How To Format Hp Laptop?

An operating system is essential for maintaining your computer systems. As you may well know. It supports the processing and management of the RAM and software of your PC. It also lets you connect with the computer to perform activities behind the scenes know how To Format Hp Laptop?

You need to prepare with the appropriate information and supplies before booting from your USB drive, just like any other DIY project.

In the first place, you’ll want to spend on a USB flash drive with at least 16 GB of storage capacity. However, if you can buy a 32GB USB stick, the project will provide much more optimum space.

How To Format Hp Laptop Windows 10 With USB

How To Format Hp Laptop Windows 10 With USB

1. Change your PC BIOS sequence to make it your first USB device

Usually, the BIOS hasn’t been configured to your device automatically. If you neglect this procedure, your laptop will start from your hard drive regularly rather than receive boot data on your USB device.

2. On every USB port on your PC, install a USB device.

While it may seem that you may just copy things to the disc and do so, that’s not quite the case. You must first burn a USB device with an ISO file.

The main technique to book a large number of files and directories into one single file is an ISO file or image[3]. The file extension will always end. ISO files may be used to easily copy whole software and applications.

3. Reboot your PC

You don’t change anything within the operating system at this point in the procedure. This requires a somewhat different restart process. BIOS should inform you what key to press instead of the usual restart keys.

4. Watch the message on your display for “Press any boot button from external device”

Sometimes just a message is sent by the USB drives before the computer boots from your USB device by pressing a button. If that happens and you are not answering anything, in the sequence of the BIOS your PC sees the next boot choice. In most situations, your hard drive is the next choice.

5. Boot from your USB device Your PC should

The next procedures will depend on the usage of the bootable USB drive. If you are trying and have completed all the correct procedures, booting Windows 10 from your USB device will simply launch the OS and you may start to use the device.

This process can take around 10 minutes from the beginning to the end.

How To Format Hp Laptop Windows 8?

How To Format Hp Laptop Windows 8

  • From the Home, screen enter reset to open a charm of the search and choose to Erase all and restore the search results on Windows.
  • Click Start Under Remove All and Remove Windows.
  • Click Next on the Reset PC screen.
  • If your laptop has more than a drive, you must choose whether to reset only the disc where Windows is loaded or all drives. Make your choice, then click Next.
  • Click Reset on the Ready to Reset Your PC screen.

How to format hp laptop using bootable Pendrive?

Disconnect all attached devices and wires, including USB drives, printers, and fax machines. Remove any recently introduced internal hardware as well as any media from internal drives. Remove the display, keyboard, mouse, USB recovery flash drive, and power cable.

  • Press the Escape key repeatedly, roughly once every second, until the Startup Menu appears.
  • Open the options menu of the Boot Device by pressing F9.
  • Select the USB flash drive with the help of the up and down key and select enter.

How to format hp laptop windows 10 with cd?

Select the “Settings” option from the Start menu. This resembles a cogwheel and is where you will find all of your laptop’s key settings.

  • Enter “reset” into the search bar.
  • Once the findings have been shown, select the “Reset this PC” option.


 1. How to format hp laptop from bios?

  • Restart the machine after inserting the boot CD.
  • To enter BIOS, press a button specified during the starting messages (usually another of the “F” keys).
  • From the boots option menu select boot device
  • Choose whether the boot disc will be stored on a floppy drive or a CD drive. To confirm, press “Enter.”
  • To reset, press “Esc” and “Y.” Whenever prompted to boot from the DVD, press any key.
  • Enter “format c:” and hit the Enter key. To confirm, press “Y.”

2. How to format hp laptop with cd

  • Secure Boot should be disabled.
  • Immediately hit the Escape key several times.
  • Set the boot device to the CD/DVD drive.
  • F9 will bring up the Boot Device Menu settings.
  • Restore the original BIOS settings