How to Use Earphone Mic on Laptop?

When you are on your laptop, and you are in the middle of the meeting, and you want to talk in a more organized and undisturbed manner, we have all wanted to switch to our earphone mic and then proceed. How To Use Earphone Mic On Laptop is essential to consider recording music audio or doing a call, and earphones are always a better option because of the clarity and ease. A lot of people use the earphone mic on their laptops to perform these functions, and if you have ever been curious about it, then you are in the right place.

How to use the headphone mic on a PC

How To Use Earphone Mic On Laptop

  1. The first step in this is to find the in-line jack on your computer. This is the microphone jack where you will insert your earphone’s plug. Once you do that, plug your earphones into this.
  2. Go to the search bar and type “manage audio devices.” You will see this option getting flashed, so click on it and go to the sound control panel.
  3. There will be an option stating “recording” and then click on it.
  4. To test if your earphone is recording anything or not, bring the mic closer to your mouth and start blowing. 
  5. If any green bars are indicating some activity is going on, you are doing it right. 
  6. You have to confirm that your microphone is listed there and is now working.
  7. Your microphone’s name will be displayed there. Click on it and make it your default option by clicking on “set default.”
  8. Once you click on “OK,” you are ready to use your earphones as a microphone.

Earphones and microphones have a diaphragm that vibrates and converts the sound energies received by it into electrical signals and then back to the sound signals again. These steps will clarify you know How To Use Earphone Mic On Laptop. Although the laptop mic and the microphone installed in it are of better quality because it supports a big device, the earphone quality can be improved significantly by playing around a little with the audio settings. Then it can be used as a mic on your PC.

On the other hand, the earphones receive the signals, and the diaphragm attached to it vibrates and creates the sound for us, which is transmitted to our ear when we put it on.



Are earphones and microphones the same?

The microphone and the earphones are almost the same, and their power to utilize the signals and then convert them also works on the same principle. The difference lies in the fact that in a microphone, the signals are transmitted from an input source, and then it captures those signals and broadcast or records it as per our requirement.


How to adjust the louder as per need?

Go to the sound control panel again and click on “properties.” Click on the “levels” button, and there you will see a slider. Adjust the loudness as per your need and anything else which is required. 


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