How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming?

Sometimes overheating can become a big problem when you are doing something like playing games. I will tell you how to keep Laptop cool while gaming, however long intense, and long your gaming sessions are. When we talk about gaming laptops, they are truly remarkable. They are portable, light, have amazing graphics power compact, and come with easy to handle frame. But these features are also the biggest weakness of these laptops.

Even the normal computers and laptops generate a lot of heat when you work. And if you happen to put a powerful GPU inside them, then the situation gets much worse. There’s not much that the hardware manufacturers can do to keep such an overcrowded space cool when both the CPU and GPU work together under heavy load. So the question arises how to keep Laptop cool while gaming? You can find this out yourself by reading this article.

Some Steps On How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming-

How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

Step 1- Proper Placement of the Laptop

When your laptop is under a heavy workload, what you can do is keep/place it on a flat solid surface when you are using it. Placing your laptop on a soft surface or your lap while using it is what you are doing wrong. This way the airflow of the laptop gets blocked and it overheats easily. But when you place it on a hard surface, the rubber feet of the laptop elevate and the fans pull a sufficient amount of cool air so it won’t get heated.

Step 2- Cleaning Your Laptop

When the air circulates around a laptop, it also carries dust with it which gets stuck on the laptop. There’s no other way to avoid this but what you can do is clean your laptop daily. Preferably every 4 to 6 months.

Step 3- Some Additional Cooling

How to Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

To additionally help your laptop cool, you can even buy a laptop cooler from the market. These devices are not much expensive and help the overheating issue of the laptop greatly. The cooling pads are indispensable when it comes to gaming laptops. Operating a cooling pad is simple, just place them under your laptop, plug into one of the USB port of the laptop and let the fans do their work while your work.

Additionally, if you don’t have good hardware in your laptop, then the heat can easily get out of control. And the same thing goes for the CPUs. In these cases, you really require a cooling pad or laptop cooler to prevent overheat. Also, if any of the fans in the laptop malfunction, then the heating might also increase. A simple way to check this is by listening to the fans. Work a heavy load and notice any problem by hearing the fans. Through these ways, you can easily prevent your laptop from overheating and you can play your favorite game without a hassle.