The Best Vacuum Cleaner in India: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Keeping your personal space clean starts by adopting basic cleanliness habits. Dust and dirt often mind numerous ways to seep into your space and create a mess. In spite of all the stringent measures you adopt to keep your place clean, you happen to miss the spot. It is often difficult to sweep away dust with normal cleaning tools. To help reduce this burden, the best vacuum cleaner in India reduces the effort of cleaning our homes and keeps it squeaky clean.

 Inalsa supremo cyclonic bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner

Inalsa supremo cyclonic bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner

Cyclonic vacuum cleaner
Energy efficient
Great energy
Easy to use
Bagless model
 Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip 1000-watt vacuum cleaner 

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip 1000-watt vacuum cleaner 

1000watts power
Tough cleaning
Great design
Stylish and powerful
 Prestige 1200watt wet and a dry vacuum cleaner

Prestige 1200watt wet and a dry vacuum cleaner

Wet and dry cleaning
For extensive cleaning
Handheld model
Powerful in nature
1-year warranty
 Black decker bagless handheld vacuum cleaner 

Black decker bagless handheld vacuum cleaner

Bagless cleaner
High suction power
Compact in design
Comes with cord
Both blower and cleaner
 Dyson V7 cord-free vacuum cleaner

Dyson V7 cord-free vacuum cleaner

Cordless cleaner
Powerful suction
Great design
Deep cleaning
Convertible model

The best vacuum cleaners for home assist in the instant removal of dust, dirt, and even pet hair lying around your home. Just turn on the machine and it will suck in all the dust. You will feel the cleanliness around you once you start using this tool on a daily basis. The best vacuum cleaner in India is a powerful cleaning device that can extract tough dirt lying in the corner of your home.

If you are in need of extensive home or professional cleaning, let the vacuum cleaner do the work for you. Instead of energy-efficient parts, investing in a good vacuum cleaner can bring long cord-feels. You also save up a lot of money in this process. The best vacuum cleaner in India for home functions with precision. There isn’t any rocket science technology behind this machine, but a simple extraction technique that keeps all dust and dirt away.

If you want to buy the best vacuum cleaner in India today, there are lots of them available at reasonable prices. Indian buyers can take note of the different stylish designs as well and which model will suit best. Since it is quite challenging to choose the best vacuum cleaner in India without any knowledge, a short buyer’s guide is listed below.

Best Vacuum Cleaner in India – Buying Guide

It is indeed a critical task to buy the best vacuum cleaner in India when you have no knowledge about the appliance. Each day, new extravagant models are replacing old ones in the market. With added technology, the swiftness of the machine brings on the easiness of cleaning too. Since modern beings are always in a hurry, the best vacuum cleaner in India is designed to meet their modern way of life.

Factors to consider when buying the best vacuum cleaner in India

Buyers need not be nervous when purchasing their very first vacuum cleaner model. Instead, you should carefully navigate and check the details thoroughly. Therefore, here are some of the best factors that are important to consider when buying the best vacuum cleaner in India for your home:

  1. The type of flooring-

One of the basic considerations in the process of buying the best vacuum cleaner in India rests with the flooring type. For both personal and professional usage, the floor plays an important role in determining the type of cleaner you should go for. For instance, if you want to clean wet floors, a blower is the best way to deal with the mess. You do not want the liquid to seep into your floors and damage electric wires.

The wet cleaning process instantly dries up the area and keeps you safe. On the other hand, if you want to clean your carpets, rugs, mats, and remove tough stains and dust from floors and even the staircases, the upright vacuum cleaner can come to your rescue.

Wet and dry cleaners like the canister vacuum cleaner is also a good choice if you have hardwood and tiles floors. Individuals can plug-in the cleaner and use it to remove all dust from underneath the sofa and other furniture’s as well. It is quite important to check the flooring type as each adjustment and sucking capacity of the vacuum cleaner varies from one model to another. For marble or granite flooring, buyers need to consider the air power of the cleaner as it directly affects the cleaning process.

