How to Make Dough for Roti Maker?

With new technology, you can get the same taste and size in the roti maker roti. They are delicious enough while having soft and don’t require any physical energy. For making roti, you need to prepare its dough. But “How to make dough for roti maker ?”

Roti maker is the best electrical companion for those looking to save their time on making roti. Making roti can be a long process if done manually. Therefore, you can shorten this process length using a roti maker. With this advanced electrical appliance, you can make a roti within some seconds. But before making roti, it is necessary to prepare its dough.

In this article, we will be discussing the process of “How to make dough for roti maker ?” So let’s start.

How To Make Dough?

how to make dough for a roti maker

To make the dough, you need flour, salt, water, and butter (per your need). You can combine the flour with water and start mixing. You can add more water if needed. Also, keep your fingers moving around the flour to make sure all dough is incorporated. You have to mix the dough until you find any pocket in it. Ensure that the dough is wet enough, as electric roti makers require more wetness in the dough than the conventional roti making style. More wetness will allow your roti to become more consistent in size and taste.

After kneading the dough, combine it into a single big ball. You can leave it for some time for the settlement of the molecules. After this, you can sprinkle a little amount of flour and divide it into small dough balls. Make sure the small balls are of an equivalent size so that all roti sizes will become the same.

How to make dough for roti maker

how to make dough for a roti maker

Plugged the machine and allowed it to become hot. Once it got heated, it is ready for cooking. Most of these machines come with an indicator, which indicates when the machine is ready for cooking. Place the smaller dough in the middle of the roti maker and press the handle down. You have to cook the roti for some seconds. Once it starts making bubbles, you can open up the roti maker handle.

Flip the roti to both sides and gently cook the roti. After cooking, remove the roti from the machine, and place it in a casserole. This whole roti-making process takes less than a minute, and you can make a large amount of roti within a short time.


Can roti maker will make circular rotis?

Yes, a roti maker can make more circular and precise roti than the traditional method. This machine has a flip handle, which gives a perfect shape to the roti. Before making a roti, make sure that you have taken an adequate amount of dough in it. Also, divide the amount of dough equivalently.