How to Install CCTV Camera?

The term CCTV stands from closed-circuit television. CCTV cameras are used for surveillance and other purposes. Most of the educational institutes, offices, industries have a CCTV camera installed in circumference to monitor the work of their employees and students. But the raising question is How to install CCTV camera?

Installing a CCTV camera is not a big thing. But before installing, look at the structure of the place where you are installing the cameras. Ensure that you pose the necessary resources required for the installation and usability of the camera. Along with the camera, you need to purchase a monitor or any device displaying the real-time footage from CCTV.

How to install  CCTV camera?

In this article, we are discussing methods for How to install CCTV camera? So let’s get started.

Position Of Camera

Before installing, you need the positions where you have to place the camera. In different locations, you have to position the camera in other places. For example, you have to set the camera at the entrance or front door of the house. Whereas in a Mall, you have to place cameras all around. Therefore, the structure and positioning of the camera are essential.


While positioning, you can draw a blueprint of the location where cameras are going to be installed. This will be helpful, as you can decide where you have to place cameras to maximize the effectiveness of the camera and security of your house.

Types of equipment

Most people are confused between buying a kit or individual CCTV equipment. Purchasing a kit has several disadvantages, as you can’t make modifications according to your requirement. And buying a kit can become costlier. Therefore it is suggested that you should buy CCTV equipment individually. You can save money on different types of equipment, which you can invest in a camera or monitor for surveillance.

Also, you have to decide on the recorder storage, as per your requirement. Most people prefer a 2TB recorder, as they are more than sufficient for them. You can increase the storage space to keep a record of the events for a longer time.

Connect cables

After deciding the position, you have to lay cables, which will connect different devices needed for the camera’s functioning. You can choose a wireless CCTV camera to associate it with any device wirelessly.

how to install cctv camera


After completing the whole process, you have to power on the setup for the trial run. You will see splits on your screen, according to the cameras installed. You can switch between different cameras to ensure that they are working correctly or not. If your setup is not functioning, you can check the recording system or cables. If there is a fault with any equipment, you can replace it. After returning, you can see the real-time footage from your camera on your monitor. Make sure that all the cameras are correctly working. You can monitor different places by navigating your cursor through other cameras.