  1. What is your purpose of buying the vacuum?-

You should definitely check out this factor: why is it important to buy a vacuum cleaner today? You simply cannot buy a cleaner just because everybody else is buying it. You need to have a specific purpose. If it’s specifically for home cleaning, then a high-capacity cleaner will do the trick. For cleaning your garden, only a blower will do. Concerning your specific activity levels, there is the best vacuum cleaner in India model available for all.

  1. Control system of the vacuum cleaner-

If there is one important thing you need to think about today, then it is the reason why you want to purchase a vacuum cleaner. The best vacuum cleaner in India for home helps in uplifting the air quality, with its unique control system. It is necessary to get rid of allergens from the air as it affects your lungs and leads to serious airborne diseases. Since the air at home can be twice harmful than indoors, the vacuum cleaner is the best tool that can purify the air of its dirt with its filtration power.

This control system is able to suck in the dust from the air and aims at reducing odors at home. You can check the different modes of control as per your own requirements. If you want to clean and filter the air at the same time, you can go for a higher control range. The same goes for the in-built filtrating system that most modern models already have in them. Buyers can check the specifications of control to know more about how the machine keeps the air fresh at home.

  1. The levels of home cleaning-

Home cleaning with the best vacuum cleaner in India is not limited to purifying the air and resisting the dirt. When you have this machine with you, it is important to adopt a good cleaning schedule so that each and every element of your home appears neat and clean. The best vacuum cleaner in India can be used for different levels of home cleaning. Think about cleaning the shoe rack for instance. You may come across accumulated shoe stains, dust, sand, and other particles in your shoe rack. You can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the mess up.

On the other hand, if you small debris and grit attached to the flooring, you can stick to the moderate power level of cleaning. The levels of the cleaner concentrate on the toughness of cleaning. For extensive cleaning in a week, use the high power level of the best vacuum cleaner in India. If you are cleaning on a daily basis, you can switch to the normal mode and get your work done effortlessly!

  1. Noise or noiseless-

Although technology has given way to some of the best vacuum cleaners in India, buyers must also pay attention to the intensity of noise that is generated during the process of cleaning. In that case, you will find a noiseless vacuum cleaner and a model that emits noise. If the vacuum cleaner aims for heavy-duty cleaning and has higher power modes, it is bound to produce a lot of noise.

The opposite happens for a noiseless cleaner. The design consists of an ‘’insulate motor housing’’ that reduces the noise while cleaning. The operation is quiet and you will feel more relaxed.

However, it is quite difficult to choose the type of cleaner on the basis of this factor because you need to use the machine for extensive cleaning as well. Therefore, think of your personal and professional space, and how much cleaning you have to do. Depending on that, you can purchase a cleaner that is either noiseless or louder in operation. The noise isn’t unbearable when using the machine at a slower speed.

  1. Corded or cordless-

Just like the above, Indian buyers planning to get hands-on the best vacuum cleaner in India must consider the cord aspect of the vacuum cleaner. Do you want to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner or a corded one? The corded one is generally longer in length, while the cordless one is more compact. While cleaning small stains on the surface, the cordless cleaner comes handy. You can this cleaner for cleaning your rugs and carpets too.

For extensive cleaning sessions and removal of tough stains, the corded cleaner with more capacity is the best choice. Such a vacuum cleaner can be used for almost all kinds of operations both in the personal and the professional sphere. Just plug in the machine and you can start your cleaning immediately. When buying a corded one, make sure that you check the length of the cord. If it’s too small, you can plug-in to an extension cord to prevent stretching of the cord too much.

  1. Different types of vacuum cleaner-

While shopping for the best vacuum cleaner in India, one of the crucial aspects to think about is the type of model. With time, new models are replacing the old models in the market. Technology is pacing up to produce some of the best vacuum cleaners for Indian buyers. Therefore, some of the best ones are as follows:

  • Handheld cleaner-

This is the most common type of cleaner that is found in all stores online and offline. The handheld cleaner needs a careful operation and comes with a series of powerful cleaning modes. There are both small and large handheld cleaners available, with intensive technological variations. These cleaners are easy to hold as a small round structure is present to maximize the cleaning process. Handheld models can be purchased at a decent price. Although the features and functions may vary, you will never regret buying one for your home.

