How To Remove Earphone Mode In Redmi?

Several Xiaomi customers have reported that some phones have become trapped in earphone mode, which means that perhaps an earphone icon shows mostly on the device’s alert bar all of the time. This is inconvenient since it prevents users from conversing with just another person on the other end without using the phone’s speaker. Here are the given solutions on how to remove earphone mode in Redmi.

The problem concerning Xiaomi smartphones becoming stuck in earphone mode is still not limited to a single series and model, however affects both Redmi as well as MI phones. Nevertheless, it was not a serious problem, and that not every Redmi customer will experience everything on their smartphone.

This Earphone icon (Headset stuck state) may be seen on every Xiaomi smartphone, including the Redmi 1S, Xiaomi 4, Maui 4A, Redmi Note, and so on. Even though this issue is not exclusive to any MIUI edition, it can occur on just about any MIUI variant, including MIUI 9. This issue is caused by a hardware malfunction. Hence please don’t pretend that formatting (Manufacturing plant Reset) your smartphone would fix your situation; even Smartphone Relish won’t help you with this issue.

Why does Xiaomi’s Earphone mode get stuck?

Why does Xiaomi's Earphone mode get stuck

Every mobile phone is a gadget. Regardless of whether the gadget is made by Apple as well as Xiaomi, it always has difficulties. So you certainly don’t blame Xiaomi in this case. This isn’t a significant problem. On various devices, just a few people are experiencing this issue. So, if you can’t get anything done at the house, you may go to the local Xiaomi service department, where they are constantly willing to assist you, so, in this section, we’ll talk about various solutions to the Earphone problem.

How to remove Earphone Mode in Redmi Phones:

Although we have already stated that this would be a hardware issue, some people believe it is a software flaw. I’m hoping this is still a software issue, so they can just restart their device because it will be OK. The issue has been resolved. They could also install a fresh ROM.

First technique

Pick an earphone and wipe the earphone hole with it. Please turn off your Redmi phone before doing this.

Second Approach

  • If the previous solution doesn’t always work, attempt this one.
  • Replace your Headset in the sockets and unplug it swiftly.
  • Repeat the put-remove procedure 30-35 times more.

Third Possibility

  • Use an earbud with a microphone.
  • Make sure your headphone is plugged in and then the smartphone is unlocked.
  • Prolonged press the strength button of your headphone for around 4-5 moments, then disconnect it without pressing the button.

Fourth alternative

Switch on the lite option on the Redmi gadget as the fourth solution, and return to normalcy to learn more about the lite mode as well as how to activate it, see here.

Fifth technique

  • If your headphones are connected then unplug them.
  • Select Headphone Types from the Sound & Vibration section of the Settings menu.
  • There are other alternatives available, including General, Public In-ear, MI earphones MI In-ear, and so on.
  • Choose any one of those options, then plug inside and remove the headphone. Watch 2 seconds following withdrawing the headphone to check if the headphone sign has vanished.
  • Unless the symbol does not disappear, try another choice, and steps were repeated above.