How to Connect Wi-Fi Without Password in Laptop?

Having good network connectivity is a necessity in today’s world. This is because the inevitable era of digital dominance is at its peak. A common question that comes to everyone’s mind is how to connect Wi-Fi without password in laptop.

Having access to a good network connection is a fortune. And if it is someone else’s Wifi, then the joy is even more. You can browse your favorite movies and TV shows without worrying about the data pack being fully used.

Getting access to Wifi without a password is easy to understand. But one has to know the basics of this connection before following the steps.

How a wifi connection and password work?

Wifi stands for a wireless connection enabled in homes, offices, and workplaces. It is established with the help of a router. Earlier, only big offices used to have Wifi connections. Now, it has become a marketing strategy as even cafes are providing them as a freebie. This way, they get more customers.

Wifi can be limited by setting the number of users allowed to connect to it. The minimum limit is one if only the owner has to connect to it. It can be increased if there are more members in the family. Offices have more limits because the number of employees is more.

A wifi connection is always protected with the help of a password which can be customized by the owner. This is enabled to make sure that unknown sources are not able to connect to it. The default passwords are tough to remember as they are generated for total security. You can modify them according to your wish and remembering capacity.

If you open the Wifi settings on your mobile, you see two security systems.

  • WPA
  • WPA 1
  • WPA 2
  • WPA 3

It refers to protected access. This means that a connected user does not share their data over the connection. They are only making use of the Internet service available.

The numbers indicate that the successive ones are updated versions. They protect the data being shared on wifi and prevent interference by third-party users.

How to connect to a Wi-Fi without password

how to connect Wi-Fi without password in laptop

The first thing that comes to our mind when going somewhere is about wifi. We do not hesitate to ask people about the password of their Wifi connection. Who wouldn’t want to have access to high-speed Internet? But, a lot of people do not like sharing their Wi-Fi passwords. So, we are left with looking for new ways to get access. 

You can follow the given steps to connect to a Wifi without its password.

  • Go to the settings on your laptop.
  • Tap the network settings tab.
  • The name of possible connections is displayed. 
  • Tap on additional settings.
  • Click on connect by WPS button.
  • You have around one minute to click on the network name to which you want to connect.
  • If you fail to do it in time, repeat the steps.
  • You are now connected.

This way, you are connected to the router. When you have a password, the connection is established via the device. But by this approach, the connection is more direct.

So, the next time you go somewhere, use this method rather than asking people. It is better than getting embarrassed when the reply they give to you is negative. A lot of people are subtle while rejecting access. But some of them make it awkward. Therefore, it is better to do it yourself instead of asking others who are unwilling.

Good luck on your Wifi hunting journey. Stay home and enjoy your favorite content without having to go outside. Because it is safer than the outside world in the covid-19 pandemic.


1. Can we connect a laptop to Wi-Fi without using a password?

Answer: Yes, you can connect a laptop to Wifi without having its password. To do so, you have to determine the security type governing the connection. Next, follow some easy steps and you are done. 

2. Is connecting to Wi-Fi without a password illegal?

Answer: The illegal way of connecting to a Wifi is to hack it. This method is never encouraged as it is a threat to a users’ security and privacy. The legal way to do so is given in this article. Follow the given steps and you will get access to the connection. This way, you can save yourself from getting into trouble. This method is legitimate and useful.

3. Which connection with the Wi-Fi is better – connecting through a password or connecting directly with the router?

Answer: Connecting with the help of a password is better because:

  • No modification of settings is required.
  • The connection is established in no time.
  • The network speed is better.
  • It does not require additional knowledge about computers.


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