  • Compact cleaner-

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for a sofa, the best model that deserves to be purchased is the compact cleaner. Such a type of cleaner is small and round and is compact. This cleaner can be used for both wet and dry cleaning. You can use this cleaner for extensive cleaning as well as for daily cleaning. Even some handheld models are compact, but the function largely differs from the brand you opt for.

Compact cleaners have gained more popularity as they are light-weighted, easy to use, and come with an array of features. Since the vacuum cleaner is about to occupy a permanent space in your home, why not go for the best model? Compact cleaners can be used to clean ceiling dust and extract dirt from the upper part of the roof as they are easy to hold and less complicated to operate.

  • Robotic vacuum cleaner-

One of the latest entry of vacuum cleaners in the market is related to the robotic model that is automatic. This vacuum is round or square in shape and comes with automatic controls that can be used for floor cleaning only. To start this machine, you must input the commands of it first and connect the machine with an in-built Bluetooth connection. Most of these vacuum cleaners have an app and users can switch to various modes of control via the app itself.

The directions are automatically sensed by the cleaner and will turn around once it hits an object. Such a cleaner is great for light cleaning as it does the job on its own. There are so many functions to look forward to when buying a robotic cleaner. Although the price is a bit high, buyers can purchase this cleaner to get their place cleaned automatically.

  1. Size and shape of the cleaner-

The size and shape of the cleaner is also an important factor that determines the manner of buying a good vacuum cleaner model. In this case, it is common for buyers to come across a small vacuum cleaner and a mini vacuum cleaner. The small model is compact and is handheld. On the other hand, the mini one is cordless and comes with a blower function. You will also find larger models that are typically distinct in shape, like a stick.

This is the canister and the upright vacuum cleaner that is used for cleaning of carpets and rugs. Although these models aren’t small enough, the intention is to purchase a model that is affordable and can clean spaces easily. Also, portability is one of the causes to think about when deciding the shape and size of the cleaner you want to purchase.

  1. Maintenance-

Maintenance starts with the basic rule- how much cleaning needs to be done on a daily basis? Well, most buyers do not think of maintenance at all. You must think of the best possible way to keep the vacuum cleaner clean as well. Generally, all vacuum cleaners require slight maintenance and you need to use a small cotton cloth for that. Do not think of washing the vacuum cleaner or running it under water just because it is cleaning the dirt for you.

Vacuum cleaners are electrical devices. Even if you purchase a cordless and handheld one, use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of it. However, you can also read the instructions for proper cleaning of the interior of the cleaner when the dust bag is full. If it consists of a filtrating system, you can wash it the filter, if stated in the manual.

  1. Budget-

Since Indian buyers are a little budget-conscious, it is important to plan out how much money you are willing to spend for the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is a strong and powerful home appliance that is going to stay with you for quite some time. Therefore, investing in a good model is a good idea as the cleaner readily helps with your cleaning.

Whether you love a compact cleaner of a robotic model, the budget is critical. If you are within a narrow budget and you do not want to spend too much on the product, there are plenty of options available for you. However, you must figure out the functions you are really looking for and then purchase the cleaner accordingly.

  1. Bagless or filter bag vacuum cleaners-

When you purchase the Best vacuum cleaner in India, it is important to pay attention to the dust collection filter. So where do you think all the dust goes? How is the dirt collected? Generally, vacuum cleaners are either bagless or they just contain a filter. The bagless cleaners do not have a proper disposal bag and it doesn’t need frequent change. Such a cleaner needs to be washed in order to dispose of the dirt and dust collected inside it.

The vacuum cleaner with a filter consists of a filtration bag that accumulates the dust and dirt in it and can be removed once it’s full. Some models contain a ‘’bag full’ symbol, where you must change the filter bag of the cleaner and insert a new one. Changing the bag depends on the type of cleaning you do every day and the environment you live in.

