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Diabetes is a slow poison that keeps harming your body eventually making it dull and sluggish. It becomes mandatory to keep your sugar levels in check. This can be done by keeping a check on what you are eating, exercising regularly, and lastly by checking the sugar level regularly with the best glucometer so that you know what your next steps should be.

 Dr Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor Model BG 03

Dr Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor Model BG 03

capable of storing 300 results
7, 14 and 31-day average
uses only a little blood
alternate site testing
 Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

fulfils ISO 15197:2013, EN ISO 15197:2015 standards
pre as well as post-meal markers
two-button handling
ease of use
visually double-check
8 seconds re-dose option
 Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer

visual reassurance with a target indicator
ISO 15197:2013 standards of accuracy
large dosing window
clutter-free screen
Easy USB transfer
varied vial options
virtual pain-free testing
less than 4 seconds for the result
 BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit 

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

convert your smartphone into a glucometer
check the blood glucose level anywhere
get assistance from BeatO consultants
connect with your doctor and family
 OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

no coding, no buttons and no setups
meets the latest International Standards of ISO 15197:2013
requires a span of 5 seconds
a very small amount of blood (1.0 µL)
colour sure technology
voice signals

What is glucometer?

Going to the labs every day to get your sugar levels tested is surely a thing of the past now. In the modern world, there are modern solutions to everything. A glucometer is a blood sugar testing machine that can help you check your blood sugar right in the comfort of your home. Using the machine for sugar test, you would be able to get a fair idea of your blood sugar and take the necessary actions.

Buying a glucometer machine would not be such a difficult task if you have the right guidance. You must know the basic factors that you must consider while buying it at the same time know some of the best glucometer machines which is available in the market. We are here to make this whole process easier for you. In this article, we would first enlighten you about the factors that you must consider while buying a sugar testing machine. Followed by which, we would state some of the best machines available which you must definitely check. So, here we go!

Best Glucometer – Buying Guide

Having some knowledge about the product you are going to buy would always render you better off. There wouldn’t be any scope left for foolery or misguidance, and you would easily be able to get your hands on the best sugar level testing machine for yourself.

Factors to consider while buying the best blood sugar testing machine

  1. Accuracy: The first factor which plays a key role is the accuracy of the glucometer. Most new glucometer comes with FDA standards and is accurate, however, this might vary as the glucometer becomes old. The accuracy of the meter can also vary depending on how it is used. Whatever be the case, you must get the glucometer checked every 3 months which can be done in the following ways.
  • Going to the laboratory or a doctor: Once in a long time you can judge the accuracy of the glucometer by taking it to these places. Get your blood sugar level tested here and at the same time do it on your blood sugar machine, the two should show the same reading or a difference of 15%.
  • Control solution: You would very often get a control solution along with the best glucometer, if nit, you can easily purchase it at the nearest pharmacy. Applying this solution the glucometer must give the exact result which is mentioned in the solution. If this isn’t the case, you are in trouble.
  1. Cost of the glucometer: The next factor which again plays a key role in your purchase is the cost of the glucometer. You can find the best glucometers from a cost of 500 to a cost of 3000 from different manufactures. The variation in cost depends upon various factors including technology used, memory capacity, cost of the test strips, syncing option, and many others.
  2. Cost of test strips: Since buying the best glucometer your expense doesn’t directly come to an end, followed by the actual device you have to keep spending money on the test strips, you must make a wise choice. You must try to consider the number of test strips you would be requiring which depend on the frequency with which you use the device. The prices of the strips vary with different manufacturers, however, the more the number of strips you are buying at once, the cheaper it would cost you.
  3. Ease of using it: Some best glucometers require you to insert code that is present with the new vial of strips that you purchase. This code helps the device to analyze the strips used and try to deliver accurate results. However, the new glucometers no more use this technology and still deliver accurate results. Moving on, you must still check the buttons you would be required to deal with. Some glucometers get activated only by the insertion of the strip which makes the device have fewer buttons followed by lesser hassle.
  4. Lancing Device: This is another cost that you must consider while buying your sugar tester machine. The very thought of going through pain to get the blood sample is scary. However, with the use of a lancing device, this process becomes easier and better. The device takes out as much blood which is required as your blood sample and that too in a painless manner. Buying this device is also possible from other third-party manufactures which give them at easy prices.
  5. The blood sample: This is another thing that you must consider while choosing a machine. The older machines required a whole blood drop as the blood sample, however, the newer machines can give you good results by the usage of minimum blood also. Machines are coming which allows you to take the sample from your thigh or forearm also so that you are not hurting the same finger every day.
  6. Keeping a record: You would be blankly testing your sugar level each day if you are not maintaining the constant record. The test results depend on various factors such as the food you’ve eaten, the time at which you have taken the medicine or insulin as well as the amount of physical activity you have done. You can always maintain this record on paper but wouldn’t be better if your glucometer can store this up for you so that you and your doctor can manage your sugar levels in a better way.
  7. Speed of the results: You might be a busy man or a woman who does not like to spend a lot of time testing your blood sugar level. With these metres you are not ought to go to labs every day, rather you can have the test results in less than a minute and at times even in less than 5 seconds. While buying the best glucometer, you must make sure that the machine is quick but at the same time is also giving accurate results.
  8. Expiry period of the test strips: Another factor you must consider while buying test strips is their expiry period. Usually, the test strips have an expiry period of about 2 years, however, the cheaper ones also come with a 1 year expiry period. This is a considerable factor while buying the strips in bulk.
  9. Some other additional factors to consider while buying the best glucometer;
  • Space it would take: You must look for space your device is taking, especially, if you plan to carry it around. It must fit wherever you would like it to, your pocket, your purse, or your handbag. Do not forget that you would be required to also carry the testing strips and the lancing device. Certain glucometer machines come with a pouch to ensure that you can carry everything around with ease.
  • Accessibility feature: There are best glucometers that come with n accessibility feature which is ideal for any diabetic patient who is visually impaired. Make sure that its feature is there if you require it. Along with this, there is also a large LCD backlit display.

