Home Deep Cleaning


Rs.3500 – Rs.21,999
Above 7000+ sq ft on inspection. Inspection charges of INR250 would be adjusted in total bill.

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Please Note:

– It includes the cleaning of interiors of the premises.
– External area cleaning, like parking area or lawn will be charged ₹5 per sq. ft.
– Cleaning of the facade of the villa is not included.
– Cleaning of utensils/ interiors of refrigerator/ chimney/ or oven/ microwave does not include in the kitchen.
– Removal and rearrangement of jars and utensils would be charged extra INR500 per kitchen.
– Single room will cost ₹1000 per room.

Complete sanitization of house using biodegradable chemicals

Deep Cleaning of Balcony includes floor, grill work and windows.

Team Size & Time Taken
4 to 8 hours or 1-2 days. (Depends on the size of the premises.)
2 to 6 workers. (Depends upon the size of the premises.)

Deep Cleaning of Kitchen includes floor, cabinets, fixtures and appliances exteriors

Dusting and cleaning of fans, lights, windows, railings, cabinets and switchboards using a soft broom. Deep cleaning of Bathroom includes WC, fixtures, floor / tiling and disinfecting.

Deep Cleaning of Living Room and Bedrooms includes floors, windows, furniture, appliances(externally) and carpet/curtains vacuuming.

Cleaning of doors, cupboards, handles and wardrobe exteriors & dry wiping of walls and ceilings. Dry vacuuming of carpets, curtains and unreachable corners