While all the above-listed factors are extremely important to ponder over, buyers need to be careful with the input capacity of the cleaner as well. Try to purchase a model that meets your standard home requirements. By following this simple trick, you will be able to keep your home hygienic and dust-free.

Now that you have made up your mind to buy the best vacuum cleaner for home, here are the top models that will definitely catch your attention.

Best Vacuum Cleaner in India Reviews

Here is a list of the best vacuum cleaners that perfectly cooperate with the cleaning process for Indian homes:

  1. Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip 1000-watt vacuum cleaner

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip 1000-watt vacuum cleaner

One of the best vacuum cleaner in India that buyers should definitely think of buying is the Eureka Forbes Trendy zip cleaner. With no installation and portable design, this cleaner is light-weighted and gives you the best capability of getting your home cleaned without additional effort. This model comes with its ‘’bag full indicator’’ and the light keeps on blinking till you insert a new one.

To stop the cleaner from heating up excessively, the airflow is constant. The operation methods are easy and you can use your feet to switch on and off the machine.  This Vacuum cleaner Eureka Forbes is a multipurpose model and is quite effective for wet and dry cleaning. It also acts as a blower with the blower pipe available with the packaging.


  • Trendy and compact design.
  • A Dustbag indicator is available.
  • Excellent display of power.
  • 1-year warranty available.
  • Accessories are available with the packaging. 

check price

  1. Prestige 1200watt wet and a dry vacuum cleaner

Prestige 1200watt wet and a dry vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for great deals on the best vacuum cleaner in India, you should definitely check out the specifications of the Prestige 1200watt wet and dry vacuum cleaner. With an incredible tendency towards cleaning tough stains, this cleaner is great for cleaning your sofa, carpets, and rugs. The wheels attached to the cleaner can rotate 360degrees.

It comes with different dust filtration modes that make way for successful cleaning under all conditions. In case the machine gets clogged, you can open up the filtration system and clean it up. The advanced power mechanism protects your home from dust and support thorough cleaning of all corners, without leaving any.


  • Cleans wet floors too.
  • 360degree rotating wheels.
  • Handheld and compact model.
  • Great design and light-weighted.
  • Cleans dust particles from the air.

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  1. Eureka Forbes Zip 1000-Watt Vacuum Cleaner (Black/Red) & Easy Clean Plus 800-Watt Vacuum Cleaner with Suction & Blower (Sliver) (Sliver) Combo


Eureka Forbes Zip 1000-Watt Vacuum Cleaner (Black/Red) & Easy Clean Plus 800-Watt Vacuum Cleaner with Suction & Blower (Sliver) (Sliver) Combo

The Eureka Forbes a quick clean vacuum cleaner is a compact model that comes with suction and a blower adapter. Meant for extensive cleaning practices, this cleaner is designed to support quick cleaning when you are in a theorist hurry. This cleaner comes with a dustbag and purifies the air around you. The machine is light-weighted and the cord is long enough for reaching extreme corners of your home.

With a one-year warranty from Eureka Forbes, this cleaner is convenient and prevents dragging the machine uselessly. The pressure and power of suction are excellent for all kinds of cleaning sessions.


  • Accessories are available with the packaging.
  • Both wet and dry cleaning.
  • Hassle-free experience.
  • Steady cleaning affair.
  • Portable and compact design. 

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  1. Black decker bagless handheld vacuum cleaner-

Black decker bagless handheld vacuum cleaner

For a hygienic environment around you, the best vacuum cleaner in India that buyers can consider is the Black Decker bagless cleaner. This handheld model comes with a 0.9-liter dustbowl instead of a dust bag. The powerful suction and easy to clean method are best suitable for extracting dust from all corners of the house.

A separate cord extension is available as this is a multi-functional cleaner. The blower can be used for shorter cleaning sessions. Meanwhile, this vacuum cleaner replaces your manual cleaning method and saves your time.


  • Turbo brushes are available.
  • The blower is good for dry cleaning.
  • Excellent suction power.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Dustbowl is available. 

