How to Remove Ants from Laptop?

Ants are social insects who decide their habitat. But what if suddenly they decide to establish a colony on your laptop? The thought of how to remove ants from laptop gives you a headache. Disinfestation is a process that tests your patience. Presumptuous ideas are available overboard starting, from unconventional DIYs to technical assistance.

Infestation: trespassing your laptop

how to remove ants from laptop

Let us check the reason why an ant colony decided to own your laptop before going into the steps of getting rid of the infestation and methods on how to remove ants from laptop,

As mentioned, ants are social insects that decide their habitat. They choose a place for habitation depending upon the reachability and availability of their basic needs-food and shelter.

People tend to eat while playing or watching movies on their laptops. The chance of food leftovers falling on the keyboard or around while doing so is relatively high that can invite the attention of ants. The sense of smell that an ant possesses is remarkable. They can sense the food from a distance. Once spotted, they establish their colony inside the laptop that meets their basic needs. Abstain from placing laptops on filthy surfaces.

So, the best possible way to keep ant away is to keep food away from your laptop.

Disinfestation: decolonization and clearing

how to remove ants from laptop

Just imagine ants playing hide and seek on your keyboard while you are on something important. It can be a nuisance if they want to cohabit in your laptop. Dealing with the disinfestation is like dealing with a tenant who refuses to leave despite many warnings. You need to invest your patience and time in this.

Colonization Indicators

  • Preoccupancy in and around the laptop

If you see ants toying around, it’s a sign of infestation and needs special attention.

  • Disrupted performance

The recent hindrance in the performance can be a sign of infestation and needs urgent attention. Ants can cause a short circuit resulting in the complete system breakdown.

Disinfestation: methods involved

  • Shaking the laptop

The first and foremost step is shaking the laptop carefully. The shaking can scare the ants and disrupt their habitat up to an extent. It is the simplest way that doesn’t need any technical skill. As simple as it may sounds, it doesn’t assure you with a 100 % outcome. Shaking can scare some, but not all of them. To make sure your laptop is free of ants and its egg, you should follow other steps too.

  • Vacuuming: Inside out

Vacuuming can help get rid of the ants to a certain extent. The best way to get rid of entire ants is to open up and vacuum. Vacuuming an open laptop has to be done carefully and gently as the inner components are fragile and sensitive.

If you are not too sure about opening the system, opt for cleaning only the vents and get technical assistance for the rest.

  • Cleaning: Total disinfestation

An ideal choice in clearing off ants and dirt is cleaning the laptop thoroughly. Make it a habit to do it once a year. It is better to reach out to an expert for opening and cleaning the system as the inner components are intricate and need special attention.

  • Ant Bait: Alluring them out

An insecticide and borax bait, drizzled with a few drops of honey for sweetness, is kept near the laptop. The ant in search of food will sense it and will come out to grab it. Nevertheless, this isn’t a completely effective solution. As mentioned, opening and cleaning are the only way out of infestation.

  • Trench it out

It is an unconventional method to get rid of ants overnight. It is a bait-free and chemical-free method. All you need to do is to fill a rectangular tray with enough water and keep something sturdy in the center. The laptop should be placed on the sturdy object carefully without the risk of being submerged in the water. Make a bridge with a spoon or fork. Once the ants spot this isolation, they start to move out of the system to escape from the potential starvation and isolation. This process is time-consuming. So it is better to be done at night as ants tend to be more active during the night.

Even after this moat method, Reach out to an expert and get it opened and cleaned.

  • Professional Assistance

A tension-free method, where you can relax while the expert takes over your headache. A professional expert will clean it and check for any performance issues.

  • Try Changing Places

If the situation permits, try changing your workstation after cleaning. Shifting to a new place will help you feel fresh and anew.

Colonization: Damaging the system

Be quick in action if you see ants in and around your system. Inhabitation of your laptop can cause potential damage to the system. The inhabitation causes the temperature to build up inside the system which, may disrupt the normal functioning. Ants can destroy the fragile inner components, and the destruction caused may be irreversible or may be very expensive.

How to remove ants from laptop screen?

Ants crawling all over the screen can be a sort of nightmare. These leave trails of pheromones inviting more of them. Taking out the ant without damaging the screen is a big task. The best and only way is to open up the display and clean it properly to not leaving any trails that can invite more ants in the future. Please be noted that this step includes potential risk so do it only with technical assistance.

How to remove ants from laptop without opening?

how to remove ants from laptop

The best way to remove ants from the laptop is by opening it and cleaning it. However, in cases where technical assistance is not accessible, other methods which don’t involve technical assistance to open a laptop can be used. Let’s find out how.

  • Shaking the laptop

It is one of the easiest and simplest methods. Shake the laptop carefully yet frantically to scare off the ant colony inside. Shaking can help in the eviction to a certain extent.

  • Vacuum

It involves vacuuming the vents and the keyboard carefully. This method is comparatively effective in removing most of the ants.

  • Ant bait technique

Placing a lethal mix of insecticide and borax bait near the laptop can allure the ants outside the system and killing them.

  • Water Trench

It is one of the most effective ways to remove ants from the system without the hassle of opening it. Place a sturdy and flat-surfaced object in a tray filled up with water. Carefully place the laptop on the flat surface of the sturdy object without falling in the water. It creates a mini-island with a spoon as the only way in and out. The isolation on the water scares the ants, resulting in the evacuation of their newfound habitat-laptop.

How to remove ants from your laptop?

how to remove ants from laptop

Several methods are available for the eviction of ants. These includes;

  • Shaking-easiest method
  • Vacuuming-vacuuming inside out
  • Cleaning-the most effective way of elimination
  • Water moat-Isolating the laptop to let the ants evacuate themselves.
  • Ant-bait-alluring the ants outside the laptop with a lethal bait

How to remove small ants from laptop?

The presence of ants in the laptop can be a nuisance. The faster we get rid of them better our system will be. Many techniques are available overboard to evict ants from the laptops. Other than the nuisance, ants can also cause potential damage to the system.

The methods are listed below;

  • Shaking

This method will scare the colonization. This method isn’t that effective.

  • Vacuuming

One of the effective methods

  • Cleaning and Servicing 

This method is considered the best and effective.

  • Water moat

A temporary island to scare the ant of starvation and isolation

  • Ant Bait 

A mix of insecticide and borax is kept near the laptop to attract the ants out of the laptops.

How to remove dead ants from the laptop screen?

To remove dead ants from the laptop screen needs technical assistance. Open the screen carefully under the supervision of the expert or the expert himself. Clean the screen and around thoroughly to not leave a trail for future recurrence.


Can ants harm laptops?

Of course, they can. The inside of the laptop is fragile and intricate. The infestation can cause a reduced performance to even a short circuit that can cause a complete disaster.

What will make ants go away?

Once colonized, it is rather difficult to scare away the ants from laptops.

Various methods are available online to get rid of ants. The faster you clear them off, the longer your system lasts.

Can ants live inside a laptop?

Yes, they can. The warmth inside the laptop makes a cozy room for colonization. Until and Unless the vents are closed they live comfortably inside the laptop.

How do I keep ants out of my electronics?

To keep ants away, you should keep food away and maintain personal hygiene. Keep the area surrounding the devices neat and clutter-free.

How do I get rid of ants in my laptop?

There are many ways for disinfestation. These include shaking, vacuuming, cleaning water moat, and reaching for technical service

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