How to Make Tea in Electric Kettle

Everything is going electric from motor cars to bikes and even kettles. There are electric kettles available in the market to make things easier for people.

One can use these kettles to boil water, which can be used to make tea, coffee, soup, and even noodles. Therefore this article is written to help people on the topic of how to make tea in electric kettle.

How to make tea in electric kettle?

how to make tea in electric kettle

Usually, people make two kinds of teas, with milk and without milk. Therefore the sections are divided, and whichever category one falls under, one can correctly make tea using an electric kettle.

A tea with milk

For people who love tea with milk, an electric kettle can be a great way to boil water. The steps on how to make tea in electric kettle for milk tea are simple:

  • To get started, turn the electric kettle on and boil water inside it.
  • On the other hand, get a teapot and put some tea leaves inside it. The number of tea leaves depends on how strong one needs the tea flavor.
  • After the water in the electric kettle is boiled enough, pour it into the teapot, which has tea leaves.
  • One needs to leave the water and tea leaves in the teapot for one to five minutes for the flavor to get mixed well.
  • After letting the tea flavor seep in the water, slowly pour milk into the teapot and ensure that the milk is added gradually, else the water won’t get mixed properly.
  • After the milk is added, one can stir the mixture for some time, and the tea is ready! Pour it into the cup and enjoy it.

A tea without milk

how to make tea in electric kettle

Another type of tea people love to make is tea without milk. The steps on how to make tea in electric kettle for without milk tea are simple:

  • For people who love tea without milk, first, pour some water into an electric kettle and keep it for boiling.
  • Take a teapot and add some tea leaves to it.
  • After the water is boiled, one can pour the hot water into the teapot filled with tea leaves.
  • One has to cover the teapot with a lid and let the tea leaves and water steep. Depending on the type of tea leaves, it might take around two to five minutes to steep.
  • Once the tea is ready, one can pour it into the cup and enjoy it.


1. Can one use teabags in kettle directly?

One can use them, but it’s not advisable to use tea bags in the electric kettle directly. The teabags contain tea leaves which can leave stains inside the kettle which are hard to clean.

2. Can one directly pour milk into an electric kettle?

No, one should take note that electric kettles are made for boiling water and not making things in it. Therefore pouring water inside an electric kettle is not advisable.