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  1. Agaro Ace 1600-watt wet and dry cleaner-

Agaro Ace 1600-watt wet and dry cleaner

The Agaro ace 1600-watt cleaner is made of stainless steel and is 100% durable and portable. The wheels can rotate and makes your cleaning a hassle-free experience. This cleaner also comes with a ‘’blower function too’’. Separate blower accessories are available with the packaging.

The compact design, powerful suction, and 5meter cord are some of the best features to watch out for in the vacuum cleaner. There is a separate steel dust jar available that can be washed once it’s full.


  • Wet and dry cleaning is possible.
  • A one-year warranty is available.
  • Powerful performance.
  • Extra 5meter cord.
  • Stainless steel body.

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  1. 360 S6 Robotic vacuum cleaner with wet mopping function-

360 S6 Robotic vacuum cleaner with wet mopping function

One of the latest vacuum cleaner models that will leave the buyers impressed is the 360 Robotic vacuum cleaner. The advanced automatic control of this cleaner, along with its mobility sets the actual path of cleaning without any hassle. Simply connect this cleaner with any device at your home and you can control its functions. For extensive cleaning, you can adjust the cleaning modes of the cleaner.

This is one of the best vacuum cleaners available in the Indian market in terms of its anti-fall and anti-scratch feature. This cleaner can keep your floors squeaky clean. The cleaner automatically avoids all kinds of obstacles as soon as it detects any on its way. This vacuuming robot can also wipe the floor and its wet function needs to be adjusted accordingly.


  • Both dry and wet cleaning possible.
  • Automatic sensors.
  • Environmentally safe and portable.
  • Incredible power controls.
  • Accurate cleaning of the floors.

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  1. KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 2000-Watt


KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 2000-Watt

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaners with futuristic technology, then the Kent cyclonic cleaner is just the right fit for your home. With an advanced formula that targets dirt and dust in all tough corners, this cleaner can easily extract them all and keep your home squeaky clean. This cleaner is noiseless and aims at purifying the air around you.

The best part about this cleaner is its cyclonic power control that leaves no stone unturned when removing dust and dirt. The mouth of the cleaner is wider and its powerful cleaning helps to complete the work right on time. Use this cleaner every day for a dust-free environment!


  • Excellent cleaning options.
  • Cyclonic technology.
  • Powerful and portable.
  • Full noiseless operation.
  • Great for cleaning tough corners. 

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  1. Inalsa supremo cyclonic bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner-

Inalsa supremo cyclonic bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner

One of the most dynamic vacuum cleaner models that will leave you speechless in terms of performance is the Inalsa Supremo vacuum cleaner. It is convenient to start cleaning with this cleaner on account of its cyclonic technology. It comes with a blower that is equally powerful in removing dust from the surface of your home. The wheels attached to the cleaner makes it all the more portable and safe to carry out cleaning in narrow areas of the home.

This vacuum cleaner aims for spotless cleaning due to its flexible nature. Although this model is a bagless one, the filter is responsible for purifying the air as well. You can remove the filter, clean it, and then insert it back again. The auto cord opens and closes itself with just a push of the button.


  • 2-year warranty.
  • Excellent design.
  • Great portability.
  • Cyclonic technology.
  • Convenient for everyday cleaning.

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  1. Dyson V7 cord-free vacuum cleaner-

Dyson V7 cord-free vacuum cleaner

The all-new vacuum cleaner from Dyson aims at transforming the process of regular cleaning at homes. This cordless model is portable and helps with the removal of allergens and microscopic particles in the air. Considered as one of the best vacuum cleaners for Indian buyers, this model can be converted to a handheld model when not cleaning extensively.

With incredible power controls, this vacuum cleaner releases a total suction of 100AW. The design is brilliant and fits in with the aesthetics of an Indian household. This cleaner can be ducked in when converted into a handheld model.


  • Easily convertible.
  • 1-year warranty from Dyson.
  • Excellent capacity.
  • Powerful and aggressive suction.
  • Cordless and portable.

