How to Install Apps in MI TV?

Smart televisions are the future of entertainment. People enjoy their time on such TVs. One of the best smart TVs in the market is of mi. You can add apps to it. that is why people ask about how to install apps in mi tv? It is absolutely easy to install apps. In a smart mi tv. Firstly unlock the lock in the tv. You will be asked to grant permissions give those permissions to unknown sources. Then insert the USB drive that has the .apk file. You will see the USB option on the screen. You will be able to see the .apk. Click on the app and install. Yes, it is that easy.

How to install apps in mi tv without USB?

how to install apps in mi tv

It is easy to do so with a USB. But if you do not have a USB even then you can install any app on your mi tv. All you need to do is go to google on your tv. Type in the particular .apk you need. Then you will be able to see multiple sources that can provide you with the link for downloading that particular app.

How to install apps in mi tv stick?

So to installs apps on your mi tv stick, you need to go on google first. Then search for tv aptoide there. Remember to put tv in front of the aptoide because you need apps compatible with your tv stick. Click on the first link. And then click on download with that your app will start downloading. Install it. Go to the home page now, then settings, device preference, and now click security and restrictions, click on unknown sources, and at last give permission to aptoide app. Now you can use these apps on your mi tv stick.

How to install apps in mi tv with USB?

how to install apps in mi tv

Installing apps with USB on the mi tv is the easiest way of doing it. All you need to do is plug in your USB device. Then grant the USB permissions to unknown sources. Once you do it then you will be able to see the .apk files that you have on it. and simply download the file you want to install.

How to install apps in mi tv through phone?

To install apps through your phone you need to install a third source app that can transfer files for you. Once you download it on both devices then select the file you wish to transfer. After it selects the device meaning to select your mi tv and just simply transfer.


  1. How to install apps in mi tv box?

To install apps in mi tv box you need to insert a USB. Then give permission to unknown sources also turn on ADB debugging. Save the .apk file which you wish to download. And then simply install by clicking on it.

  1. How to install apps on mi tv 4x?

Copy-paste the file or app you want to install in your mi tv 4x on a USB device or pen drive. Then insert the pen-drive to your device. After doing that go to apps on your tv then to the media player. Go to devices. You will see your pen-drive there, click on it and then just simply install the apps you have in your pen drive.

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