How to Open Laptop Adapter?

An AC adapter is used in various devices to convert the electricity from the outlet to usable current. As laptops are known as portable desktops, they have battery cells with them. And these battery needs to be charged. And these battery saves current in the form of DC ( Direct current). Therefore, an adapter is used to convert the Alternating current AC ( used for household purposes) to Direct Current. Does this article contain information about how to open laptop adapter?

But if you are facing some issue while charging your laptop, you need to repair your existing adapter. But how to open laptop adapter?

How to open laptop adapter, you need multiple tools. You can follow the below mention steps to open the adapter-

  1. Unplug the adapter from the outlet.
  2. If it is connected to your laptop, unplug it from the computer.
  3. Take a knife or other sharp tool ( Be careful while using these).
  4. Place the sharp point of the knife or tool on the seam of the Laptop adapter.
  5. Apply slight pressure on the seam and continue it whole over the adapter. After removing the seal, you will be exposed to the internals of the adapter.

how to open laptop adapter

How to open laptop adapter Asus?

To open up your Asus laptop adapter, you can use the process mentioned earlier. You can use a screwdriver instead of a knife or a sharp tool.

How to open a Lenovo laptop adapter?

To open up your Lenovo laptop adaptor, use a screwdriver or a knife and drive it over the grooves of the adapter. The adapter pieces are connected with glue; therefore, it is necessary to separate them. After separating them, you could repair your adapter.

How to open a laptop ac adapter?

how to open laptop adapter

To open up the adapter, you can refer to the steps discussed above.

How to open a dell laptop adapter?

You need a small hammer and a screwdriver for the opening. You need to place the screwdriver on the groove of your adapter and apply gentle pressure to it. Make sure to use the hammer gently; otherwise, it can break your internals. After applying pressure, one side of the adapter will be opened. You can use your hand to open the rest of the adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to open Lenovo laptop charger adapter?

Most of the adapter’s designs and structures are the same despite their manufacturers. Therefore the process for opening the adapter is the same for most of them. But some adapter configurations and designs may vary.

2. How to open Asus laptop charger adapter?

The process of opening of Asus charger adapter is the same. It would be best if you had a screwdriver or a knife to break the seal of the adapter, as the two pieces of it are attached through glue.

3. How to open a dell laptop charger adapter?

You can use a knife, screwdriver, or any other sharp tool to open the adapter. You need to apply some pressure to the adapter groove to open it. You can use tools like a hammer to apply pressure. But make sure that you apply pressure gently to unplug the adapter.