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The final conclusion:

The Best vacuum cleaner in India comes with multiple advantages that will lessen the burden of your cleaning process. Some of the exclusive merits of using this machine are as follows:

  • Having a vacuum cleaner at home saves a lot of time and even energy. You finish cleaning your home on time and you get time to rest too. Manual cleaning with a broom takes more effort and time.
  • A vacuum cleaner is very used to use. Just adjust its speed and time and you are good to go.
  • The best part of having a vacuum cleaner at home is that it helps in removing pollens and all kinds of allergens. You never know when these elements can lead to some crucial airborne diseases. It sucks in all the dirt and improves indoor air quality. Luckily, the vacuum cleaner helps in keeping your home clean and 100% safe.
  • Pet hair is successfully removed with the vacuum cleaner as it comes with a set of advanced functions. Some of the models have automatic sensors that turn off the cleaner once the cleaning is done. Effective cleaning can be managed with the cleaner alone.
  • There are lots of options available when buying a low-cost vacuum cleaner.
  • Finally, a vacuum cleaner can reach the tough corners of your home and help in cleaning them. Think about the sofa corners or the ceilings that you couldn’t reach earlier. Now that you have the cleaner, you can easily operate it and clean your home right away!

With all these advantages, buyers have enough reasons to buy a model today. Expectancy from a vacuum cleaner further increases due to its excellent cleaning capacity. Before you start operating the cleaner, it is advised to read the user manual. This will give you in-depth knowledge about the vacuum cleaner model you have purchase and further improve your cleaning experience.


  1. Which is the best vacuum cleaner in India?

One of the best vacuum cleaner models is the one by Eureka Forbes. It’s High-efficiency particulate air filtration action gets rid of fine dust that lingers in the air. Manual cleaning can sometimes fail to remove the dust from tough corners and even the air. Therefore, use the Eureka Forbes high power vacuum cleaner today and experience the magic of cleaning.

  1. What is the best vacuum cleaner in 2020?

The Kent wizard cyclonic vacuum cleaner is one of the best and most powerful vacuum cleaner models that support quality cleaning for all Indian homes. The Turbo brush deep cleaning strategy helps in cleaning all specific areas of your home and keeps it dust-free. The auto cord is excellent and comes with an array of ideal functions when sucking dust and dirt. The powerful suction and control is indeed a plus point and buyers consider this model as value for money.

  1. Is Vacuum cleaner worth buying in India?

Yes! Buying a vacuum cleaner in India comes with so many benefits. The Efficiency particulate matter is thoroughly cleaned with the vacuum cleaner. Considering the environment and levels of dust and dirt around, buying a vacuum cleaner is worth all the money spent on it!

  1. How do you adjust the speed of the vacuum cleaner?

Each vacuum cleaner model comes with different levels of speed adjustments. Normally, there are low, average, and high power cleaning modes available in cleaners. For cleaning carpets, the average speed is enough. A button to control the speed is present in the cleaner. You can change it anytime and check the speed as per the cleaning you want to do.

  1. How to remove the dust bag from the vacuum cleaner?

Filter bags are present in some vacuum cleaner models. Generally, there is a Dustbag full indicator that assists you with the idea of removing the dust bag and inserting a new one. It is totally unhygienic to keep on collecting more dust, even when the bag full indicator is popping up. The ba,g in this case, can burst anytime. Therefore, to stop any kind of a mess, it is important to change the filter bag when the indicator tells you to do so.

  1. What are the warranty conditions of the cleaner?

Every vacuum cleaner model you find in the market has its own warranty terms and conditions. The time frame differs from the brand only. The warranty is applicable only to manufacturing or packaging defects. Intentional damage is not covered within the warranty card and you have to pay extra to repair it.

  1. Where do I buy the vacuum cleaner from?

It is always advisable to check out the deals that are available online. You can get a good vacuum cleaner model at an affordable price on Amazon and other shopping sites. In addition to that, you can visit an electronic store nearby and purchase a vacuum cleaner.