How to Repair Earphone Jack?

Entertainment is the same everywhere, and throughout time, various gadgets such as iPods, smartphones, and other similar devices have become more and more approachable to music. And perhaps the most frequent way to hear music is through earphones, with most earphones having an appropriate 3.5mm connection. In this article, you will know about how to repair earphone jack.

However, due to regular usage and the perpendicular orientation of these headphone connectors, they eventually wear out now and stop operating. It would have been unlikely to replicate your earphones if you’ve had a nice set, but then you can change the headphone socket yourself as an option.

Steps on how to repair earphone jack

This is a really easy procedure that will save you money on an expensive pair of headphones.

Step 1: First, you must complete the following steps.

Here’s everything you’ll just want to get launched: Bill of Materials

  • 3.5 – millimeter plug
  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Wire
  • Wire Stripper for Flux Wires
  • Candles vs. matchstick

Warning: This construction necessitates some rudimentary soldering skills; if you don’t understand how to connect, there are also several YouTube tutorials available to teach you how to repair earphone jack.

Step 2: Approximately 3.5mm Hook

There are two varieties of 3.5mm jacks: including one three terminals and the other with four. The three-terminal connector is for simultaneous audio, whereas the four-terminal jack should be for a second microphone. I’ll teach everyone how and when to repair the 3 jack in this tutorial, although the four-terminal jack is really quite comparable and may be followed together with this one.

how to repair earphone jack

3rd step: Remove Old Jack from the Picture

Let’s begin by removing the old jack; you must leave around 1cm of cable connected towards the jack; not everything is required, although it is important to avoid potential wire breakage around the jack. When taking the connection out, you should use a wire remover or perhaps a pair of tweezers.

When you’ve already cut out all the wire, you’ll need to eliminate the shielding, and you’ll have three, four, or five strands it depends on your headphones. A mono earphone with no microphones has 3 or 4 wires, whereas a microphone or loudness control has five wires.

Uninstall the Soundproofing in Step 4

During reconnecting, the wrapping on the conductors must be removed. This can all be accomplished by scorching the conductors’ tips with a lighter or matching stick. Because disconnecting the insulation might cause the wires to burn, you must polish everything with sandpaper before actually connecting it out to the replacement 3.5mm connector.

Splicing wires (Step 5)

The key element is to attach the cable to either the newest headphone connector. The easiest method to accomplish this is to apply soldering flux to both the wires and well before something connecting it. Whether you have multiple or even more copper – colored wires connect them again and connect them towards the additional headphone jack’s largest terminal.

The different channel cables, which have been typically color – coded as primary colors and purple and orange, must then be soldered. Before actually replacing the headphone cover on the socket, test the earphones for sound after soldering all of the connections. You will now be able to listen to music again after successfully replacing your earphones jack.


Q1. What was the Problem with the Loosen Headphone Jack?

It’s critical to figure out what has been creating the crisis first before you can solve it. This allows you to select the most suited remedy, avoiding the need for more difficult adjustments that may harm your device. A faulty headphone jack might result in a variety of issues. One of them when the earphone plug keeps falling out of another port. It might also result in static in the earphones, and also some stereo issues.

To further comprehend the issue, learn something about physical buttons and plugs. Some methods are also available for the quick and easy to detect a loosened aux jack.

Q2. What’s the deal with one of the earbuds not working?

Your earphones may only operate inside one ear if the cable is loose or damaged. Follow the instructions underneath to remove and repair the earbuds then when you’ve confirmed that the problem isn’t triggered by a damaged or shorted circuit along the cable.

Damaged wires in headphones may be easily repaired.

  • Stage 1: Gather the materials you’ll require. -A wire remover (or anything like that).
  • Stage 2: Remove the Wire
  • Stage 3: Put the Shrink Wrapping on.
  • Stage 4: Wash the Cables to a smooth finish.
  • Stage 5: Bend and connect the wires.
  • Stage 6: Use electrical tape to conceal the soldering.
  • Stage 7: Cover Wrinkle!!!

Q3. When it comes to earphones, how long do they last?

Ans3. An inexpensive set of earphones should not be expected to only last upwards of few more months. An elevated pair, but on the other hand, can endure up to 10 years. Furthermore, most costly earphones come with a minimum of a one-year warranty. If they cease operating, you can quickly replace the existing ones


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