highly durable.
  • It is free from PVC, latex, and other toxic materials.
  • It comes with a smooth and non-slippery texture
  • It also comes with a black carry bag with easy strapping, which helps you to carry the mat anywhere you please.
  • It provides you with moisture resistant technology. Hence, it allows you to wash the mat with soap and water without facing any damages.
  • It has a dual color combination.
  • They provide a highly durable 6mm yoga mat.

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3. VIFITKIT Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Shoulder Strap and Carrying Bag

VIFITKIT Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Shoulder Strap and Carrying Bag

While looking for the best yoga mat, it is difficult to choose from a variety of options. You need to look for various factors before buying the best yoga mat. VIFITKIT yoga mats will cater to all your needs. It is made of durable EVA material and provides the best grip. Let us look at its prominent features.

  • It is made of durable EVA material, which will last five times more than your regular mat.
  • It is recyclable and free from toxic materials like PVC, phthalates, silicone, latex, and others.
  • It is a double-sided mat with non-slippery properties. The subtly texture will control your body and prevent accidents.
  • The yoga mat is light weighted and easy to carry around.
  • It is sweat and water-resistant. Its moisture-absorbing technology allows you to wash the yoga mat daily without damaging it.
  • It is a thick and comfortable mat.
  • Excellent grip to support stability.
  • It helps in improving the balance by encouraging you to hold your asanas for a longer time.
  • It provides you with enough padding that will keep you comfortable throughout your session
  • It will protect you from injuries.
  • It is also odorless and non-toxic
  • The price of yoga mat is affordable.

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4. Allverse Yoga Mat

Allverse Yoga Mat

Allverse yoga mat is a thick 6mm comfortable yoga mat. The mat is designed to give you the most comfortable yoga experience. It gives you an extra layer of thickness without compromising on stability and support of the Best yoga mat. It is highly durable. Let us discuss some of its prominent features.

  • A premium-quality yoga mat comes with the best slip-resistant technology.
  • It helps in keeping your balance while you are practicing different yoga positions.
  • You can also use this mat for other exercises other than yoga.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable. It has Eva foam cushioning that will enhance your yoga experience.
  • It has a thick layer, which will prevent you from hurting your knees, elbows, or other body parts.
  • Prevents you from slipping.

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5. Qatalyze 8mm TPE Yoga mat

Qatalyze 8mm TPE Yoga mat

Qatalyze mat is longer and thicker than most of the TPE mats. It is a dual-layer yoga mat, which comes in dual-color, and non-slippery texture will prevent you from falling. It provides a great grip for balancing your body during difficult yoga positions. Let us discuss some of its prominent features.

  • Its 8mm thickness will provide you comfort throughout your sessions.
  • It provides the best grip and non-slippery technology. You can use it on wooden, cement, tiles, grass, or any other floor.
  • It is a sweater and moisture resistant.
  • It is 100% non-toxic and highly durable
  • It is made from TPE material, which is a reputable material among yoga enthusiasm.
  • It has anti-tear technology, which will prevent it from ripping, stretching, and damaging for a long time.

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6. YOZO 10mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat

YOZO 10mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat

In today’s world, yoga is essential to keep yourself healthy and fit. However, during the yoga sessions, you might face problems like joint pains, elbow pains, and other discomforts. It may be happening due to improper yoga mat. If you are facing such problems then the YOZO yoga mat is your best choice. It provides a thick yoga mat, which is not offered by any other manufacturer. Its yoga mat has 10mm thickness and softest texture, which can prevent from joints, elbow, or other body parts discomfort during long yoga sessions. Let us discuss some of its best features.

  • It is a 10mm anti-skid thick mat perfect for your on-the-floor yoga exercise.
  • It comes with padding that supports you to perform difficult postures comfortably.
  • It comes with easy washing. You can wash your mat once in a month using a machine. Gentle cycle only without using bleach.
  • It comes with a non-slip bottom, which helps in providing stability during yoga or workout.
  • It also comes with a carrying strap, which makes it gym-friendly.
  • It is a light weighted best yoga mat for flooring exercise and gym workout.

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7. Home Fitness Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Home Fitness Non-Slip Yoga Mat

It is easy to carry and a comfortable yoga mat for your home, gym, or outdoor work out sessions. It is a lightweight mat, which is travel friendly and easy to store. Let us discuss some of its prominent features.

  • An eco-friendly mat that has excellent slip-resistant technology
  • It is made of the finest eco-friendly material that is safe for your mind, body, and spirit
  • It is made of recyclable TPE material with is water and sweat resistant.
  • You can easily wash it with soap and water daily.
  • It is 180cm long and 60cm wide, which is an ideal length for any body shape or type.
  • It is a premium quality 4mm thick mat, which acts as a cushion to your hips, spine, knees, and elbow.
  • It helps in keeping balance during the long yoga sessions.

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  1. What is the best thickness for the Best yoga mat?

Thickness is an essential factor to consider while purchasing the Best yoga mats. The proper thickness of the mat will help in preventing you from injuries and slipping off while practicing yoga. The ideal thickness for a yoga mat is 7mm-8mm.

  1. What is the best yoga mat for beginners?

As you are a beginner, you don’t have to spend too much on your yoga mat. It is essential to buy yoga mat, which is durable and last for several years. Make sure you are not buying PVC material. You can opt for formats with natural rubber or cotton padding yoga mats. Material, texture, thickness, stickiness, yoga mat size are some of the factors to keep in mind. Catalyze, YOZO, Allverse are some of the best brands that provide high-quality yoga mats at an affordable price.

  1. What type of yoga mat is best for beginners

The Manduka PRO is a brand that provides the Best yoga mats with a lifetime warranty. It comes with outstanding cushioning and provides the best balance.

  1. What is the best time for practicing yoga?

You can practice yoga first thing in the morning. It will keep your mind sharp and calm throughout your day. If you miss this time, you can opt for evening yoga.

  1. Is it safe to do yoga without a mat?

Yes, it is safe. However, using a mat will enhance your overall experience. You can use mattress for yoga. Also, make sure you are practicing yoga on a hard floor if you are not using a yoga mat. If you are doing difficult postures, then a yoga mat is the best option.

  1. Which yoga mats are best?

The yoga mats listed above are the best yoga mats available in the market.