This is all the knowledge you needed to buy the best glucometer in India. Now you can assess your needs to be able to come to the kind of device you require and look forward to buying it. Having known the features, now we would take you through the best sugar testing machine in India to further aid you.

Best Glucometer Reviews

Have a look at the best sugar test kit with us to choose the very best for yourself.

  1. Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu Chek is one of the best companies for buying a glucometer which allows you to measure blood glucose accurately as well as rapidly. It comes with a vial of 10 strips along with it and is equipped with the best features to make it to Amazon’s choice.

The features of this device are:

  • The machine fulfils ISO 15197:2013, EN ISO 15197:2015 standards of accuracy and would help you get the perfect measure of your blood glucose
  • The machine is equipped with pre as well as post-meal markers to help you distinguish the two and get the perfect reading
  • The feature of ease of use is present in this glucometer since it does not require coding and is easy to use with two-button handling
  • You have an option to visually double-check the reading of your blood glucose
  • There is an 8 seconds re-dose option if you are unable to get it done perfectly in the first go

check price

  1. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Blood Glucose Test Strips

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Blood Glucose Test Strips

This is a small blood glucose tester which helps you to check the blood glucose level quickly, accurately as well as comfortably. This glucometer equipped with all the necessary features makes it to the bestseller.

Some of its unique features are:

  • It gives you the blood glucose results in a span of 5 seconds
  • It requires a Small 0.5uL blood sample size to make the process easier
  • The device comes with a large memory
  • There are 10 lancets
  • The large reading screen is capable of storing 300 test results at once

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  1. Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer

This target range indicator gives a visual assurance to the diabetic patient. The company’s name is a sure indicator of its quality and longevity.

The unique features of Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer are:

  • You can get visual reassurance with a target indicator which tells you if your blood glucose level is low, medium, or high
  • It fulfils ISO 15197:2013 standards of accuracy and is one of the most accurate glucometers you would find
  • It has the largest dosing window and can be dosed anywhere along the edge allowing it to automatically absorb the blood on the finger
  • It has a clutter-free screen showing you only the information which is required not making it complex
  • It allows Easy USB transfer giving you an option to upload the results on the Accu-Chek Connect Online portal (USB)
  • It gives you options of having 10, 25, and 50 vials to choose one in accordance with your needs
  • The machine allows virtual pain-free testing
  • You can get the results in less than 4 seconds

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  1. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

With this OneTouch glucometer, you can move a step forward with each touch. It is another company that you can entirely depend on and hence also makes it to amazon’s choice.

