How to Transfer Data From Laptop to Laptop?

Every individual deal with large amounts of data on their devices every day. This leads to them having the same question on how to transfer data from laptop to laptop. Some people speculate that the process is very time taking, but it is the opposite.

How to transfer data from laptop to laptop?

how to transfer data from laptop to laptop

Two factors are mainly responsible for deciding the time taken for a data transfer.

  • The size of files

The more the size of files, the more is the time taken to transfer them.

  • The number of files

The larger the number of files, the more is the time taken for transferring them.

If one uses the method designed for small data files for large ones, the transfer may fail.

A lot of people are not aware that there are multiple methods for transferring data. They only know about applications available on the internet. Some of these are not safe and must not be used for important data.

Different ways to transfer data between devices

As mentioned earlier, multiple ways can be used to transfer data. The choice is made by the user depending on the convenience associated with each method. Wifi cannot be used by everyone, because they may not have access to it.

A new approach is being followed by laptop users nowadays. They create work drives in laptops that can be accessed by multiple devices. It is done with the help of signing in with the email and password. It is very convenient because no special add ons are required. It also helps in saving time.

Advancements in technology like the Windows 10 user interface have a specially designed option called nearby share. It is designed so that users can easily share their data when changing devices. It can only be used when both laptops have Windows 10.

How to share data between two laptops?

how to transfer data from laptop to laptop

Using secure Wifi is a good way for transferring data from one laptop to another. To do so, follow the given steps.

  • Connect both devices to the same Wifi.
  • Make the IP address of the device static.
  • A static IP address is solely created to connect two devices.
  • Once the settings are changed, select the files.
  • Making a folder of the files makes the transfer easy.

Hardware devices like USB can also be used for transferring data. It is one of the conventional methods of data transfer.

  • Connect the USB with the device.
  • Copy the files which you want to share.
  • The process will take some time.
  • A notification will pop up when the copying is complete.
  • Eject the USB.
  • Put it on the other laptop and paste the required files.
  • Keep the USB as a backup of the files.

So, use one of these methods for transferring your data files. These will complete the work efficiently and in no time. You can follow some tips while using these methods.

  • Plan on the files to be shared to save space on the device.
  • Make a folder of the files so that you will not have to remember the name of each of them.
  • Make sure to scan the USB for any miscellaneous files that may be having viruses.
  • Create a backup drive for an additional copy of the data.
  • Open the files to check whether they are opening on the device or not.


  1. Can data be shared between laptops using wifi?

Answer: Yes, wifi can be used for the sharing of data between two laptops. Follow the simple steps given above to do it easily. The other methods that can be used include:

  • Data cables
  • Work drives
  • Email transfer
  • USB transfer
  • Nearby share in Windows 10

The method can be chosen based on the type and size of files. The availability of accessories also affects the choice of the user.

  1. Which is a better way for transferring data- using special software or a USB?

Answer: The choice between the two depends on the type and size of the data files. It also depends on the operating software on the two laptops. The following factors need to be analyzed for choosing the method:

  • Type of files
  • Data format
  • Operating system
  • Processing speed
  • The processor chip of devices
  • Storage space

Choosing a method without considering these factors may lead to problems. There may be connection issues between the two devices.

  1. Do two laptops need to be of the same brand for transferring data?

Answer: Data can be shared between two laptops irrespective of their brands. It is the operating system that plays a major role. For instance, if both the laptops have Windows 10, then they will have a nearby share.

It is software that helps in sharing data between two nearby devices. Different brands may also have these types of software. It makes the process easy because there is no need for any special technical arrangements.


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