How To Transfer Files From Phone To Laptop Without Usb

You may have your USB broken or lost and there may be an emergency to transfer files from phone to laptop. For such situations, you should have the knowledge of how to transfer files from phone to laptop without usb. Learn from the two ways mentioned below how to transfer files from phone to laptop without usb.

How to transfer files from phone to laptop without usb and wifi?

Bluetooth is a good option to transfer data without USB from phone to laptop. It may not be the quickest way of transferring files but it can work if you have much time in your hands. Bluetooth is always the last resort while different software and apps cannot sometimes fulfil our necessities properly. See the process of transferring files with the help of Bluetooth and without any WiFi connection or usb below.

how to transfer files from phone to laptop without usb

First you need to open the Bluetooth option from the settings menu on your smartphone. Next you need to make sure that you can find your mobile phone on the laptop by turning on the Bluetooth option there.

On the laptop, tap on the start button and then go to settings. Tap on the Bluetooth option next. Using the phone search feature, you can find your smartphone appear in the list of phones discovered. Go back to your phone to pair the devices.

You will be shown on your laptop and smartphone a common pass code after this. Check if the two passwords are totally same on both the devices. Tap ok on your smartphone and press connect on your laptop.

The devices are now connected. Go to receive and send files through Bluetooth on your laptop and pick it. Select Receive media files by accessing the receive files option. Tap on share for a particular media on your smartphone and then on Bluetooth.

Pick your laptop to send the files of your preference. Your laptop will successfully receive the file. Tap on browse if you want to modify the place where the file is saved. Finally save the file on your laptop by selecting finish.

How to transfer files from phone to laptop without usb and bluetooth?

You may look for another method if you do not have enough time to wait for the bluetooth service to transfer files from your smartphone to your laptop without USB. If you have an Android or operating  system whose version is 4.0 or higher, you will find the WiFi option on that smartphone. Establishing this capability is consistent and straightforward for all Android phones though there are numerous user interfaces for different systems.

Presently file transfers are not enabled by WiFi directly. As a result, a third-party program is to be used. WiFi is used by these applications for transmitting any kind of media between two devices. It is currently regarded as the fastest way to transfer files across mobile phones.

Air Droid is a well-known third party program which you can use to share media from your phone to the laptop through WiFi. First you need to open this app on your phone and also open the Air Droid website or launch the desktop client on your laptop simultaneously. On both the phone and laptop, sign into your account. To choose your desktop device, tap on the my devices icon and pair them.

Next you need to tap on the files button after pressing the attachment icon. Click the send option after selecting a particular file. Download the files/file by opening the desktop client.

how to transfer files from phone to laptop without usb

Through Gmail

There is another method through which you can transfer files from phone to laptop without USB. First, you need to type the recipient’s name after opening the Gmail app on your phone.Using the link option on the top right corner,attach the specific file from the three available options: drive, gallery and files. Tap on the arrow-shaped icon to send the file via email after attaching the media you want to transfer. Lastly, open the email portion on your laptop to find the email sent from your phone to it.

There area few other ways to perform this task of transferring files from phone to laptop. We hope you find this article helpful while you try the methods when you do not have a USB cable around.