The unique features of the device are:

  • The machine allows a very simple form of blood glucose testing since there is no coding, no buttons, and no setups. You can use it immediately without the requirement of a setup
  • The device is accurate and meets the latest International Standards of ISO 15197:2013
  • It shows the accurate results in a span of 5 seconds
  • You need to make use of a very small amount of blood (1.0 µL) while using this glucose meter
  • There is a colour sure technology along with voice signals to guide you

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  1. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

This is the modern-day glucometer that converts your smartphone into the glucometer. It allows you to connect with experts as and when you take the blood glucose test. At the same time, it can also send in notifications to your doctor as well as your family whenever your blood sugar level happens to be dangerous. You can also get guidance on healthy food here.

The unique features of this glucometer are:

  • The glucometer converts your smartphone and shows you the accurate glucometer reading while on the go
  • You can connect with your smartphone anytime and check the blood glucose level anywhere
  • Get assisted by the BeatO consultants on a healthy diet pattern
  • You can get accurate readings on your smartphone connecting you also to the doctor as well as the family

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  1. Dr Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor Model BG 03

Dr Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor Model BG 03

This glucometer can help you take a reading of your blood glucose quickly as well as comfortably.

It has certain advantages over the other glucometer, which include:

  • You are not supposed to make use of coding with this glucose meter making the whole process easier
  • The device is capable of storing 300 results making it easy to keep a record of the progress you are making
  • You can have a look at 7, 14, and 31-day average
  • This glucose meter makes use of only a little blood
  • You can also make use of alternate site testingcheck price
  1. Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer is one of the best sugar test machines in India. This glucometer uses modern technology and provides the patient with a completely confident reading at one go.

The unique features of this sugar measuring machine are:

  • It follows the ISO 15197: 2013 accuracy criteria in both laboratory as well as clinical settings
  • It provides a second-chance sampling (60 sec) and sip-in sampling
  • The light feature alerts the patient of extremely high or low test results
  • Contour diabetes app sends you reminders to check your test results and of your appointments with the doctor
  • Fast and easy-to-read results (5-second countdown)
  • It has a memory of 800 results
  • Helps you to permanently connect with your results and manage them

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These are some of the best glucometers available in the market from which you can choose the one you want which is in tandem with your needs. The various options that these best glucometers provide might make your quest for the right one complicated, however, once you assess your needs well in advance, there wouldn’t be any scope left for confusion.

Getting the best glucometer for yourself you can now be on your way to managing your blood sugar level and staying fit. Keeping a track of what your test results have been you can definitely fight this disease and become a fit individual once again. Make sure that along with tracking your blood sugar level, you are also frequently exercising as is required for your body. In addition to this, taking some diet precautions and going by what your doctor recommends, you would surely be able to pass this havoc of diabetes very easily.

We wish you good health and speedy recovery!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the most accurate glucometer in India?

The new glucometers which are available in the market show accurate results and are reliable. If you still wish to go in-depth and choose the most accurate glucometer, you can go for Accu check, OneTouch, or Contour glucometers. While buying the device, you must take care that it fulfils ISO 15197:2013.

  1. Is Accu Check instant accurate?

Yes, the Accu Check instant is accurate and follows the ISO 15197:2013 standards of accuracy. There is no doubt in the accuracy of its reading whatsoever.

  1. Which is the most accurate glucometer?

Mostly all the modern glucometers are accurate and provide the best results. Just make sure that they are abiding by the ISO 15197:2013 standards of accuracy. If you still wish to further test the accuracy of the machine on your own, you can either take it to a doctor or a laboratory where you can check your blood sugar level using both the doctor’s device and your device at the same time. The other way to check the accuracy of the best glucometer is to use the solution which comes with a stated sugar amount and you can test the solution’s level.

  1. What is the normal blood sugar level?

A blood sugar level of less than 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L) is considered normal. If the reading is more than 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L) after two hours, it means that you have diabetes. At the same time, if the reading is between 140 and 199 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L and 11.0 mmol/L), it means that you have prediabetes

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